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Find out how you experience jealousy and what your course of action is when you experience it. All based on your zodiac sign.

Love and jealousy often go hand in hand. And if sometimes it is a jealousy that is good for the relationship, giving it a little spice, at other times it can represent a problem, giving rise to real scenes, sometimes even unmotivated and to frictions that over time can irreparably ruin the relationship.
Unfortunately, those who are jealous are often so unconscious or difficult to control. A gesture of the loved one is enough to begin to suspect everything and everyone, thus losing lucidity. A decidedly unpleasant aspect, not only for those who suffer it but also for those who experience it, therefore feeling insecure and scared at the thought of being able to lose those he loves.
Like many other feelings, jealousy also depends, at least in part, on the influence of the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen what kind of smile we have and what our marriage will be like based on the zodiac sign of the future husband , we will discover how we experience jealousy and what our way of acting is when we are attacked by this feeling. As always, when it comes to emotions and feelings, the advice is to also check the profile relating to your ascendant.

Jealousy, find out how you act based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Jealous for nonsense
In love it takes very little for you to feel jealousy and go crazy. Any little nonsense can set off your suspicions which, once you get started, are really hard to curb. A strange attitude since often, as a couple, you are the one who most reasons to be fast. Even though you are aware of it, it is really difficult for you to moderate what you feel and this leads you to act on impulse, saying or doing things that sooner or later you will end up regretting. The next time, when you feel jealousy come alive, try to repeat to yourself that things are certainly less serious than they appear to you and if you can confide in a trusted friend, who can give you a different view of the situation.

Taurus – Obsessively
jealous Your degree of jealousy is really high, so much so that you control every little action of the person you love and go crazy when it seems to you that the situation has gotten out of hand. The problem is that most of the time, your jealousy is really unmotivated, to the point of risking hurting the one you love, thus only doing damage. Try doing some autogenic training, meditate, work on yourself and your insecurities. Time could help you live things better and distinguish between situations in which a pinch of jealousy is legitimate and those in which you should just have a good laugh at the thoughts that are running through your head.

Gemini – Jealous only if needed
Basically you are not a jealous person, much less one who tries to control your loved one. Serene and confident, you tend to get jealous only when you feel that something is wrong. A detail in which you are good thanks to a sort of sixth sense. Seeing yourself in a fit of jealousy or in the middle of a scene is therefore very unlikely. Unless you are really taken and in front of a situation bigger than you. Which in the past crisis could lead you to re-evaluate everything, even making you move away.

Cancer – Jealous based on suspicions
As a perfect romantic in love, you always try to trust your partner. However, when you notice attitudes that you don’t like or that you think are dangerous, your first instinct is to get defensive, starting to suspect every gesture of him. A way of doing it that can be difficult to understand, especially if in the end it were just your fears. Before condemning him, therefore, try to find a dialogue in order to understand if something has changed between you or if yours is just a great fear of losing him. You will both gain and hopefully your relationship will come out stronger than before.

Leo – Jealous of his silences
For you, love is first of all sharing. For this reason, when he tends to withdraw into himself, perhaps due to problems that have nothing to do with your story, your first thought is that of a possible betrayal. Unfortunately, your way of reacting to your own suspicions is never light and this leads you to attitudes that could make a difference, really leading to a distancing. The next time you see him strangely silent, then, before jumping to conclusions, try to find a dialogue and maybe help him. You may find that there are other kinds of problems behind your behavior, and that if you help them solve them or just talk about them, things will quickly get better for both of you. And if there is more to discover, for sure, it will not escape your attentive gaze.

Virgo – More than jealous, pessimistic
Your way of seeing life with a negative gaze leads you to do the same with feelings. So, in front of a different attitude of your him, your first thought is not that something is wrong but that the love is already over. This may lead you to be a little jealous but at the same time it makes you heavy and difficult to manage. Giving everything up even before entering the race is a way of doing that is not good for anyone and that does not bring any results. From today, therefore, try to see things in a positive way and if you think that something is wrong, jealousy or not, try to solve it or understand where the problem is. Maybe life will start to really smile at you.

Libra – Jealous in a balanced way
For you, harmony and balance are very important, which is why you try to make sure they are never lacking in your life as well as in your relationships. Faced with a change in the ways of your boyfriend, therefore, you usually have a proactive approach that leads you to try to understand the problem and then tackle it together. Something that helps the other to open up and you to not entrench yourself in unnecessary fits of jealousy. Beware, though, being a little more instinctive could spice up your relationship, making him feel even more wanted. Which in a couple relationship never hurts.

Scorpio – Jealous when he deals with others
Let’s put it this way, if you were the two of you alone on a desert island you wouldn’t be jealous. Unfortunately, however, there are temptations and in your case they are exactly what scares you the most. While you trust your boyfriend, therefore, you fear that things may change and that the situation will become too difficult to manage, thus leading him to make some mistakes. For this reason, you tend to control any external contact with him, paying particular attention to those that appear dangerous to your eyes. Be careful, however, because in love it is also nice to let the other person free and keep the anxiety about his return to himself. Knowing that he is with you even without your many controls, however, would certainly be more rewarding, wouldn’t it?

Sagittarius – Not very jealous
Basically you are not a jealous person and this in particular because you first, within the couple, need to feel free to know and hang out with whoever you want. Sometimes, however, your behavior can make you appear detached to the point of putting your partner in crisis. So try to maintain your basic serenity, but mix it with a little effort in making it feel important. A pinch of jealousy every now and then can be good for both of you, making you feel more united and in love. Seeing is believing.

Capricorn – Jealous in alternate periods
Your jealousy depends on many things and on your mood at the moment. For this reason, very often you do not appear as a jealous person. This, however, does not make you any less wary of the other person who, in general, you tend to control in order to discover any slips. What if these happen? It is usually difficult to have your forgiveness but you can also change your mind if you put it in front of the right words. But be careful not to make things too mechanical. Sometimes a little spontaneity can make a difference.

Aquarius – Not at all jealous
It is really difficult to be jealous, unless you have almost clear evidence of a possible betrayal or flirting with another person. For this reason, you tend to give your boyfriend a lot of freedom, so much so that sometimes you risk making him feel unimportant. If you don’t want him to really start looking around, then, you need to make him feel important and wanted. And who knows, maybe a pinch of jealousy is just what you need to feel more united.

Pisces – With a jealousy often stimulated by the imagination
Yes, your fantasizing sometimes leads you to imagine situations of all kinds, including those in which he has other sentimental stories. When this happens your jealousy starts to mount, leading you to act recklessly. Before moving, always try to remember the ability you have to create stories in your mind and try to test the waters. In the absence of evidence, in fact, a jealousy scene could be more deleterious than anything else. Better a little self-control in order to appear the same as always. Difficult but not impossible to do.

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