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Find out how to best wear long hair when it’s too hot. The advice of the stars for each zodiac sign.

The arrival of heat always brings with it a series of small inconveniences with which it is important to learn to live with. Among these is the one due to the need to style long hair in order not to go crazy for being too hot and not to be sweating all the time.

Finding a way to tie your hair, however, can sometimes be a problem. For this reason today, after having seen with which yogurt to contrast the heat based on your zodiac sign , we will find out how to style long hair to feel your best .

How to wear your hair in hot weather. The advice of the stars for you

Aries – With a ponytail
We assume that perhaps the best choice for you would be to give your hair a nice cut. If that’s not your plan, a good alternative is a handy ponytail. It will give you the sprint air that you love so much and that goes well with your way of being and at the same time relieves you of the problem of always having to feel warm. A hairstyle that with the right accessory can help you be even trendy. What more could you want?

Taurus – A soft braid
Your romantic air leads you to prefer braids which, among other things, also look good on you. A long, soft one should be enough on its own to keep you from getting too hot. Alternatively you can always aim for more braids to tie together for hairstyles that are different from time to time but always pleasant to see. And all for a bon ton air that will suit you so well that you will want to try it even in winter.

Gemini – The tails
Since being daring is not something that scares you, to stay cool you can bet on two or more tails to be worn high in order to avoid the heat. A hairstyle that you will have fun creating and that you will like to wear to the point of wanting to recreate it each time in a different way. Perfect for you who tend to get tired of everything easily and for this you always need new ideas to draw from.

Cancer – The soft ponytail
You like to wear your hair long even in hot weather. But what to do when the heat becomes unbearable? A solution that suits you is the one that focuses on a soft tail to be made just when you can’t take it anymore. And all with the certainty of being able to breathe a little without losing the fold. Which will allow you to return to your usual hairstyle at the first breath of wind.

Leo – Soft Tails
Two long, soft tails are a good way to style your hair when the heat gets too strong and you feel the need to cool off a bit. This way you will look as dynamic and sporty as needed and you can go back to your usual hairstyle at the first opportunity. A good way to always feel good without having to spend too much time thinking about how.

Virgo – The high braid
high braid, worn like a ponytail is without a doubt the best way to cope with the heat in an elegant way. Plus, you just need to make it in the morning to stay tidy all day. And all without having to waste too much time. A hairstyle that will prove useful and that you will like to do even for every day. Not to mention that it will be enough to change the accessory to wear it with elegance even in the evening.

Libra – The French braid
Since elegance is of great importance to you, you can combine it all with a little freshness with a nice French braid. Making it is easier than you think and this will allow you to avoid the heat without losing the innate elegance you need. A way to feel beautiful as never before while enjoying the right amount of freshness.

Scorpio – The disheveled chignon
A chignon to wear in a disheveled way is the best way to always feel at the top. Simple to make, it will allow you to fight the heat without too many problems. And all while fully enjoying a hairstyle that will always make you feel yourself and in line with what you wear. The right accessory will in fact be enough to transform it from casual to sporty and even elegant. Just what you need, right?

Sagittarius – The side tail
side tail will allow you to feel fresh in a simple way and all without giving up a little habit, that is to get noticed with a different hairstyle than usual. Colored rubber bands will help you to fully enjoy a hairstyle in full summer mood. One that gives you the cheerful image you aspire to and makes you feel fresh at the same time.

Capricorn – The Side Braids
Two side braids will help you cool down just enough when the heat gets too oppressive. At the same time they will give you the feeling of always appearing neat and tidy. Just what you need to feel good about yourself and to be at your best without wasting too much time. Just what you need when you have too many commitments to keep up with.

Aquarius – The vertical tails
For you who love to get noticed, three vertical tails to wear on top of each other are a good way to wear your hair on the hottest days. A nice and carefree way to avoid the heat without giving up on looking over the top as always. A hairstyle that is also simple to do, which for you who don’t like wasting time on these things is a plus point. No?

Pisces – The high ponytails
Two high ponytails to wear cheekily is the summer hairstyle you may love more than any other. A nice way to feel at the top. And that you can choose whether to wear in the form of a chignon or with soft tails to be dropped sideways. What matters is not to forget to always leave locks to frame the face. In fact, everything will give you the jaunty air that you like so much and that will make you feel at the top.

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