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There are zodiac signs that always change the subject: they joke, they pretend not to understand or not to hear. It is practically impossible to talk to them: would you like to find out who they are?

Maybe it’s you or maybe it’s someone you know well. Who are we talking about?
Ah but simply of all those people with whom it is practically impossible to talk since they are teachers in changing the subject!
How about: would you like to discover with us today ‘s horoscope ranking ?

The zodiac signs that always change the subject: here is the ranking

There are people who are real experts in the ” art of changing the subject “.

It doesn’t matter (relatively) what you are talking about : the zodiac signs that always change the subject are people who can lead any discussion … well, somewhere else!
Maybe you get busy, prepare the speech and the things to say : nothing to do, the zodiac signs that always change the subject will not listen to you at all and, in no time at all, you will find yourself talking about real penguins or of anti mosquito stoves.

How do they do it? But, above all, who are they? Here are all the answers in today ‘s horoscope ranking .

Aquarius: fifth place

Let’s face it: even if Aquarius are extremely nice and kind people, available and always ready to get busy for others … they will never talk about something they don’t want to talk about !

Precisely to avoid making the figure of “rude”, those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to change the subject (whenever there is an uncomfortable question) in a truly masterful way. Pay attention to it and you will be truly amazed!

Libra: fourth place

Such as? Would those born under the sign of Libra be among the signs of the zodiac that always change the subject ?
The answer is “absolutely yes”: dealing with a Libra can be very (but very) nerve- wracking !

Libra , in fact, is a person who almost never feels the need to answer a question or face a discussion if he does not feel it .
This is why, constantly, talking to a Libra means having to deal with a real whirlwind of words and information, laughter and screams that prevent you from getting to the heart of the matter . Pay attention to it: Libra always and only talks about what she wants and even in the face of direct questions she is very good at diverting the conversation!

Sagittarius: third place

Have you ever asked a “uncomfortable” question to a Sagittarius ? Hey, look that by uncomfortable question we really mean any question (even a very simple one) that Sagittarius simply does not want to answer.

The result is only one: Sagittarius will not respond, at the cost of being silent in front of you and making the situation embarrassing for everyone.
Why do Sagittarians never speak and always change the subject even when faced with the simplest and most peaceful questions? Nobody will ever know: we tried to ask them but they didn’t answer !

Gemini: second place

Gemini is also definitely at the top of our ranking of zodiac signs that always change the subject .
For what reason? Well, haven’t you guessed it yet? It’s simply impossible to talk to a  Gemini about something they don’t want!

Geminis are people who can change the subject in truly amazing ways. From dialectical swerves to real ghosting  (or, let’s call it by its name, orbiting we told you about here ) when Gemini doesn’t want to talk… they don’t talk!
But not only do they change the subject and disappear: they don’t listen, they don’t understand you and they do everything… well, not to mention serious things with you never again!

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that always change the subject

Dear Leos , there is perhaps no one better than you in changing the subject , always, on every occasion and in every moment!
It is no coincidence, after all, that you are at the top of today’s ranking!

With Leos , we assure you, there is practically nothing to talk about. They are very good at playing the part of the ” rubber walls “ , always putting themselves on the defensive. Often, however, they don’t make you aware of their game! With a Leo it is very difficult to talk about the following topics: love, feelings, relationships, intimate thoughts or even just receive some answers regarding very simple but fundamental questions. Get ready: with Leos you will never win!

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