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Find out how to best deal with a potentially jealous partner. The advice of the stars for each zodiac sign.

When you are with someone, there are several aspects to take into account and one of them is certainly jealousy. A jealous partner (if it is moderate jealousy) is in fact more than normal and often this feeling is nothing more than an indication of the bond he feels towards us. Of course, things change if jealousy becomes obsessive or harassing. But even staying at the quieter one and being able to make people smile, sometimes you may want to control it.

Maybe even just to make sure that the partner actually feels calm. How to do it in this case? Since jealousy can also be linked to the influence of the stars, today, after having seen how to best live the month of June, we will try to see how to treat a jealous partner based on his zodiac sign.

Jealous partner? Here’s how to take it based on its sign

Aries – Making him feel unique
Often the jealousy of those born under the astrological sign of Aries is given by the need to feel unique in the eyes of a loved one. It is not for nothing that it also manifests itself for going out with friends and for everything that has to do with attention not directed to them. To make your partner less jealous, it is therefore important to make him feel unique. Reminding him that he always comes first is that there is nothing you love more is definitely a good way to calm him down and make him live more peacefully.

Taurus – Always Keeping Him Knowing Everything
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus, when they are jealous, need to control the life of the person they love. Not doing it, in fact, generates certain anxiety in them. To remedy this problem, you can think of playing in advance, telling them everything and always putting them apart from new acquaintances or what you do when you are not together. In this way, at least part of their jealousy (the one dictated by fears) will be silenced and we can count on a more serene relationship on the part of both.

Gemini – Laughing at it
Fortunately, those born under the astrological sign of Gemini are not among the most jealous signs of the zodiac. In fact, they are usually more likely to trigger jealousies than to feel them. Of course, sometimes there are always some exceptions. And when it does show up, a good course of action may be to gently tease them. Making irony about their way of doing it will help them to see things from the right perspective and to remind them how they really think. A good way to silence jealousy and at the same time increase the couple’s complicity.

Cancer – Reassuring Him
The jealousy of the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign is always motivated by fear. Fear of losing those they love, of being replaced, and of being alone. Talking to them and reassuring them in this sense is certainly the best way to fully experience the love story without suffering any attacks of jealousy which, when they arise, can be heavy for both. Giving them more love and letting them know they have nothing to fear is actually the best thing to do.

Leo – Playing with him
Let’s face it, those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are perhaps possessive but not very jealous. If they know they can trust they do so and avoid letting their mind wander. That said, it can happen from time to time that fear affects them too. And when that happens, a good way to defeat jealousy can be to play around with them. Feeling accomplices and realizing that they have nothing to fear is the best way for them to understand that what they feel is unfounded.

Virgo – Talking about it
For those born under the sign of Virgo, jealousy is rarely given by fear as much as by the thought of what others may think. To avoid problems in this sense, therefore, it is enough to talk about the thing and face it from every point of view. Once you understand theirs, you can simply avoid pushing yourself beyond the limit of tolerance. It is a game of balances that well established can benefit both.

Libra – Spending Quality Time Together
For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, jealousy is a feeling that has no sense of being. Valid thinking as long as things go well. If not, then the natives of the sign may feel somewhat belittled and become insecure. To reassure your partner, therefore, the best thing to do is to spend quality time together. The time that will fix everything.

Scorpio – Coping With The Thing
Natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign are people who tend to feel jealous only when they are suspicious. For this reason, a partner who does not live well in the relationship should always be listened to. In fact, addressing the problem and talking about it may prove to be the best solution. The one capable of restoring security and silencing jealousy which, otherwise, would lead to continuous investigations. Because for those born under this sign, there is nothing worse than suspicion. Which can usually lead him to decide to start investigating or to arrive at other types of solutions.

Sagittarius – With cuddles
When people born under the sign of Sagittarius are jealous it is because they feel little appreciated. Noticing it, understanding it, and giving your partner the right attention is therefore the best way to appease their jealousy and at the same time to improve the relationship. What matters is learning to grasp discontent from its very first signs. The risk, otherwise, is to see jealousy grow to a level that makes it really difficult to deal with.

Capricorn – Listening to Him
True, Capricorn astrological sign man can sometimes get jealous. And when that happens, curbing it can seem nearly impossible. Still, a good way can be to listen. Often venting and bringing out the fear he feels, the partner manages to calm down and put aside all fears about it. Certainly, a good way to face the problem and also to find a new harmony as a couple.

Aquarius – Lightening It Up
The natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign are rarely jealous. And that depends on their being the first to have a great need for freedom. For this reason, if you happen to feel the partner worried about something, you can opt to talk about it together, lightening the burden and allowing him to see things from a different perspective. I am sure a good way to silence jealousy and to find a meeting point that can always be useful for the well-being of the couple.

Pisces – Comforting Him
The natives of the Pisces zodiac sign care a lot about the people they love. And this can sometimes cause an apprehensive partner to be jealous. Fortunately, more often than not, talking about it is enough to make jealousy resize. Alternatively, you can move on to comforting him about the fears he feels and maybe pampering him a bit. After all, dialogue and sincerity have always been attributes sought by the natives of the sign. Working on it together will help your partner feel calmer and experience the relationship more confidently.

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