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We have arrived in the first decade of September and something overwhelming is about to happen to three zodiac signs. Astrologers reveal who they are.

September will be a month particularly full of unexpected events and it will be especially so for 3 natives of the Zodiac. In September we return to the usual habits and Jupiter retrograde invites us to do it in the best way. Jupiter instills clarity and particular introspective abilities that will help all the signs to evaluate and define their future goals well.

Unfortunately retrograde Jupiter will not be kind to all the signs of the Zodiac. Three signs in particular will feel they have to take concrete steps to make changes in their lives in September and this will upset them not a little.

The signs whose life will be turned upside down in September

These big changes that will particularly upset the lives of the three signs of today’s ranking, will embrace all the airs of their life. In general, the stars are in favor of these signs as regards the incentive for personal development but taking over the reins of your life and making big changes to your career or upsetting the place where you live is not an easy step. for some signs in particular.

For some natives of the Zodiac , September will mark the beginning of a new adventure . Here are the signs that should prepare for these changes:


The native of Aries is the most dynamic and impulsive sign of the Zodiac. This sign does not hesitate to seize the opportunities that life presents to him, even if this involves great upheavals, but September will give Aries a hard time.   This sign has just embarked on an important project and will have to face many obstacles. Mercury transiting in Libra will be particularly spiteful with Aries and will throw a series of events and unexpected events in its path. The stars advise Aries to keep calm because inside them they already know how to deal with the situation. His career will benefit in September because in the end Aries will be able to hit the goal he set himself. The stars also warn Aries regarding the scope family where this sign will experience many tensions that will push him to lose his temper and make rash decisions.


Even the native of the Virgin in September will experience numerous upheavals. We know that this sign is methodical, precise, punctual and always needs to be in control of his life, which is why the unexpected and changes shake him. In September, the presence of the planet Mars in Gemini will unfortunately have repercussions on Virgo who will face an unexpected change related to her profession of her. Unfortunately the Virgo will not be able to help but accept this change and even if she will do it reluctantly she will realize that in the end it was less worse than she thought. On the other hand, the Virgin will have her joys in love. In fact, in September this sign will meet love. From an unexpected meeting a very passionate relationship will be born which in a short time will become a deep union that will bring a lot of joy.


Capricorn in September will also collect several twists. He certainly did not expect to climb to the top of his career right now, following the recent misunderstandings he has had with some of his colleagues. Yet Capricorn will get their well deserved promotion just this month and finally get a well deserved pay raise as well. It goes without saying that for the most hardworking native of the Zodiac this change represents immense joy. This joy will have repercussions on his whole life especially on a sentimental level where he will feel ready to carry out projects even at a couple level.

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