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Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses, things they like, and phobias. Everyone loves differently and we all have different love perspectives, what kind of a partner we are looking for, and what do we expect from him. We are wondering if he is going to fulfill our dreams and return the same amount of love we give to him. Some of us dream about hearts and flowers, but not every woman has the same dream and expectations. Showing your love to them rather than just saying, it speaks volumes. But, there will always stay the power of the word. Have you ever wondered what you should say to your partner to make them blush and what kind of love they’re expecting from you?


If you want to win an Aries you have to learn to take advantage of the impulsiveness of this sign. You always have to be at the right time and place, to give them all the love they’re looking for, and boy, you don’t have another option. You should not try to give them an advice, because apart from that they will not accept it, you will only contribute to create barriers between you two. An Aries must be allowed to win. What the truly like is honesty and ability to be direct. Do not be shy with them, do not humiliate or offend them, NEVER!


Being jealous and possessive are two important clues that you will have to manage with Taurus. Try not to provoke their demons and rather take advantage of their good heart and ability to be affectionate. What is most important, they are not going to let you to press them doing stuff they don’t like or if they feel under the pressure in a relationship. Try to approach them with a tone of good humor in all conversations and contacts that you have with them.


Relationships with Gemini are often difficult. You have to approach them with intelligence. Invite them to do some new and unusual things, they will be overwhelmed.  Learn to give them attention, gifts and compliments. That’s right, they’re like some kind of a “Gold digger”. Also remember, if you lie to them, then you are DONE with them.


Try to show that you’re sincerely interested in their imagination and creativity. Be patient with their moods and sudden mood swings. They like to be in a center of their partner’s life. Cancer has a good memory so if you make a promise to them, you should consider it to be done. Be interested in their work and encourage them to talk about it. They want to know what their partner is doing and also they would love to tell you everything that they have been doing during the day. Cancer is a loyal and generous person, but sometimes too demanding.


If you want to win Leo you won’t have a choice but to let them believe that they are dominate and that they take a command of the relationship. Take advantage of their generosity and kindness.  Do not argue with them nor be arrogant, because you could face with their bad temper. Try to raise a relationship as if it’s an adventure: new things, emotions….all this will be very welcomed. They like to talk a lot and if you listen to them with patience it will make them happy.  TIP: do not cheat on them since the love with Leo can carry risks.


Try to be logical and rational in the relationship. Do not act like a fool having some foolish feelings, ideas etc. Do not force them to show their feelings. They are capable to love, but sometimes it takes a time to show it to their partner. They are sometimes like fashion police, and you can turn them head over heels if you are dressed up well and if you give them gifts where you can show your good taste for clothing. Do not expect passion if you are not capable to turn them on with good looking’s and taking care of yourself.


Give them your support for anything and you have made an important step. They are idealistic, peaceful, optimistic and romantic, so you will not have too much trouble finding something positive and easy where you can show your enthusiastic support. Take advantage of their curiosity. Generally they cannot resist it. Let them find things that might interest them to do with you and they’re all yours. They are tolerant, they have charm, elegance, and good taste so take an advantage of it.


To win a Scorpio you have to have very clear ideas. Forget to take nonsense steps without clear orientation where you want to go. If you want to win a Scorpio, start by winning their respect. Their passionate character is nothing but an advantage. Be aware of hurting them. An important thing to a Scorpio it’s sex. As passionate and sensual people will require some things that do not exist in other signs. It is important not to fail them in this matter.


Do not start a relationship in which they will feel tied. Leave them a space of freedom. Sagittarius has a time when they tend to be optimistic and responsible if you know how to approach them. Take advantage of their sense of positivity and try to make them see your intelligence of improving your relationship. Get carried away by their hobby, try to walk and follow them at the same pace something they will love.


Do not be around them if you will preach or abuse their plans and ideas. A Capricorn must know whether you will stick with them and their ideas, because if you are interested in something else there is nothing to be done and you two are finished. Little bit selfish, isn’t it? If you choose to be their partner you must be prepared, as they are very demanding in all things. They do not show their feelings easily and it will be difficult for them to be happy in a relationship, so it is something on what you should give your best to win their heart.


They tend to be unpredictable many times. You have to know the fact that Aquarius does not like to be alone, they are sympathetic, supportive, and good listeners too. In this way, it is easy to talk and relate to them. But they do not give their heart and soul easily. Try to be original and take Aquarius out of the crowd, take them along the path of idealism. You must become aware that your partner is a person worthy of being loved. If you do so, consider you have made a big step.


They try to seduce and fall in love with the slopes of mystery, dreams, etc. They’re usually very compassionate with others’ problems.  So a trick that works is to call your compassionate side. Try to have mental compatibility and spirit more than s*xual interest. Otherwise, the conquest will be much more difficult.

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