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Let’s find out the ranking of the signs that do not reveal the betrayal even when it is (almost) obvious. Aren’t you in the top five too?

There are some people who can’t help but be honest, even in the worst moments.
When it comes to betrayal, then, there are two fairly distinct lines of thought: there are those who say it and those who do not.

It matters little (more or less) that you talk about your betrayal or that of others: surely you will have a pretty well-defined idea about it, right? Today we have decided to draw up a truly important horoscope ranking: that of all the people who would never tell others… about a betrayal! Better find out if your boyfriend is among them: you never know, right?

The signs that do not reveal the betrayal: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

Having a romantic relationship means exposing yourself to the possibility of a betrayal. We say it bluntly: unfortunately, it really is! It doesn’t matter how much you really are in love or how long you have been together: unfortunately, cheating is always a real possibility and for both of you!

Here, then, there is also another problem that is added to that, not indifferent, of betrayal. There are people who would say it immediately (or, at least, in their own time) and people who would instead deny it until death. It matters little how blatant the betrayal is, what evidence is brought in favor of uncovering the truth or how many arguments there are about it.

For all these people, admitting that they have cheated is absolutely out of the question. They would never say that!
Today, therefore, we decided to reveal the ranking of the first five signs of the horoscope that just would never admit to having betrayed someone or having witnessed a betrayal.

Better to find out not only if you are in today’s horoscope ranking (and therefore, absolutely, hide it from your partner‘s eyes ) but also if your boyfriend is there! Trust is good but it is always better to have extra helptoday we give you that of the stars and planets. Ready to find out who, among the zodiac signs, would never reveal a betrayal?

Virgo: fifth place

In fifth place in our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Virgo. This is a sign that he would never, ever admit to having cheated on someone: it does not matter whether it is a friend or a sentimental partner! In the same way, therefore, the Virgin maintains the strictest secrecy regarding the betrayals of others.

In the world of the Virgo, there is no room for errors of any kind: this is why, therefore, betrayal is not contemplated.
Virgo would never admit to having made a mistake: consequently, she will never say that she has betrayed her!

Libra: fourth place

Moving up one place in our ranking we find all those born under the sign of LibraLibra is also one of those signs that little one appreciates having to admit having made a mistake or having done something wrong.

Plus, Libra doesn’t want to share what‘s on their mind with others. She hates having to tell her partner too that there is a problem or that something is wrong.
Following this line of thinking, therefore, Libra has absolutely no problem pretending that everything is fine when instead … they do what they want!

Sagittarius: third place

Sagittarius, a decidedly cheerful and positive sign, is also one of those who seem difficult to betray others. Yet, of course, they also happen to take some false steps in life! If Sagittarius is wrong, however, what you can be sure of is that he would never tell you that he has betrayed you or that someone has betrayed someone else.

Sagittarius is an extremely conspiratorial sign, who keeps everything to himself and who absolutely does not want to end up arguing with others about their feelings.
Impossible to try to steal the truth from them: they will never say anything about a betrayal and even in the face of direct questions, in all likelihood, they will lie!

Leo: second place

Incredible to find in second place in our ranking those born under the sign of Leo, right? Indeed, this sign, one of the most loyal and peaceful of the whole horoscope, does not seem like the sign that could betray and, subsequently, not say it.
Instead, unfortunately for all the loved ones of Leo, those born under this sign can easily be ” conspiratorial ” with regard to their private life.

Leo betrays the trust of others very rarely but this does not mean that when he does, he never tells the truth.
It does not matter who the betrayal is or what the reasons led him to make this choice.
Leo will always keep the strictest secrecy about his betrayal!

Loyal to everyone, Leo is also as loyal as possible to himself: he will always do everything to protect his interests!
Don’t ask him to be honest: in these situations, he can never be!

Gemini: First place in the ranking of signs that do not reveal a betrayal

We could have expected it, but for those who are not yet updated on what happens in the world of the horoscope, know that it is the Gemini who wins the palm of signs … more conspiratorial than the zodiac.
Gemini, in fact, almost always have a really difficult personality: they can be double agents even if never maliciously.

Those born under the sign of Gemini are simply people who are very focused on their goals and their lives.
Sometimes, they simply don’t even expect others to feel bad about their choices but to understand and accept everything that happens uncritically.

Gemini is the sign that would never, ever confess a betrayal: they believe that what happens to them always and only concerns them.
Don’t try to ask them if something is happening between them and someone else: they will never tell you the truth.

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