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Dealing with other people, for the zodiac signs who don’t trust anyone, is never easy. Find out who I am! 

You know those people who always tell you “ Thinking badly makes you sin but often you guess it ?”.
No, forget your grandmother and the proverbs even if she too could be in today’s horoscope chart.
Are you sure you are not among the zodiac signs we are talking about today ?

The zodiac signs that trust no one: discover the horoscope ranking

Well yes, that friend who never wanted to reveal her secrets to you is not simply unpleasant or paranoid: she is among the zodiac signs that do not trust anyone !

Our horoscope ranking today has decided to take care of all those signs that are truly wary of others .
Maybe they are signs with a tender heart, which has happened (unfortunately) to suffer a lot in love: we could almost certainly say that all the signs with the “artichoke heart” , for example, have good reasons not to trust others!
Sometimes, however, it is precisely stars and planets that have ” influenced ” the way these people relate to others .

Aren’t you curious to know who they are?

Pisces: fifth place

Accustomed as they are to always being courted, in demand and desired, those born under the sign of Pisces often struggle to trust people.
Their mysterious charm, in fact, often attracts many people who, then, do not know how to behave when there are Pisces around!

That’s why Pisces don’t trust others so much – they’ve often been treated badly, hurt and teased, and they certainly don’t want to make it happen again!

Cancer: fourth place

For Cancers , trusting others is something very difficult. They would like to be able to trust someone but experience has often taught Cancers that it is better to be alone than to be badly accompanied!

This is why Cancers are among the zodiac signs who do not trust anyone: they are afraid of ending up suffering and, emotional and sensitive as they are, this is not good for Cancers .
Indeed, “betraying” a Cancer ‘s trust is simple: they take everything personally!

Gemini: third place

Dear Gemini , you know very well that you are people who never fully and deeply trust others.
One of the reasons has to do with the way you approach relationships: you always keep an escape route open, you always have a plan B , or you always try to have an advantage over others.

It is not strange that you  Gemini too are  afraid to trust others or that you are in today’s horoscope ranking.
You are always on the alert to avoid being made fun of !

Taurus: second place

For Taurus , not trusting others is practically a way of life as well as relating to the outside world.
Why count on other people who, often and willingly, have proved that they are absolutely not up to the Taurus ?

Those born under this sign are people who look at everyone with suspicion, ready to catch them when they behave “badly”, even by mistake, and ready to judge. Taurus
are the first to be judgmental towards others that’s why they expect a similar attitude: in short, they don’t trust anyone because, perhaps, nobody should trust Taurus !

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that trust no one

Dear Leos , we know that you believe that you are very confident people in humanity. You have so many friends to whom you have also forgiven a lot over the years. You are indulgent with ex boyfriends or girlfriends and generally people who are very attached to the concept of loyalty.

Too bad, however, that you cannot really trust anyone: when someone or something hurts you, you prefer to tie it to your finger and always carry it with you.
You have learned that the more you hide behind a wall the better you are… that is, this is what you Leo believe but it is absolutely not the truth!
There is a reason, however, that Leos can’t even be honest with themselves like all these other zodiac signs : you don’t trust anyone, not even your own judgment!

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