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Enough, you’ve been discovered: this is the ranking of the most lagging signs of the zodiac and it’s time to reveal it to the whole world!

No need to pretend nothing happened, you know very well that we are talking to you. In all likelihood, in fact, instead of leaving the house you are reading this ranking and we all know that you will be late!
It doesn’t matter where you go: to work, to school, to your wedding or to take the plane.

You know very well that you are a chronic latecomer! Friends give you appointments at times that are always carefully calculated, you have never “stamped the card” at the right time and you simply do not look at the watches. In short: you are a real laggard: how about losing a little more time and see if you are in the standings horoscope for today?

The latest signs of the zodiac: here is today’s ranking of the zodiac signs

If, just like Cesare Cremonini, you should hurry because you have to go to a party but you prefer to “ take a ride on your Vespa first ”, then you know you have no excuses.
(And if you have not grasped the reference then it means that you are too young to listen to us: run to listen … Squérez? ).

Okay, it is useless to continue with the turns of words: are you or are you not one of the most retarded signs of the whole zodiac?
Even if you swear and perjured of no, today we have an infallible tool with which to determine if and how much you latecomer.
No, we are not spying on you on your mobile camera!

We have decided to discover the top five positions in the ranking of the most lagging zodiac signs of the zodiac.
Ready to see your mark on the leaderboard? Well, know that you will not be able to use this article as a justification. Your friend (or partner, or family member) who is waiting for you outside your house will certainly not be happy to know that we made you do it even later than usual, don’t you think?

Aquarius: fifth place

The house keys? There they are, here they are. Now you have to take your cell phone but where did it go? Ah, you don’t want to go out without a bottle of water or a sweater, just in case, it gets cold. Like? Is the wallet gone now?
No, we are not crazy: we are only describing the process of the Aquarius as they prepare to leave the house.

Before arriving at the port of entry, those born under the sign must follow a true path to obstacles.
Arriving late is not their prerogative but it is simply the consequence of the fact that as soon as the Aquarians put down something … well, I forgive it!

Pisces: fourth place

Ah, didn’t you know? Above the clouds, where Pisces have decided to leave their heads, there are no clocks!
This is why, while not wanting to be late, those born under the sign of Pisces are chronic latecomers.

Maybe it’s a matter of stopping to take a picture of a flower, petting a kitten, or simply gazing in the mirror of a moped.
Or, Pisces stop on the street to talk to someone they just met, eat ice cream or gaze at the stars. Of one thing, however, you can be sure: the fish do not are certainly correctly filling to arrive in time but are simply living their lives!

Leo: third place

Those born under the sign of Leo try genuinely to do later that speaks volumes about their ability to arrive on time.
This is a virtually non-existent feature for Leos!

This sign, in fact, is one of those who do not leave the house if he does not feel absolutely right with himself.
That is why, despite often having all the time in the world to prepare, Leo will not leave the house until it is on time… too late.
An appointment, in fact, Leo does not it missing ever: the one in front of the mirror to assess their appearance!

Taurus: second place

Maybe, when we talk about delays and Taurus being born, we should go even further.
Instead of calling them laggards, in fact, we should call the Taurus by their real name: forgetful!

Those born under the sign of Taurus, in fact, often and willingly forget to have appointments or deadlines until it is, of course, too late.
It is not obvious to see them appear out of breath on the horizon, perhaps with socks of a different color or a pair of underwear for a hat.

The Toro is one of those signs that forget commitments and timetables and, therefore, so can not help but be getting in late.
When the time comes to go out, a call is ending which he connected with thirty minutes late because he was late for the appointment with the beautician and… so on.
The Toro is quite belated, but there is someone who even more delays him!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the latest signs of the zodiac

Running, running, running, and still running: those born under the sign of Gemini are almost always people in perfect physical shape since they do nothing but run from one side to the other!
The reason is, of course, just one of those born under the sign of Gemini are always and constantly in late!

We don’t know if Gemini thinks they are the only ones in the world or if they feel smarter than others. What we do know is that if you gave an appointment to a Gemini you can expect to arrive at least forty minutes of delay.
First, they have to decide which look is the perfect one but without it looking like a look they’ve been thinking about for hours. Then they must have a hot phone by dint of calls and texts. Finally, the Gemini can leave the house but only after being sure that everyone is waiting for them!

There is nothing to do: in an attempt to arrive “five minutes late” to make a spectacular entrance, those born under the sign of Gemini end up being the chronic latecomers of the zodiac.
Needless to say, they are not always frowned upon due to their mammoth delays!

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