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We know, we know: unfortunately, December is here and it couldn’t get colder than that. We want to find out if you are in the ranking of the coldest signs of the zodiac?

Brrr, how cold it is! No, this is not one of the most famous phrases of the film (iconic)  Bring it on, (translated into Italian as Bring It On ) after all that talk of cheerleaders in California and not of our problem today.

Like? What’s the problem? But what questions, how cold it is!
Find out if in today’s horoscope ranking you happen to find some friends with whom you can hole up under the covers, sipping hot chocolate.

The coldest signs of the zodiac: are you and your partner in the rankings today?

Since they turned on the radiators, there is absolutely no doubt for you. Not only do you not want to leave the house but you have also decided to stick to your friend’s heater.
You don’t care if you fix the first-degree burn – it’s cold outside!

You are not the only or the only one to be in this condition: for example, there are the five coldest signs of the zodiac to keep you company!

Stars and planets have helped us to draw up the ranking of those signs that absolutely cannot withstand the winter.
The reason, of course, is quite simple: they are very cold!

Some people, however, love the winter and make fun of all those who suffer the temperatures low. Better to look for friends who are signs in the rankings with you, don’t you think?

Capricorn: fifth place

Yes, let’s start right away with a surprise: the Capricorn is on our list of zodiac signs more sensitive to the cold and foremost!
Although Capricorns are generally born in the coldest time of the year, this does not mean that they love the cold at all, quite the contrary!

The Capricorn is a sign that particularly suffers the temperature low and hates the cold. If they can go on a beach holiday during the winter, we can assure you that they do! Don’t be fooled by their birth month – Capricorns hate winter!

Scorpio: fourth place

Incredibly, the Scorpios ‘ Achilles heel seems to be the cold. They hate it, no ifs and buts! The Scorpio are people who work well and hard even in summer, without worrying about the heat.

When the cold arrives, however, they begin to feel the first signs of wanting to hibernate and they mean for real!
They love to sleep, drink hot tea and relax at home: the cold is not really for Scorpio, and do not ask him to go out during the month’s hard winter.
They do it but only because they feel obligated!

Leo: third place

On the first step of the podium we find all those born under the sign of Leo: this sign, which has its birthday in the middle of summer, hates the cold with all of itself!
The Leone are people’s hottest, both of character that physically they can not be covered by coats, sweaters, scarves, and hats!

For those born under this sign, therefore, winter is truly a disgrace.
They would like to be able to live in a perennial summer so that they can show off their best outfits and be as sensual as possible.
But there is someone even more chilly than them!

Pisces: second place

For those born under the sign of Pisces, the cold is a true and own misfortune. Must be understood that the fish are not necessarily sensitive to the cold (even if they are in second place in our ranking of today’s horoscope ), but we can assure you that suffer the cold in so many ways!

The Fish are people who are particularly sensitive to winter and the cold and there is sensitivity to the cold is also related to a question of mind.
With the arrival of the cold, in fact, for Pisces comes a moment of quiet and mental peace, which is reflected in their desire to never leave the house to take care of themselves.

Cold in both mind and body, Pisces prefer to go into a kind of personal quarantine during the winter. They detach the mind, distance themselves from friends and relatives, heal themselves physically and in the brain, they reflect and meditate. You absolutely cannot reach them: they become as cold as the weather!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the coldest signs of the zodiac

Those born under the sign of Cancer hate the cold with all their being. They are not only the first among the coldest signs of the zodiac but also in general the coldest people you will ever know!

Dressing of fleece, socks of chenille, sweaters and pants Sweat and then, if necessary, also a knit Thermal: to Cancer, the tools to protect themselves from the cold is never enough!
For this reason, all those born under this sign are people who, despite appreciating being able to stay at home with close the book and the cat, I hate the cold and the winter!

It is useless to try to reason with them: Cancers are people who always hope that winter ends as soon as possible and who sometimes feel cold even in summer.
There being cold is part of their being and you will never see a Cancer in short sleeves in the winter. If they could go into hibernation, they would run there without thinking twice!

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