Hey, don’t blame us if you find yourself on today’s ranking of the most frivolous zodiac signs. The stars and planets say it, we are not the ones to accuse you!

Hey, look, there’s nothing for evil to be frivolous … sometimes.
We all know that knowing how to take things lightly ( gliding over them from above, as Italo Calvino would have told us ) is excellent quality!
This too, however, in any situation …  good thing!

That’s why we asked the stars and planets to draw up a very interesting ranking: that of the signs that do not spare frivolities, day and night!
What do you say: you think you are in the ranking of today’s horoscope?

The most frivolous zodiac signs: here is today’s ranking of horoscope signs

Maybe for you, being frivolous simply means having the idea of dancing in the middle of the street … and doing it immediately afterward!
For someone else, instead, a frivolous person is someone who, perhaps, after so long and so many promises disappears to the point in white from his life.

Who is right?
Probably the answer is all or none: the definition of frivolous, the dictionary says that frivolity is something a little serious, lightweight ostentatious, and nonchalant.
So yes: dancing in the middle of the street is being frivolous even if ostentatiously and also leaving someone without many explanations and after a long time is just as frivolous.

What kind of ” frivolous ” do you think to be?
Today we asked stars and planets to draw up a particular ranking: let’s find out who are the five most frivolous signs of the horoscope, hoping that you are not in the ranking.
Better be sure, right?

Gemini: fifth place

Who but Gemini could be in the ranking of the most frivolous zodiac signs?
Hey, level with the offense: the twins are in fifth place and are therefore not so frivolous as you would expect!

We all know that those born under the sign of Gemini may be persons inconsistent and inconclusive, only capable of changing your life in a few days to avoid answering for their actions.
What is there to say, though, that their frivolity not is something that they live in a light: not!
The Twins pretend to be frivolous and carefree, but, deep down, they have the big problems to handle all situations that have not been resolved.
They feel the weight of their behavior: be kind to the Gemini (unless they are hurting you with their frivolity !).

Taurus: fourth place

Like? The Toro in the ranking of the most frivolous signs of the zodiac? Is there a mistake?
No, no, stop looking around: Taurus is one of the most frivolous signs in the zodiac and there is absolutely nothing you can say to convince us otherwise!
(After all, we hear what stars and planets say: not your opinion!).

The Taurus is a sign capable of being truly precise and concrete in many aspects of his life: from the bureaucratic to the working one, the Taurus knows how to be truly capable and precise.
In personal and private life, however, Taurus proves to be truly and surprisingly frivolous: relationships? Friendships? Engaged or more than one lover? Ford Taurus, what happens: they are so frivolous from this point of view that they don’t care about hurting others!

Libra: third place

Thinking about tomorrow? Not if you were born under the sign of Libra! This is a sign that we define frivolous precisely because of its approach to life.
It matters little to Libra what everyone else does or why they do it: she will always and only choose her path, whatever it is and wherever it takes her.

Of course, Libra is also famous for being one of the signs that have the most desire to be among others in the whole zodiac.
Whatever the reason for never wanting to stop to think about yourself and your future, it doesn’t matter.
The Libra is a frivolous sign and carefree which is quite impossible to demand an explanation: do not ask me to explain his life.
The Libra is too “frivolous” to give reasons but I will surely bring with you to a party. Better have fun while it lasts, right?

Pisces: second place

Incredibly, those born under the sign of Pisces come only up to second in the rankings today horoscope.
Well yes, dear Pisces, you are not the most frivolous of the zodiac: are you happy?
Aah, but we speak to do all probability you have already stopped to read and you’re already fantasizing with eyes open on an impossible scenario, right?

The Pisces are among the people most frivolous of their zodiac for this reason: their imagination is always turned on, and do not have some time to think about the facts of others!
Indeed, now that we think better, we must admit that Pisces don’t have time to even think about their own business: they don’t have time to deal with material things and that’s it!

Those born under the sign of Pisces have their way of dealing with life: most of the time they are ” frivolous ” or are considered as such by others because they do not care about others!
For Pisces, there is only the present moment, themselves, and sometimes the people they love. After all, they don’t worry and never will worry: that’s why they are so light and frivolous!

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the most frivolous zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Come on, do not be fake boobies loved ones born under the sign of Sagittarius: you know very well that you are the most frivolous of all the zodiac!
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a way of approaching life that we can define as ” frivolous “.

They do not like the too ratios deep, in which they should get involved and to think even the feelings of others.
They do not like to make too concrete choices, which impact in a really heavy way the course of their life. In short, we understood each other, we could go on for hours: those born under the sign of Sagittarius, in one way or another, do not like to ” commit “.
That’s why they are so frivolous!

The Sagittarius do nothing but laugh and joke, jump from one situation to another, keep themselves and run away when someone tries to ask them to stop for a moment.
They can certainly stop the play: they should tackle all they have left unresolved after them;
We have often spoken of Sagittarius as “big babies” and always in a positive sense. If they can be genuinely childish, however, it must also be remembered that children can be … very frivolous indeed!

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