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Today we want to discover the ranking of mobile phone-dependent zodiac signs. Are you or your partner in the rankings? Let’s find out now!

You can not help but check Instagram every five minutes and even if on Facebook it seems that there is no longer anyone, you continue undeterred to post content.
The day is not over if you do not comment on the trending topic of the day on Twitter or if you do not send a message in the chain to all of your contacts on WhatsApp.

To make words crusades, look for solutions or your confirmations on Google (of course), or are unable to go to the bathroom without watching an episode on Netflix.
Hey, let’s face it: yours is a real addiction to the screen!
We find out what they think about stars and planets, and six in the horoscope ranking of today!

Signs dependent on mobile phones: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Not only social networks, applications for messaging instant, or answers ready at every second: the phone, by now, has become a real and own extension of our hand!
(This is especially true if you are reading This Report … well, right from your phone. Quiet, however, you are not certainly alone! Who do you write it to the PC but the phone right here beside )?

The phones have certainly a great appeal to us: remember the early days, when there were myriads of types different and smartphones were not yet the norm?
Models in shell, Blackberry which opened and closed the shutter and if by mistake you pressed the button of the Internet were running to throw the phone in water for fear of the money that would be wasted.
Aah, how far they have made your mobile!

Since they have become the norm, however, mobile phones have also begun to take up more and more space in our lives.
Rings and SMS have given way to WhatsApp, Telegram, and many other applications that keep us, literally, with our noses glued to the screen!

Even if your partner (or yourself) does not do more than look at your cell phone, sometimes for hours on end, it’s time to do something.
Let’s find out what the stars and planets think about it: are you in the ranking of mobile phone-dependent zodiac signs?

Gemini: fifth place

The Twins are rather strangely, to fifth place in our ranking today. To hear them, in fact, the telephone is an instrument that they reject in all respects and that they really don’t need anything.

They often lose it, break it or forget it somewhere. In short, they do everything to not always have him around!
The real reason is that Gemini is extremely dependent on their phone: they wouldn’t know how to do it without it and as soon as they lose one… they buy a new one!

Cancer: fourth place

Even cancer is one of the signs that can not absolutely never give up on his phone.
Not only is it full of pictures, information, poems written on the block notes and contacts but also need to talk to all his friends.
Cancer, no phone, feels virtually alone!

Internet, social networks, or the ability to chat and send messages to anyone are fundamental aids for Cancer. Not levateglielo: use on your if not his neighbor!

Libra: third place

Those born under the sign of Libra have a decidedly curious relationship with the telephone. They don’t mind having the latest model or even the one that takes the best photos or has the largest memory.

For Libra, what is important is to always have the phone nearby! For them, there is no call, message, or signal that is not important.
The Libra is a sign that likes to talk and communicate with others and therefore considers the smartphone or the phone key.
You certainly can not separate him from his instrument to… talk to everyone else!

Aries: second place

Dear Friends of ‘ Aries, before you get angry you admit one thing: you would not leave your phone in your hand to anybody!
L ‘ Aries is the sign of the Zodiac always worried because of the fake news on mobile.
Phrases like: ” I read that if I don’t send this message to ten people Facebook will be able to read my private chats !” or ” If I don’t download WhatsApp Gold they will delete my account !” are on the agenda for Aries!

This is a sign that is heavily reliant on his cell phone: in its interior are hidden her flirtation, his discussions, and his thoughts more secrets!
L ‘ Aries, in fact, is one of those signs that hardly tells the things in voice but unleashed in his phone all of his impressions and opinions.

They love their cell phone above all else and it is the one accessory they can never truly forget. Turn the power bank and do not ever the phone drain!

Leo: first place in the ranking of mobile phone dependent signs

Finally, we must give the palm of the zodiac signs more dependent on their mobile phone to all those born under the sign of Leo.
Oh yes, dear Leos, you are the ones with your nose always stuck in your smartphone, there is absolutely nothing to do!

Leone is one of those people who pours into its cellular great deal of his life. From music listening, the film quotes he likes, at his or artistic photos taken by others: his phone is a true and own the mine of gold of information on Leo!

For this reason, therefore, the Lion jealously guards his phone and would not want anyone else to ever touch it.
For him it is a kind of secret diary, which helps him to express himself and is extremely important to him: do not try to separate them!

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