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Better find out immediately if your boyfriend is one of the neatest signs of the zodiac, don’t you think? Here is the ranking!

You throw all your clothes on the floor, pile jackets and coats into a ball on the sofa, and only wash the dishes when you’ve finished the new ones to eat.
Your partner, on the other hand, wipes the sponge on every available surface and has a system for ordering the dishes in the cupboard that cannot be changed.

Or, simply, the roles are to the contrary and one ordered six you and your partner … well, better not talk about it, do not you?
Let’s find out what the stars and planets say about it: better consult this ranking before going to live with your partner, don’t you think?

The most ordered signs of the zodiac: are you in the ranking of today’s horoscope?

Some things are best established first when dealing with roommatesfamily members, or partners. One of these, of course, concerns the order that must (or must not) reign in your home!
There are people, in fact, that they can not even be at work if they know that only one sock is out of place or that their wardrobe does not is more organized by color.

Others, however, can safely be sitting on the couch and enjoy the unwinding of the film even if the sink is full of dishes.
How are two people like this going to live a happy life quietly? No, don’t worry, don’t worry: the struggle between disordered and ordered has been going on for millennia and no one has yet parted for this reason!
(At least we believe).

Let’s find out what the horoscope thinks with our ranking today. Here are the five most ordered signs of the horoscope: better know them, especially if the messy or the messy … it’s you!

Cancer: fifth place

While it doesn’t seem like it to many, people born under Cancer can be very tidy in at least some aspects of their life (if not all).
If they are a lover of clothes, those born under the sign of Cancer will have an immaculate wardrobe, with sections divided by color, well-polished shoes, and accessories stored in the right boxes.

Cancer is a sign that no hard lot is to be ordered: when everything is perfect, or as he imagines to be the perfection, the cancer works, thinks, and breathes better.
Even in love, often, the cancer is always the search for order and perfection: maybe it is not always constant, here!

Taurus: fourth place

The Taurus is a kind of ” orderly ” very strange. Instead of being ordered in “normal” areas such as looking after the house or his job, Taurus is a particularly orderly sign with feelings.

The Taurus loves to talk to others and himself, to ask himself what is going through his head, and to have everything clear in his mind.
If he can’t get an idea of ​​the situation (or situations that happen to him in life), the Taurus is not happy. He wants neat feelings and relationships!

Aries: third place

Even the ‘ Aries is definitely a sign ordered, especially when it comes to working. Those born under the sign of Aries, in fact, are famous for having a desk that is always perfectly tidy, punctual diaries and… everything in order!

Maybe at home l ‘ Aries is more relaxed but we can assure you that when it comes to working this sign is tidyprecise and punctual!
The way you can almost surprising: a mind well ordered can be scary!

Virgo: second place

Those born under the sign of Virgo are not only neat but practically almost obsessive about it!
For them, everything has a place and absolutely cannot find non-conforming objects in rooms that do not belong to them: there is the risk of driving them crazy!

The Virgin has a definite way of making very neat, not only in the life of every day, during which respects times precise and always the same deadlines but also in his life intimate and emotional!
Those born under this sign, in fact, know very well that they have obligatory ” paths ” to take, steps to be reached that are always the same and that must all be touched before they can move forward.

Her approach is also the same as in daily life: she always gets up at the same time (no matter how long she slept) and follows a  scrupulous beauty routine. Eat consistently, use everything you have in a precise and orderly way: you will never see the Virgin in disorder or with something out of place! (And if it happens, you know that do not you forget ever and they ashamed forever!).

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most ordered signs of the zodiac

The Capricorn can not really put up the mess: we are sorry for anyone who would like to live together and are messy!
Since not all Capricorns can be the same, we can still assure you that Capricorn must be absolutely orderly in at least some area of ​​his life.

Maybe it is your phone that is scrupulously ordered: photos stored in order, applications divided by color, and contacts stored with name and surname. Or it’s her room, a sanctuary of neatly pulled sheets and perfectly hung shirts. Perhaps, however, it comes to his desk job or his PC, both very precise and immaculate.

In short, we understand each other: Capricorn is the most ordered sign of the zodiac and it could not really be otherwise. If they see something in disorder, which they believe should be in another place, starts uscirgli the smoke from the ears!

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