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July has just begun and for many it represents holidays and joy. It is one of the most anticipated months of the year and yet it will bring tears to these two signs.

July will bring joy and luck to these zodiac signs and at the same time bring tears to the two zodiac signs that are part of today’s chart . If you are on the leaderboard, be prepared, this month is going to be particularly tough for you.

You’ll want to cry, scream and run away from it all. Your mood will be black for most of this month if you are one of the two signs of the zodiac who will have to suffer the effects and wrath of Mars in Taurus. Arm yourself with courage and wait for the storm to pass.

What are the two signs of the zodiac that will experience a bad July 2022?

Two zodiac signs will feel frustrated and will have the feeling of not being able to recover from difficulties. According to astrologers, it is all the fault of a complex astral movement: Mars in Taurus will bring turbulence and questions and will damage the summer carefree nature of two zodiac signs who will not know how to deal with these whims of life.

If you are part of today’s ranking this month you will feel assaulted by doubts and insecurities. You will wonder if you are doing things right and if you have achieved all the goals you set for yourself. You will wonder if you are living the life you wanted and question your happiness and anything that could interfere with this condition.

If this is your case, the stars advise you not to despair and take this period with philosophy and wait for this period to pass.

The most desperate signs of July 2022 are:


The Capricorn native is persevering and hardworking, putting work first and dedicating much of his time to it. This month he risks frustrating all his efforts due to a lack of patience . This sign has been waiting for a long time to see results that do not come and Mars in Taurus will exacerbate everything by pushing it to make rash decisions. The Capricorn will be short-tempered and this will cost him conflicts not only in the professional sphere but also in the personal one. Capricorn will feel frustrated and lonely and distance themselves from everything.


The Aquarius native is very attached to his freedom and it is she who causes him the most discomfort. In July this sign will feel blocked by material considerations that will make him feel more imprisoned than ever . Mars in Taurus will push him to question his financial problems and make him feel that he has failed, has not fulfilled his dreams, and does not value his abilities. This sign will feel melancholy and his mood will be unstable. He will feel the need to isolate himself from everyone and get back on track. The Aquarius will feel tormented and lacking in energy. The only way he gets through this phase is to prioritize his priorities. He has to choose what matters most to him and fight for it. Taking instances from everything is the best way to avoid committing actions that she may soon regret.

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