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How You Treat Your Ex Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Can you get over a breakup quickly or does it take you a while to get over it? How to treat your ex after a breakup, according to your zodiac sign

1. Aries:

Aries is the zodiac sign of the strongly radiant and intense people. This is also reflected in their relationships. They go out of their way when it comes to their love life and relationship. Therefore, they don’t let them go so easily.

It becomes difficult for them to part with someone they loved. They end up making friends with their exes . So if you are an Aries, you will treat your ex positively and can become friends after the breakup.

2. BULL:

Now we are talking about the headstrong but passionate beings. They embody the concept of passionate love in a relationship . Hence, their separation leads them in one of two directions. The first direction will lead her to sever all ties with her ex.

However, that doesn’t make it easy for them to move on. The other direction takes them to a state where they cling to the memories of their lover. No matter what they do, they are mostly caught in the past affair . So, if your zodiac sign is Taurus, the chances are you will treat your ex the same way and not be able to overcome the breakup.

3. Twins:

Gemini is the zodiac sign of sentimental people. The feelings come into play when they break up with someone. It is not easy for them to get rid of their feelings for their ex. They can’t when they’re in contact with their ex, but their memories remain intact for some time.

However, that doesn’t mean that a breakup can weigh on them for a long time. You can find a distraction quickly.

4. Cancer:

Cancer is a sensitive and yet strong person . They don’t open their hearts to too many people. Therefore, if they break up, you will never see them cry. It’s not that they aren’t crying, but they are crying in their own society.

But their strength also helps them keep going . So if you’re a Cancer, you’ll treat your ex as an experience, learn a lesson from it, and try to move on.

5. Leo:

Leo people are attention-seeking beings. When they split up, don’t give up on being the center of attention. They seek their exes’ attention by dating other singles .

You will never catch them whining about anything.


They are intelligent and emotional people. Sometimes you will find them reluctant too. This intellect and reserved manner signal that once you’ve broken up with someone there is no going back.

Especially if the reason is their ex, they will never go back to the ex. They prefer to sever all ties at once. If you are a virgin, you will treat your ex as a closed chapter.

7. Scales:

Libra are loving, caring, and the nicest people you will meet. This nature is also reflected in their relationship. They care and love their lover so much that it becomes difficult for them to move on.

They feel a void in their life when they part. This causes a lot of crying and also depression. However, they never say that in front of their ex-boyfriends. Instead, be nice to them.


Scorpios are born with a love of power. This hunger for power makes them a little introverted when it comes to expressing their feelings. You feel like you are losing strength in the process. When you break up with someone, they go out of their way to hide their broken heart. They do this so well that people start to believe that they never had feelings for them.

Nonetheless, they are pretty nice around their exes. Yet their cool approach gives a sense of coldness, which makes it difficult for a person to know whether or not they have ever cared about them.


These are the adventurous and cocky people. You will find that they are always ready to try new things. They are known to be attachment phobic. If they split up, they don’t mind the affair very much. They take it pretty easy. They are very optimistic people who do not lose hope anytime soon. They believe in the concept of living life to the extreme.

This mindset makes them strong enough to handle their breakup without any problems. As a SCORPIO, you will find new distractions quickly after your breakup, this is how you deal with your ex.

10. Capricorn:

These people are born with a special need. That is the need to feel valuable by the people they care about. Therefore, when they get into a relationship, they give everything for their partner.

This need to feel worthy leads them to be very disturbed during the breakups. They find themselves unable to accept that anyone can leave them. That makes them the kind of person who just keeps trying to get into a relationship again.


They are proud people who will remain aloof in the company of a crowd. This nature also affects their relationship. They are rarely completely open to their partners. However, their detached way of doing things helps them when they break up.

You will never find them trapped in an on and off relationship . They wipe every possible trace of their ex from their life.

12. Fish:

Pisces are daydreamers and emotional people. They believe in making the greatest efforts and sacrifices. They are compassionate people, which is why they are very nice to their exes. Although they are kind to their exes, they never show it, even when the friendship hurts them.

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