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Yes, your fiancé could be one of the five most self-centered signs of the zodiac. Don’t you think it’s best to check?

Okay, okay: we can say that this is a case of who is without sin, throw the first stone.
 we were self-centered and focused on ourselves, sooner or later in life. There is (almost) nothing wrong with realizing it!

What happens, though, is that we often deal with people who aren’t self-centered for just day or a week.
Indeed, we are dealing with people who do not really value others and who always leave them ” in the background “. Wouldn’t it be better to have a ranking that explains who these people are?

The most self-centered zodiac signs of the zodiac: we hope there is neither you nor your partner in the rankings!

How many times have you ever talked about your problems, only to see your partner or best friend lost in their reflection?
And how many more times, be sincere, you happened to get a look at your picture in the window, perhaps during a call on FaceTime you bored?

Well, then we can say that you know what it means to be self-centered. While it isn’t exciting to have to acknowledge this, there are indeed people who are more than others.
Fortunately, the stars and planets have decided to give us a hand in this regard!

Let’s find out together which are, therefore, the most egocentric signs of the whole zodiac. Always better to have a ranking handy to know how much and how will your appointment be, do not you?

Cancer: fifth place

Well yes, dear Cancers, it is useless for you to offer us that surprised face: you are truly self-centered and it is time to admit it!
Cancer is truly self-centered and it takes very little to shame them!

Convinced of always being in the spotlight, people born under the sign of Cancer are people very emotional and receptive.
Depending on how you talk to them, then, those born under the sign of Cancer can create a real movie about how much you hate or love them.
Do we have egocentrism? (The answer is obviously yes.)

Aries: fourth place

Is it unbelievable to think that Aries are self-centered? Then, you don’t even know an Aries well, we tell you!
Those born under this sign are really ” lost ” behind to himself same: they just ask you what you think of this or that (obviously things related to Aries themselves) and then interrupt when given your opinion.

At Aries do not care mica know what you think! For them, it is essential to be the center of attention, always and in any case.
They don’t even think about it too much: for them, the others are simply not interesting!

Gemini: third place

Those born under the sign of Gemini earn the first step of our podium today. The reason? Come on you know: Gemini can be truly self-centered when they get involved! (And, trust us, they “get there” often).

The twins people are very focused on themselves. The problem is that for Gemini it is very important to have the maximum possible freedom to be able to move, move, change your mind or direction. The Twins are like that: you have to accept their emotional and physical freedom, or succumb to their self-centeredness!

Libra: second place

Like? Is Libra so high in the ranking of the most self-centered signs of the zodiac? But is that even possible? The answer is absolute yes, dear friends of Libra (and horoscope in general).

Those born under this sign are extremely self-centered, and who, moreover, sin also do not recognize their own ever.
Pay attention next time you talk to a Libra (be it your mother, your partner, or your best friend).
At the balance always it happens three times what is happening to you, always in a more severe or more fun!

Those born under the sign of Libra, after all, are like this: people who ” exaggerate ” in every sense, both the good ones and the bad ones.
For Libra, then, being self-centered is practically second nature: you won’t be able to talk about yourself unless Libra wants to feel like the most philanthropic person on the face of the Earth!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most self-centered signs of the zodiac

Well yes, dear Leos, there is no need to make that face so surprised. You are the most self-centered sign in the whole zodiac: did you doubt it, perhaps?
Accustomed as they are to always be at the center of attention and feeling protagonists not only in their own lives but also in that of others, Leos are decidedly self-centered people.

No one suffers and cries or rejoices and wins like the Leos, they assure you… the Leos themselves!
Extremely focused on self themselves and their feelings, those born under this sign are often people with very little empathy.
He cares little about what others feel: Leos and their feelings come first!

It is therefore impossible or almost impossible to have an equal relationship with them. Those born under the sign of Leo are among the most self-centered people on the face of the planet. It takes a lot of patience to deal with them!

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