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Find out which are the erogenous zones of the three fire signs of the zodiac. They have very hot blood and are very passionate.

There are three fire signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius . These three signs have in common some innate characteristics that their element of belonging gives them. They are known to be very passionate. We reveal to you which are the erogenous zones of the three hottest signs of the zodiac.

Our astrological affiliation reveals a lot of information about our nature and our inclinations. The element that dominates the zodiac sign is mainly responsible for these innate characteristics as it constantly exerts its influences. If the signs of fire are so full of ardor it is thanks to the fire. Today the stars reveal to us what their erogenous zones are.

Signs of fire, take note of their erogenous zones

Known for having a particularly cast blood, the fire signs are passionate lovers, possess an inexhaustible ardor. This fire within them also manifests itself in the form of rage and explosive rage when something upsets them. The three fire signs of the zodiac are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Each of them has weak points by stimulating which they completely lose their sense. 
Finding out what her super sensitive areas are, is the key to igniting them.


Aries is the most impulsive of the fire signs. The heat that burns inside him tends to manifest itself mainly through outbursts of anger whenever something doesn’t go the way he wants. Aries can’t rule his instincts. It is also a very tenacious and determined sign, you will hardly see him give up. This tenacity of him often leads him towards the realization of his dreams and goals.

Aries loves to have their face and hair caressed . This will most likely help him relax. Usually being very hyperactive he cannot enjoy the tranquility. BUT in intimacy this relaxed state helps him to think of nothing, to leave everything behind and to think only of how to awaken the desire for him.


Leo is a very brave sign just like the animal that bears his name. It is a sign that shines, that loves to get noticed and win competitions but at the same time surprises with its great human warmth. Leo is the King of the zodiac and as such plays a role of leader, guide. He is a burning torch that is impossible not to see. The erogenous zones of him? This native loves massages, kisses and strokes on the shoulders and back. Since he always has an erect posture, these massages help him relax the area that is most in tension allowing him to let his guard down and become a vulnerable prey of pleasure.


Sagittarius is the calmest fire sign of the three. Those who know this sign are captivated by its positivity and sunshine. Sociable and always willing to help everyone, this sign manifests its fiery side on two occasions: when it gets angry by becoming explosive and when it is in intimacy where it brings out all the passion in him. Its erogenous zones are the legs and hips . Veiled caresses and languid kisses on these two areas will awaken her libido in an instant.

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