Among the most comical zodiac signs of the horoscope are those people who just can’t stop making you laugh. Here’s who we’re talking about!

There are people who really should be doing  stand-up comedy every day and every hour of their life.
The reason? Simply, as soon as they open their mouths they literally make you giggle with laughter .
But how do they do it? We reveal a secret: the horoscope has a hand!

The most comical zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Have you ever met someone who is so funny but so funny that you can’t breathe in between bars?

Well, if you know someone like that, it means that you know one of the most comical zodiac signs in the horoscope .
They are all in the ranking that we offer you today!
What do you say: would you like to find out which are the people with whom you can not really help but feel bad from laughter?

Cancer: fifth place

It doesn’t seem possible that those born under the sign of  Cancer are people who are so funny and capable of making bursts of jokes, does it?

Well, we have to prove you wrong: those born under the sign of Cancer  are people who really can’t help but make others laugh.
Under their sweet and gentle air, in fact, those born under this sign hide a witty spirit and are able to ring jokes after jokes that will really make you laugh out loud!

Capricorn: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of  Capricorn , who are generally considered to be among the most serious people in the whole horoscope, are actually very funny!

Of course, we need to clarify. On the one hand,  Capricorns  are a great success with the public because, never opening their mouths, they are encouraged by others with loud laughter when they make a joke. On the other hand, actually, those born under the sign of  Capricorn really make us laugh. They are “bad” and pungent at the right point!

Sagittarius: third place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are very nice people.
The reason is one: there is nothing they wouldn’t joke about!

For a Sagittarius there is really nothing sacred or impossible to make fun of … quite the contrary!
That’s why, for Sagittarius, making others laugh is often a piece of cake. They make fun of you, your beliefs, themselves, their family and … whoever has more!

Scorpio: second place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio , on the other hand, are extremely pungent and nice people, absolutely always with the joke ready.
It is no surprise that they are among the most comical zodiac signs in the horoscope !

For a Scorpio , in fact, making people laugh is a question of  charm . Those born under this sign love to put others in a state of admiring awe.
For this reason it’s really easy for Scorpios to make jokes and always put others in a position to find them extremely funny.
It is one of their ways to “enter” your graces and make you do what they want without you even realizing it.
A laugh will bury us all … except the Scorpios : be careful, however, with them. Even if they are nice they always have an eye on the past … like the other signs in this ranking !

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most comic zodiac signs of the horoscope

Finally, we arrive at the first place in today’s ranking.
Dear Libra , did you know that you are among the most comical zodiac signs in the whole horoscope?

For Libra , making others laugh is a real  must . They don’t consider themselves satisfied if they haven’t spent the evening making everyone they know laugh!
Libra is a sign that always tries to put others in a good mood He doesn’t care about making a good impression or being taken for a fool: Libra only cares that others have good memories of him!
That’s why, together with Libra , we laugh very well and a lot: they are comical precisely because they want you to always be happy. Their well-being … comes later!


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