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In 2023, I’m Kicking Out Everything That’s Toxic And Focusing On Me

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I never stick to them. That’s why I am starting now and sticking with it in the next year and the year to come, and the year after that…

This is that breaking point in my life when I’ve had enough of everything and anyone, and I’m taking things into my own hands.

Farewell, my toxic ex. I hope to never see you again.

You are the one that brought me to this self-revelation and I am genuinely grateful for that.

There is just so much lousy behavior and mind games a woman can take until she’s finally had enough.

You crossed every limit I had. You tested my love and patience. You abused my good nature and forgiving spirit until I couldn’t forgive anymore.

You took my love and tossed it around like it was a toy. You played with me, my feelings, and my soul.

I’m stopping this because love is not a game.

My heart is not made out of clay and it can’t be mended when it breaks. My mind is not so tough that it can suffer beating after beating.

I used to love you. Maybe I love you still. But I love myself more and I won’t put up with you anymore.

I’m kicking out all the poisonous people from my life.

Sadly, my ex wasn’t the only toxic person in my life. I had friends that didn’t turn out to be friends after all. I had friends who make my enemies seem small.

I had friends who would tell me the sweetest words, only to jab a knife into me as soon as I would turn my back.

I had people in my life I prioritized but who never even bother to put me on their priority list.

I had people who could depend on me for everything but they were nowhere to be found when I needed them.

I had people who used to drain energy from me and fill me with negativity and self-doubt. I had those people in my life and I don’t anymore. I am done.

I’m kicking out my own self-sabotaging ways.

I hate to admit it, but I drank poison from my own cup. I fed myself with insecurities that got bigger with time.

I think I can thank toxic people in my life for those as well, but it’s my fault I didn’t stop them sooner.

I am starting a new life right here. right now. I am silencing the voices in my head that are telling me I can’t and I’m turning them into cans.

I am looking at my reflection in the mirror and seeing myself in a much brighter light.

I’m loving all my perfect imperfections and getting more comfortable in my own skin as seconds go by. There is no waiting anymore.

This is my time. My day. My month. My year.

There isn’t anything I can’t do or accomplish. I got this. I am on my way to becoming the best version of me and nothing can stop me.

These are not New Year’s resolutions – they’re life resolutions. And I am sticking by them for dear life.

I am focusing on me for a change. I am redirecting all the positive energy onto myself.

I am returning the love I used to spend so recklessly on the wrong people and beginning to love myself more and more with every day.

There is no more waiting. It’s time to say, “Hello December. Hello, 2023. Hello, my new life.”

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