Discover your very own way of getting angry based on your zodiac sign.

Each of us has our own way of reacting to certain moods. This can vary from the character, from the moment we are living, and from the many other small factors that affect our lives every day. As always, in all of this, the stars also have their influence, so in addition to determining the stars can shape the way we feel and express anger. An unpleasant feeling that, like all things concerning the emotional sphere, can also depend on the influence of the ascendant.

This is how each zodiac sign gets angry

Aries – The Fiery
It is difficult not to notice you when you are in such anger that there are those who would swear they can also see the smoke coming out of your ears. Your way of being in fact leads you to externalize every little emotion by giving great prominence to the anger that you show with real outbursts of anger. Fortunately, these tend to end quickly and without leaving any traces. A positive side because after having vented you are able to put the problem aside and forget about it.

Taurus – The resentful
Your wanting to always appear correct and calm leads you to try to endure any unpleasant situation, smiling and putting aside any unpleasant feeling. A way of doing that risks making you give the worst of you as after having harbored anger for too long you cannot help but externalize it, perhaps even going to resume situations that are now distant in time. The right middle ground would help you enjoy life more and not feel that weight on your stomach that too often risks influencing your choices.

Gemini – The Pungent
The way you feel anger is quite peculiar. Even in the grip of the worst sensations, in fact, you always tend to remain calm by avoiding screams or scenes and limiting yourself to apparently calm words. Beyond the tones used, in fact, you know how to be so pungent as to hurt much more than with a blade. A way of doing things that often puts your interlocutors in great difficulty who, after knowing this side of you, find themselves afraid of receiving new accusations, even if issued with a smile.

Cancer – La capricciosa
It’s all about friends and enemies for you. If someone makes you angry you lose the light of reason and you start to feel attacked. For this reason you end up putting yourself on the defensive, closing in on yourself and reacting either with clearly piqued ways of doing things or with tears behind which lies the wound that causes you not to feel understood by others or to suffer injuries that you do not. you think you deserve.

Leo – The superb
Anyone who knows you well always hopes never to see you angry. When this happens, in fact, your emotions take over, leading you to vent every last ounce of negative emotion and this regardless of where you are or who you are in front of. Furthermore, your being particularly sure of yourself pushes you to close the matter there without reassessing your actions. Which in the long run could create friction with others, especially if they too believed they were right.

Virgo – The rigid
Part of your anger is due to a strong lack of elasticity that leads you to feel a grudge for the smallest wrong suffered, to the point of magnifying it until you feel so angry that you explode. The problem is that sometimes your outburst happens after so long that others risk understanding why, which will only increase your anger by locking yourself in a vicious circle. Try to say what you think right away, take good breaths and remember that others do not live waiting to make you angry but that sometimes the problem is only related to simple misunderstandings.

Libra – The Hermetic
No matter how angry you may be, your attempt will always be to ignore it. The elegance that distinguishes you, in fact, does not allow you to give free rein to feelings, especially if they have negative connotations. Of course, everything changes if others come forward and ask you what’s wrong. In that case, the risk is to break the banks leaving those in front of you speechless and completely unprepared for the discharge of emotions.

Scorpio – The Sworn Enemy
Your anger management is practically nonexistent. From the moment you think you have been wronged, the other will become your enemy for life. Over time your resentment risks increasing and your vengefulness completes this picture in which no one would ever want to be, and with good reason. Because having you as an enemy is not pleasant at all.

Sagittarius – The aloof
Your relationship with anger goes on alternate days and depends on many factors. So, if at times you manage to put aside the anger of the moment to forget it, at other times you can’t help but vent your frustration on the cause of the problem. A way of doing things that are definitely in line with your character and which, for a change, will surprise the interlocutor on duty who will never know what to expect, thus remaining on the razor’s edge.

Capricorn – The sincere
When you don’t like something, don’t hesitate to say it, even at the cost of being heavy. This way of doing things that on the one hand can make you uncomfortable, on the other hand leads you to immediately vent the feeling of the moment without holding a grudge. This will go in favor of the guilty party, also because as you know how to be direct you are also able to forgive if you understand that those who made a mistake have seriously repented.

Aquarius – The Elusive
Negative feelings are not for you, so when someone makes you angry your first reaction is to make you elusive. You prefer to lose track of yourself in a fight, by surrounding yourself with people who can make you feel only positive feelings. In the long run, this can risk seriously compromising your interpersonal relationships, ending up isolating you. So try to learn how to let things slip on you or to express your feelings, with a little training it will be easier and easier for you.

Pisces – The rebel You
tend to rebel against negative feelings such as anger, to the point of risking taking it out on yourself first of all. A way of acting that in addition to not solving anything leads you to create conflicts with yourself and with others who will not understand what you feel thinking that so much anger is destined for them. Try to explain yourself and communicate how you feel, in some cases it may be the best solution.


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