The stars reveal who is the zodiac sign that has the most anguished soul of all and why it is so prone to fear.

Belonging to a zodiac sign means having some distinctive characteristics of the sign, with lots of strengths and weaknesses. While some signs can be said to be very brave like Aries, the same cannot be said of others, as in the case of the sign we will talk about today, known to be a sign that gets scared easily .

He is an Earth sign and does not like to take risks. He prefers to carefully ponder every possible alternative before making important decisions. He is well known for his obsession with perfection, always checking everything and making sure everything is flawless. He never arrives late. Did you understand who we are talking about?

Virgo is the most distressed sign of the horoscope

People born between August 23 and September 22 belong to this sign. The natives of this sign feel the need to control everything, they have an unbridgeable need for security and stability , just like all the signs of Earth. Virgo is precise, perfect, analytical, she tends to get discouraged quickly. She is prone to states of anxiety and panic attacks, she lets herself be overwhelmed by these feelings especially when things don’t go as she would like. It is dominated by Mercury, the planet of reassurance and enlightenment, it is this planet that gives it its sharp and intelligent being .

Virgo is usually a convivial and extroverted sign even if at times it can be annoying due to its being fussy, touchy and overly critical.

Virgo is not the only sign of the zodiac that often has to deal with its weaknesses.

Pisces is also a fear-prone sign . A tireless and highly sensitive dreamer, this water sign is deeply empathetic. Astrologers call it the ostrich of the zodiac because in case of problems this sign puts its head under the ground and waits for the storm to pass. He does not make a turn, he does not try to find solutions, it is as if he stiffened and had no choice but to wait for that state of stiffening to pass by itself.


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