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According to the forecasts of astrologers for some zodiac signs, November will be a month marked by a big breakdown.

November is upon us and for some signs this month promises to be complicated, to say the least. These signs will feel psychologically fatigued and it is not autumn or the first cold that disturbs them but the influence of the full moon in Taurus on November 8th.

In reality, it is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus and it is a very special event. This event will affect all signs of the Zodiac. Three Signs will feel completely exhausted from this transit because for them there will also be the effects of retrograde Mars in Gemini from the end of October to the beginning of January.

These signs will have a nervous breakdown in November

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Some natives of the Zodiac in November will be more vulnerable than usual. This vulnerability, which they will feel above all on a psychological level, will also have repercussions on their physical health. 

On an emotional level, they will have difficulty communicating and the words that are said to them will weigh more than usual enough to question people and relationships. Physical fatigue will lead to these signs to feel disinterested in everything and having little motivation.

 The signs most affected by this breakdown are:


Gemini is a sociable and friendly sign but will be particularly sensitive in November. This sign will warn of health problems in the bronchi and lungs with the arrival of the first cold so the stars advise him to avoid cold shocks and take care of themselves.

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The most optimistic sign of the Zodiac will experience some difficulties in November due to some problems related to his mental health.   All the fault of the excesses of recent periods, a period of too much overwork has weakened this sign and extinguished the passion of this fire sign. Sagittarius will have to wait until December to recover their usual energies.

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The sign of Pisces will experience quite a few problems in November, mostly due to the malfunction of his digestive system.   This sign will have to start cooking only certain foods and then change his eating habits. For a while, no processed foods. The fish will also feel that they suffer from eyestrain, so it is better to buy glasses that filter blue light

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