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Is it true that opposites attract in love? Find out what happens to the opposite signs of the zodiac in love.

Opposite signs are the astrological signs that face each other in the zodiac. When two signs of the zodiac are opposite can they attract or repel each other in love? Find out if the opposite signs of the zodiac are compatible in love.

The zodiac sign is not the only parameter that must be considered to understand if a relationship can work or not. Other factors that affect the final outcome are the ascendants and the sign in which the moon is located, these elements allow us to understand if understanding and harmony will prevail in the couple or the opposite. The stars are able to define the themes that connect the two opposite signs.

Opposite zodiac signs, this is how opposition affects love

The zodiac has 12 signs, so six pairs, each lying on an axis. Consequently in astrology the different houses positioned one in front of the other would not be particularly dissimilar.

Here are the combinations of the zodiac signs and their opposites:

Aries (house 1) and Libra (house 7) form the axis of the meeting
Taurus (house 2) and Scorpio (house 8) form the axis of possession
Gemini (house 3) and Sagittarius (house 9) form the axis of knowledge
Cancer (house 4) and Capricorn (house 10) form the individual axis
Leo (house 5) and Aquarius (house 11) form the axis of the relationship
Virgo (house 6) and Pisces (house 12) form the axis of existence

The themes of the houses make it clear that opposite signs could be defined as two sides of the same coin, but how do these signs behave in love?

Aries and Libra

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, we begin with this first pair of opposite signs. The opposite sign of Aries is Libra. Aries is a fire sign, passionate and as a couple wants to be the predator . Libra is meek and shy . When these two signs meet they usually get along very well with each other , they are different personalities but they complement each other. Both are cardinal signs, they are ambitious. In addition, Libra, diplomatic and sweet is the only sign that can calm the impetuous nature of Aries even if it is difficult for her to bear the aggressive side of Aries, the two together manage to overcome everything.

Taurus and Scorpio

Between Taurus and Scorpio the physical and spiritual attraction is very deep. They are two strong and stubborn signs, they often come into conflict with each other and neither of them wants to give up. Attracted by power and wealth, they pursue common goals. They are also united by the search for safety that distinguishes them even if the nature of safety differs for these signs. The Scorpio needs to be reassured by the partner, the Taurus works to make sure that his loved one is loyal and faithful. The two have great potential as they are a couple who grow stronger every time they go through a difficulty. Quarrel after misunderstanding they love each other more than before. After several crises they become invincible.

Gemini and Sagittarius

From the union of these signs there is a beautiful combination. Gemini and Sagittarius are both sunny, adventurous, sociable . They come into little conflict. Gemini adapts to the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius and respects their need for independence , Sagittarius knows how to respect the need for mental freedom that Gemini needs. These two signs develop a great friendship before realizing that they are also in love. Respectively signs of air and fire, together they feed the fire of their passion, enthusiasm and energy are their strong points.

Cancer and Capricorn

This union generates a tenacious and strong couple . The rationality of Capricorn is accompanied by the sensitivity of Cancer. One brings stability to the couple while the other brings feeling. These two signs together love and respect each other. They strive to give the couple and their family the solidity and well-being they need. Collaborative and motivating about each other, passionate lovers, this couple is one of the strongest couples in the zodiac.

Leo and Aquarius

When Leo and Aquarius unite, they immediately feel an incredible “chemistry”. The two signs are different, Leo loves to be adored and admired, Aquarius can do so to a limited extent. Despite this, Leo does not suffer the effects of this lack due to the great attraction that unites them. Aquarius undergoes the charm of the fire sign, Leo appreciates the inspiration of the air sign. Fire needs air to burn, which is why this combination works.

Virgo and Pisces

When Virgo and Pisces meet they both feel the thrills of attraction but neither takes the first step. They stop flirting. Indecision is what characterizes this couple when it forms. Push and pull, let and take, little stability, they don’t allow the couple to take off and support each other. However, it is a couple that lasts a long time since Pisces is a dreamer while Virgo is very realistic . Virgo learns from Pisces to open up emotionally while Pisces has someone very rational who teaches them to put their chaotic life in order. Although unstable this is a relationship that works, but requires hard work.

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