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Identifying the Best Friend You Need Based on Your Sign This Year.

Going into 2023 was a big step for everyone.

This new year holds a lot of potential for every zodiac sign—including the potential for some of the best friendships any of us have ever had.


Aries, 2023 can completely transform your life. With the type of passion and fire you hold in your heart, you’re going to need someone capable of keeping up with you. While fellow fire signs feel like the right choice, there is no one better at fueling your flame than air signs. Make friends with a Libra, a Gemini, or an Aquarius.


2022 was a challenging year for you, Taurus. 2023 brings the hope of a break, along with the ability to begin healing and growing into yourself. You need friends who are right there with you. Surround yourself with grounded people, such as other Taureans, Virgos, or Capricorns.


Gemini, you are practically begging for your chance to shine! This year spells out a lot of chances for you to finally reach your full potential. Aries is right there with you and would make a lovely partner in your journeys this year. Fellow Air Signs would also make great partners in crime, so keep an eye out for Libras and Aquarians!


Dear Cancer, the past year has not been boding as well as you would like it to. Things may feel as though they have been difficult for a while now, but it is time to start looking up! The best thing you can do for your gentle heart is surround yourself with people who will push love toward you rather than pull it away. Make friends with a Scorpio if you feel like you need that extra push or with a Leo if you want the opportunity to really break out of that shell!


2023 can be a great year for you if you let it. Sometimes you may be quick to jump the gun on opportunities or even rush through things before seeing a purpose in them. This year, take the time to make friends with people who can show the world to you in a way you haven’t seen it before. We recommend vibing out with a Sagittarius, peer-pressuring a Pisces to take the wheel, or bringing a Cancer along with you.


Virgo, you are grounded and dependable—so much so that sometimes it can limit you. You have a firm comfort zone, so take a little bit of both! Befriend a risk-taking Aries, but keep yourself grounded with a fellow Earth sign, such as Taurus or Capricorn. (Let yourself live a little!)


Beloved Libra, you are notoriously outgoing and social. After the past year or two, you may feel like you’re slowing down. Remember that it is more than okay to let yourself live again. If you want to feel the rush of living life day-to-day again, find yourself an Aries. If this go-with-the-flow lifestyle has been suiting you well, you might be better with Taurus or Pisces.


This year is a good year to focus on what lies ahead for you, Scorpio. 2023 will give you a good time to prepare for new life changes that will come up later rather than sooner. Patience will inevitably become a virtue for you. Befriending a Virgo or a Capricorn will help you stay grounded. Becoming friends with Cancer will help you remember that good things come with time.


Sagittarius, you are adventurous and creative by nature. 2023 will allow you to foster that energy more than ever. Being friends with a supportive Libra or a fellow creative such as Pisces or Aquarius will benefit your artistic journey.


Being grounded and centered almost defines you, dear Capricorn. This is not an issue for you in the way it can be for others. This year, in fact, it may be in your best interest to preserve those firm boundaries and ideals. Befriending a fellow Earth sign—Taurus or Virgo—will help you stick to your guns and get what you want.


2023 holds wonders for you, Aquarius. You will reap the best rewards this year if you come to accept your originality. Surrounding yourself with fellow creatives and artists will bode well for your aching heart. Let a Sagittarius or a Gemini stick around for a while to soothe your need to grow with your friends. If you need a muse, Scorpio is a lovely fit for you this year as well.


Beloved Pisces, you truly are one of a kind. This year could go either way for you. For the greatest success, you must learn how to harness your empathy and protect your heart. The best way to do that is with other people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Find yourself alongside a Cancer or a Libra and you will be better off for it.

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