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The stars reveal who is the most envious sign in the whole zodiac and why they feel jealous for the successes of others.

Our zodiac sign gives us some innate characteristics. Among these there is also competition . If you are a competitive sign, you can hardly tolerate a defeat and congratulate yourself on someone else’s victory.

The stars reveal that among the twelve signs, two in particular are known to be envious . The success of others is a cause for disappointment to them, and they are both Earth Signs. Find out who are the most envied zodiac signs by all.

Taurus and Virgo, the most envious duo in the zodiac

Even if they don’t even admit it to themselves and if they seem happy for others when they are successful, deep in their hearts they harbor envy.

Taurus stands out among the most envious signs of the zodiac . Led by Venus, the planet of jealousy , Taurus, which in itself is a slow and calm sign, feels anger at noticing that others are more productive and faster than him. In addition, the native of Taurus is very materialistic, attracted to everything that is beautiful and elegant, if others possess the things that attract him he feels anger explode within him. It is appropriate to say that when the neighbour’s grass is greener than his one, he cannot help but feel discomfort.

A second sign known to astrologers for its tendency to be envious is that of Virgo . We all know the perfect and conscientious side of this sign. Maniac of order, punctuality and a fan of good organization, it is above all in the professional sphere that he is invested by this feeling of jealousy. Given his great commitment, he is generally the one accustomed to recognition. In front of a more efficient colleague, he tends to turn up his face. Virgo is ruled by Mercury , the planet of logic, the influence of this planet leads him to be a sign that thinks a lot. Usually he does not miss anything and tends to anticipate and never lets himself be beaten by anyone, even more so if someone is better than him it burns him a lot.

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