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Find out which men to marry and which ones to stay away from based on their zodiac sign.

That of marriage is always a delicate subject that finds people absolutely in favor and others who always advise against it. Yet, when you love each other, the idea of ​​making your feelings as official as possible, starting a new family, is something you think about almost instinctively, only to let yourself be taken by all the doubts of the case. So, even the safest, sooner or later find themselves wavering and wondering if it is the case to take such a step or if it is not better to leave things as they are. The truth is that there is no single answer because, as always happens, every situation depends on a set of factors which include the personalities of the people involved, personal life choices, and many other little big variables. In all this, however, there is a parameter that can be considered, how much a man is to marry or not.

According to the influence of the stars, each sign of the zodiac can be more or less led to be a good husband and fully experience the changes that occur in a relationship after marriage. A parameter that by itself must not be considered as absolute but that can certainly help to get an idea and clear one’s mind about the many questions set out above. Today, therefore, we will try to understand which are the men of the zodiac to marry and which, however, are not so good for marriage.

The men of the zodiac to marry and those who are not all that suitable for marriage

Aries – The Man Who Is Not That Made for Marriage
The man born under the zodiac sign of Aries is a free spirit who at the same time loves the idea of ​​being able to live a stable relationship and able to give him everything he needs. It can be said that from a certain point in his life on, what he mainly does is a jump from the desire for freedom to that of bonding with someone. This is a difficult situation for him to manage. And often, this leads him to go into crisis or to have complications in ongoing relationships. While loving the very idea of ​​love and looking for it punctually, when things start to get serious, he often feels hunted and therefore motivated to look around. A way of doing things that he puts in place almost automatically, risking to ruin everything every time. To be able to marry and be a good husband, she needs to find a soul mate.

Taurus – The man who might be a good husband but who doesn’t always want one
The Taurus man is romantic by nature and this leads him to want to continually live love stories. Having a stable relationship is something he longs for but tries to accomplish only when he meets the person he considers right. When this happens, he can start organizing everything, planning a future for two, and living the love story to the full. Unfortunately, from time to time, the everyday routine tends to bore him and when this happens he may have a head start and decide to revolutionize everything. Rather than trying to solve any problems, the Taurus man prefers to take them out of his head and raze everything to the ground to start over. An attitude that is by no means ideal within a marriage. This dichotomy, therefore, leads him to be a possible good husband for the romantic aspect and the desire to give himself and always do the best for the person he loves. At the same time, however, he must want it. Because otherwise, the risk is to find yourself feeling impatient and deciding to have to change everything.

Gemini – The man who has the potential of a good husband but an unstable character
The Gemini man is undoubtedly a particular person, able to fascinate anyone in front of him and so rich in inventiveness as to enliven both his life and that of those around him. If he falls in love, he knows how to give a lot to his partner and this also applies to marriage. The real problem with a man of this sign is getting to the fateful yes. It is a person who hates everything that falls into the routine and for this reason, does not look favorably on the idea of ​​committing to a life with someone. If she meets the right person and believes that there is the right amount of “madness” in her, however, she always reserves the right to change her mind. To ensure that he can be a good husband, however, it is very important that at his side there is a proactive woman with the desire to make every day different. One who does not even know the concept of routine and who knows how to keep boredom out of the front door. In this way, the Gemini man will be able to relax and give his best by showing himself as an attentive, present, and fun husband.

Cancer – The man who is almost made to be a good husband
Cancer man is among the most romantic of the zodiac. The thought of marriage is therefore very present in his life. When he falls in love he loves to make his partner happy, taking care of her in full and always trying to surprise her with romantic gestures. Present, attentive, kind, and always ready to show his love, he is one of the men of the zodiac to marry. And this is because over time he does not tend to tire easily, working to improve his love story. For all this to happen, however, it is essential that he always feels reciprocated. If he thinks he is receiving little love, he can in fact distance himself, suddenly cooling down. And when that happens, going back can be difficult.

Leo – The man who can be both a good husband and a not so excellent one
The man born under the zodiac sign of Leo has a world view in which his person is exactly in the center. To love someone, therefore, he must feel himself covered with attention and feelings that make him feel even better than he can do alone. When he believes he has found the right person, that is, one who knows how to act as his shoulder without ever overshadowing him, he is ready to give himself and to show love and loyalty. However, things can change easily because being one of the most selfish zodiac signs, he will always end up putting his own needs before those of the person he loves. To consider him a good husband, therefore, one must be willing to accept this aspect of his character. Especially because it is really unlikely that this will change, being one of the things that characterize it most.

Virgo – The man who is a present but uncommunicative husband
The Virgo man has such a difficult character that he is also such a husband. Although he is undoubtedly present and able to prove it through facts, he is a bit too sitting on his laurels. Romantic gestures or particular outings are not part of his character. For this reason, if you dream of a man who makes you feel loved in different ways, perhaps he is not the right one to take into consideration. If you are looking for someone you can count on, who gives the right stability to the relationship and who does not reserve surprises, he is the right person. Virgo man tends to think about marriage only if he falls in love. That said, even if at first he may seem ready to go further than expected, once he has reached stability he will no longer be willing to spend himself on the conquest. For him, just continuing to be together is a sign that there is the same will on both sides. And that is enough for him. An aspect to always keep in mind if you are dealing with a man belonging to this zodiac sign.

Libra – The man who turns out to be an excellent husband
The man born under the zodiac sign of Libra is among the men to marry. This depends on its way of being posed and at the same time brilliant. A way of being that leads him to show himself always present and everything without ever falling into monotony. A good listener, he always knows how to give the right advice, showing himself to be involved and ready to share both the pleasant and the most difficult moments. All aspects that he maintains even when he is married and that makes him an excellent husband. Especially if you consider that being a person with a creative mindset, he will be able to make marriage something special and always on the move, eliminating as much as possible the aspects related to routine. If we add to this that when he wants he can also be romantic and able to plan particular surprises, he is sure that marrying him will be an excellent choice.

Scorpio – The man absolutely to marry
The man of Scorpio is one of the signs of the zodiac absolutely to marry. Although there is a misconception that they can’t be faithful, the truth is that when they fall in love they are like never before. Present and devoted husbands, they put all their imagination into the relationship of two. And they do it by making it something special and never boring. This is combined with the ability to always be ready to offer everything they can to see their partner happy. Of course, it is still one of the most complex zodiac signs there is. And for this reason, it is important to know how to take it the right way and be careful not to ever disappoint it. Things like betrayals, lies, or things withheld are experienced so badly by the Scorpio man that they can cause a real crisis with consequent estrangement. Since this is one of the signs that forgive less easily, it is therefore very important to ensure that there is never anything to be forgiven. And to say immediately what happens, if there was something, in this regard proves to be fundamental. By respecting these needs that anyone of this sign cannot ignore, the relationship between two will be something unique and special.

Sagittarius – The man who is not always a good husband
The Sagittarius man does not know how to be a good husband on all occasions. This is because, first of all, he needs to feel free and have fun. For him, having a pleasant time and as he sees fit is what matters most and this aspect makes him a person who tends to be little suited for bonds such as that of marriage. Being able to leave alone, go home whenever he wants, and not having to give explanations to anyone for his actions, are aspects he cares a lot about. Even if he falls in love, this does not change, often becoming the cause of arguments. Being with him, therefore, means being at the same time understanding and equally in need of one’s own space and freedom. Only in this way can a long-term relationship be able to hope to continue for the best, laying the foundations even for a marriage that can last.

Capricorn – The man who is not quite a good husband
The man born under the astrological sign of Capricorn it’s not exactly suitable for getting married. Partly because it is as if he already was with his job and partly because he has ways of doing things that make him unsuitable for life for two. Nevertheless, he is a person who aims at stability in every respect, and among these, there is also that linked to the idea of ​​having a steady partner with whom to start a long-term life project. However, his often self-centered character and the need to isolate himself and fill himself with things to do make him often unattainable. For this reason, anyone who chooses to be close to him must make him aware of everything he decides to marry him. To be comfortable with a Capricorn man it is essential to be autonomous, to have a full life even without his presence, and to know every aspect well, aware of being able to accept it.

Aquarius – The man who isn’t meant to be a good husband
Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Aquarius man is probably one of the least suited to being a good husband. This is due to his closed nature, the total lack of empathy, and the lack of desire to spend his free time with another person. Even when married, he would end up carving out his own spaces inside the house, limiting social life to the bare minimum and always showing little inclination to dialogue. To be comfortable with a man like this one must be made of the same stuff. So, if both of you are inclined to want to be alone but with the pleasure of knowing that you have someone next to you, at least symbolically, it can be different. However, it is good to always be honest with yourself, because marrying a man so convinced that you can change him is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.

Pisces – The man who is a wonderful husband
The Pisces man is a born dreamer and as such he is also very romantic. For him, marriage is therefore a point of arrival at which to arrive with the right person. So when he thinks he has found it, he can’t help but feel happy and start fantasizing about it. This is enough, therefore, to understand how the Pisces man can do a lot in love. Especially since in the long run, he turns out to be one of the best husbands in the zodiac. A title that is earned by always giving oneself 100%. For knowing how to listen, for being empathetic, and for always wanting to surprise your partner to see her happy. Sure, it can be a bit cloying at times. If you have a romantic soul, however, you are dealing with the perfect husband. Especially because it is always there. He never backs down and thanks to his imagination he can transform even the banalest moments into something unique. Provided, of course, that you have the right person at your side. That is the one who can understand and appreciate her somewhat bizarre way of seeing things.

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