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In 2023, I Will Put Myself First

In 2023, I want to feel real love.

I want to feel the peace within. And I want all the scars on my soul to fade away. I will fight every thought about not being able to do something.

Because I have had enough negative thoughts and that is not something I want to keep doing in the next year.

So, 2023, here I come—stronger than ever, more beautiful than ever and one year smarter.

I have changed but that is totally fine with me. Finally, I learned to love myself. I learned to respect myself and to care less about what other people have to say.

I will not be the one who doesn’t take chances because she thinks that she can’t handle them. Instead, I will try

I will try to do things that I never did before and if I fail, I will surely learn a lesson from it. But one thing is for sure—I will keep trying until I get where I want.

In 2023, I am leaving my past where it belongs .

I don’t want to think about the mistakes I made nor about how they affected my life. Instead, I want to focus on what is in front of me. I don’t want to be harsh on myself just because I failed to do something right.

I don’t want to feel bad about it anymore. I just want to let it go.

Speaking of letting go, I want to let go of something else—all the toxic people who made a living hell out of my life.

I don’t want to have any contact with them because I love my life and I don’t want them to ruin it. I don’t want to listen to them gossip about others because they will surely do it about me as well.

I just want to be far away from them because they don’t have the positive energy I crave. I will let go of anyone who makes me think that I am not worthy.

In 2023, I want to stop trying to be someone I am not just to fit in.

I don’t want to be someone people will mold into the shape of their own taste. This time, I want to be the real me, even if it means that others will turn their backs on me.

So far I have learned that it is better to be alone than in bad company.

In 2023, I will learn to respect myself more.

I will do anything to get where I want and I will think of me more than others. This time, I will make myself a priority and not an option. I think that is the way to happiness and I will get there sooner or later.

In 2023, I will learn not to bother my head with other people’s opinions .

I won’t let anyone affect my life. In the end, I am the one who will suffer in this skin, or be happy, depending on the situation. And that is a damn good reason for others to leave me alone.

I won’t tolerate people coming into my life to make me feel sad. If they are to be a part of my life, they need to earn their place there. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

In 2023, I will learn to love myself again.

I will accept myself with all the pros and cons. Because that is me and all the things that happened to me that shaped me into the person I am today.

I will show myself that there is no person more valuable than me. And after I realize that, I will start believing in it as well.

In 2023, I am focusing on my story.

I don’t want to be a side character in someone else’s story. This time, I want to be the protagonist. This year will be special because I will put myself first.

I am going to choose myself. I am going to think positively only. I am going to accept myself the way I am.

And when I turn back at the end of 2023, I want to tell myself that this year was the year when something actually changed.

I want to know that in that year I made some new goals that I was able to achieve. I want to feel that I made some of my wishes come true and that I put myself on a good path to be happy again.

I want to feel that that year was all that I had been looking for and that I finally found the recipe for a good life.

In that year, I want to know that I finally put myself first!

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