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Let’s find out the ranking of the best signs to have as boyfriends. Will your partner be among them too? (Or will you be there too?).

What sign is your boyfriend?
Whether you have never believed in the horoscope and whether you have any idea how stars and planets work, your partner’s sign is really important.
In addition to understanding if you are compatible and how long you could last together, the horoscope can also give you some indication about… what kind of boyfriend is yours!

Today, in fact, we have decided to draw up the ranking of the best signs with which to have a sentimental relationship. There is not much to discuss: you just have to see if your boyfriend (or your ex) is among the top five positions in the ranking of today! (Or if, maybe, you are there too).

The best signs to have as a boyfriend: here is today’s horoscope ranking

To love or not to love: this would be the problem if there were no horoscope!
Now, before you decide if you put or not a person, you will need to do is refer to our ranking today and already know if your boyfriend is one of those approved by the stars!
Of course, you also need to decide on based on what you like or not the people … but know that what they think the stars is not bad, is not it?

Let’s find out together if your partner is one of the best ones to have according to the horoscope or if, or, it does not even appear in the ranking!
You could then discover some nice surprises also by finding your sign among those proposed.
In short: the ranking of today can truly give you beautiful satisfaction!

Ready to find out if the ranking of the best zodiac signs to have as boyfriends? Here are the top five positions!

Leo: fifth place

If you are looking for a loyal and faithful person in the relationship then Leo is the sign for you. This is an astrological sign that is not your dream ever, even in thought, to ” betray ” and that, frankly, eyes only for you.

This is obviously a weapon to double cut. Sure, Leo is extremely loyal but they expect the same behavior from you. You can not look at another person even by mistake, you can not make a joke or joke about other relationships and, above all, do not you ever put in embarrassing the Leone. He cares a lot about his image: a relationship with him is perfect only if you find yourself in these characteristics!

Cancer: fourth place

Cancer is one of the most loving signs and amiable of the zodiac. They are extremely romantic but also down-to-earth and often aim for very concrete and practical goals. With them, often and willingly, we talk about marriage or family!

The problem of those born under the sign of Cancer is that in a relationship they often look for someone who will take care of them in all respects.
You can be with a Cancer only if you give them all your attention consistently and if you are always there for them, at all times.
The side positive is, of course, they will always be available for you!

Capricorn: third place

Although people particularly hard, who do not like to talk about feelings (even their own) and that there are displays of large gestures romantics, those born under the sign of Capricorn are amazing people to have a relationship!
If your boyfriend is a Capricorn, then, you will have absolutely no problems: word of the stars!

The Capricorn is a sign that, under an apparent hardness, often shows an unexpected sweetness. They can put you at the center of their world, without leaving you even time for a breath!
When in a committed relationship, then, Capricorns are among the best signs to have as a boyfriend. Better to be patient, however, in the moments before: it takes time to get to their heart!

Taurus: second place

In second place in our ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Taurus. The Toro is one of those signs that it is always engaged: they too are wondering why!
Before long, in fact, from a relationship to each other that the bull can exploit to keep from only: they are real ” animals ” by relationship and love to have a partner.

Not for this, however, are people frivolous or lacking in affection and love towards the people they frequent!
The Toro, in fact, is a sign capable of engaging in the bottom in every relationship that turns almost not wanting, always serious!
Even a little flirting can be transformed without problems in a relationship for years: to Taurus, there is ” challenge ” love that does not come on hands down!

The Toro is one of those signs that can develop for the other (and in others ) always a great feeling. They focus on the sides of positive people and are not at all resentful. They are great people to have as boyfriends!

Aquarius: First place in the ranking of the best signs to have as a boyfriend

At the top of our ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Aquarius. This is a truly perfect sign to be in a relationship with – they are among the most accommodating and kindest people in the entire horoscope!
Not for this, however, the Aquarius is a person who gets put his feet on his head or who is afraid to tell others what is wrong!

L ‘ Aquarium is one of those signs that have no problem to have discussions heartfelt though not look absolutely the starting point for arguing.
Aquarius are people who work hard for the relationship, putting in the maximum effort. They can forgive the worst wrongs and also endure long periods of stress without wavering.

Certainly, though, do not think of the Aquarium as people with no plug back: when they decide they want to be with someone undertake and make sure that you commit to the bottom. They are the best with which to stay!

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