Who is the sign that eats the most ice cream and sweets of all? According to the stars, there is a sign that he never refuses a good meal or a slice of cake.

Our astrological belonging and our zodiac sign gives us very distinct character characteristics at birth. Each zodiac sign has traits in common and this also applies to culinary preferences .

Not all astrological signs have the same relationship with food. After having revealed what you should eat to stay healthy based on your zodiac sign , today I will reveal to you who is the most “gourmet” sign of the whole zodiac.

Taurus is the most gluttonous zodiac sign of all

The native of Taurus is the most empathic and sensitive sign of the zodiac and is by no means indifferent to the call of food . He can’t give up everything that delights his taste buds and that sensation of intense pleasure he feels when he savors his beloved sweets Di him. For him, food is the element that unites, that unites. With good food you can conquer the person you love and in the same way you can gather the whole family at the same table during Sunday lunch. Food is an element that reminds him of his childhood , when his grandmother, mother and aunt baked sweets, that perfume delighted everyone and instilled good humor.

Let’s face it Taurus is a great epicurean, he loves to enjoy all the pleasures that life offers him. He loves everything about food, from refined and elegantly served dishes with bizarre combinations to typical dishes of regional cuisine. He also loves great wines and loves to combine them optimally with the food on the table.

Il Toro loves going to restaurants but also loves cooking. In reality, he takes inspiration from restaurants for new dishes and for always eating different things. At the table he loves to experiment and taste everything, every dish could reserve a pleasant surprise.

I Toro is also a very creative sign, which is why it gives a lot of importance to the way in which the food is presented on the plate and its seasoning. Food must capture his gaze before his mouth and this is because this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of aesthetics and beauty.


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