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In February They Will Cut the Dry Branches, That’s What Signs We’re Talking About

Dry branches are those people we deal with more or less constantly and who show us a series of people we deal with but don’t care about. These are people who are not always for us.

Here, today’s signs are those that in February will be able to do a lot of cleaning, from every point of view. For better or for worse, it is an operation that tends to do him good in one way or another.

Today’s people are not easy to understand and understand. Also because breaking up with someone is never easy, but when this happens, and when you want to do it with absolute freedom, everything takes on another form and another perspective.

The signs that shortly they will be able to do some cleaning between relationships are them.


What about the bull? Well, it’s a sign that seems to be caught up in a thousand different things, things that have to do with his way of being and interpreting and understanding relationships, from every point of view. There are moments in which the bull is as if he is attentive to his well-being, and to his way of living life. He doesn’t like to be around many people, even if he remains among the most sought-after and interesting of the zodiac. And in February he will get rid of it in a big way.


And what about a romantic like the aquarium? Well, we are dealing with a sign who believes that love comes first and tends to maintain relationships with lovers who have somehow marked his life and his way of being and living. But February is the best month to leave a few negative things behind. Anyone who knows the aquarium knows it very well.


Libra is among the most balanced, they know that there are a few things that touch them and make them feel good. And well, as they say, to maintain balance it is very important to keep only a few people around you because otherwise there is a bit of confusion that remains difficult to control and manage. That is why there must be few people around him. This allows him to experience his life path uniquely.

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