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How To Renew Your Weapons Of Persuasion To Start The Year Well

At this point in our lives, surely each of us knows well how to flirt. So so. From each story we learn something (at least that is the way it should be). We should learn what not to do, what to do more, what works best for us and what never works for us, no matter how hard we try and do it. We are already in 2021 and it is always good to review our weapons of mass persuasion. Read on and learn how to renew your persuasion skills to start the year off right. Lucky!


Aries, you, with your strong initiative, when you want, you want. And in terms of persuasion you are unbeatable: you get to it and you don’t stop until you get it. And if you do not get it soon, you stir a little inside (that is, you get half angry with yourself and with half the world), and start over, because there is no one as unstoppable as you. Adventure, infatuation and passion are in your blood. The conquest you love because it allows you to fully immerse yourself in achieving something and starting it. What has been your pure essence. If you want to be even better at persuasion, and if the person really interests you, you have to have a plan. You have plenty of desire and pushing forward. But you have plenty of impatience and impulsiveness, you lack A PLAN. Not everyone is as clear about what they want as you are. So if they say NO to you the first time, take a deep breath and give it time. And try again or not. Wait, don’t be blind. Do not let yourself know so much in each step you take. Surprise him Aries, surprise him.


If there is a sign that knows well what persuasion is, it is you, Taurus. And the best of all is that you persuade with the same weapons with which you like to be persuaded: kisses, caresses, massages, romantic dinners, love and sensuality … So surely you are thinking that what works, what for change it? And more with what that costs you. If you want, focus on the issue that more than change, what you could do is perfect what you do so well. For example, you are one of those who take their time for courtship. Well remember that we live in a very crazy time and with many social networks and a lot of movement in the love world. So maybe at times you should speed up your persuasion period, because you run the risk of being robbed of your chosen person. Apart from getting smart, try to be crazier, try to risk more, challenge your insecurities … and that the other person can see in you your most passionate part. If you wait to prove it to her in bed, you may have lost her before.


Advice to you to persuade? You who are the teacher and the teacher in these subjects? Well yes, Gemini. Recognize that no matter how a teacher you are, you always have to keep learning, and you also love learning, right? So take note of everything that helps you improve and renew your persuasion skills to start the year well. First, you have to do more to make that person feel that they are special to you, and also the only one. Because sometimes you play too many bands. Second, if you really like that person, you will have to show them what you feel. Because your head is stronger than your heart, and you tend to hide your feelings to feel that you are in control and that emotions do not rule your life. Well, you know that if you have to open up, it is not on a whim but that it would be to your benefit. Because the other person may think that you happen, that you have too many admirers / ras, and maybe because they do not see it clearly or because they get tired of waiting to see what you are doing, they leave. Otherwise, continue as you go because you are the amazing master or the amazing master in this.


When it comes to flirting, you, with whom you find sentimental and romantic people like you, are already half way through. And you know. But now what it is about is to go a little further, and to be able to conquer those other tougher, less open people (those who have a shell even stronger than yours). Well Cancer, if you want to renew your persuasion skills, try to exploit that shyness of yours so touching and attractive. If until now that shyness made you withdraw, now take it out to flirt. With it, you will also compensate for your strong character, which scares many. Recognize that you are someone very sensitive and docile but when you remove your nails, you remove them well. And you do not care that someone special is left of you alone with that fighting image. The next thing you can do is not give yourself so much. Quite the opposite, that the other person misses you. Give a little, and get out, let it bite … and give another little, and then nothing. Play conquest, don’t take it so seriously from the beginning, have fun …


You are the king and queen of phrases like “I adore you”, “I love you”, “I give you my heart” or “You are amazing”. Few people resist your conquest, because you are generous with details but also with statements of intention, proposing plans or introducing your friends. But Leo, new year, new life, and you have to renew the drawer of your persuasion skills. First, if you start a rapprochement and it takes time to materialize, do not get angry and insist. Do not think that you are wasting your time or that that person is not interested in you. Be consistent. You may have had recent bad experiences, for example. Second, become more tough or tough. The demonstrations of affection (and more in public) are your specialty). But sometimes you show too much commitment, and you can lose points, especially if it is someone who likes difficult things. Show yourself but then a little disappears, one of lime and another of sand. Take nothing for granted. You know that showing so much is out of honesty but not all people know it. Well, they look for you, and you will prove it to them.


Virgo, you are loyal and authentic when you have a relationship, but until you do, you have something else to learn to improve your persuasion skills. Let’s see, the first thing is that when you like someone, what you have to do is show it. Because that person to continue there will want to see signs from you that you are interested. Do not be so subtle of pure insecurity, make your interest clear, lest you lose an opportunity because I have seen you cold (as if it were happening, when inside it is the opposite, you are melting). Also, allow yourself to do something crazy, show that you are someone who is worthwhile for your maturity but also that you know how to enjoy life without thinking about the cons. And as the relationship progresses, keep conquering, that person does not know your interior, He does not know how wonderful or wonderful you are and you have to give him proof of it. Show him your passion too, don’t save it for when you’ve been dating for seven months. Surrender without reservation, and trust that everything will be fine, not the opposite.


Libra, when it comes to persuasion, and whatever it is with words, you are just as good at speaking as listening, so with that you are already halfway through when it comes to persuasion. In addition, you are someone who is an expert in making everything more beautiful so you sell yourself and paint the most attractive relationships. And something else, with that charming character of yours you do not leave anyone indifferent. But recognize that if you want a person to know that you really care, you have to stop flirting with the rest of the universe, or they won’t take you seriously. Here is the first tip to renew your persuasion skills to start the year well. Yes, Libra, if you want that person to believe you are really interested and see that you are interested, try to make it clearer to them. You send too many mixed signals and some people don’t want to be reading between the lines with you all the time. You fly away talking and talking about how you would like the relationship to be, or how you are, but you do not take the bull by the horns. Focus, listen to that person who wants to conquer you, and then ask for your time to think about it and make decisions. You will see how everything begins to flow. You’ll see.


The perfect persuasion manual seems like you invented it, Scorpio, but surely you would love to know how to renew some of your skills for the new year. For improving them more than anything, because they work very well for you and you know it. You know that your gaze is magnetic and your personality, with that touch of mystery, is very attractive. The first tip is that you should make sure that you make clear what you want and with whom you want. Come on, you control who you look at and persuade because you spend your life having to set limits to too many fans. It is not that you have to go out with sunglasses but you attract people who do not interest you by exploiting your magic and your sensual gifts, and that exhausts you. For those who are interested in YOU, you must change something that is fundamental: although you go to death, sometimes you also go blind, without tactics, pure passion and impulse. And if the other person does not go the same or needs other times to start, it frustrates you a lot and you even get past it. You get angry and bring out your dark side. No no and no.


When it comes to persuading, if it comes to learning how to do it better, you are delighted Sagittarius. Although you are already quite good at the subject, it never hurts to know a little more. In your favor, and for those who want to flirt quickly, they have it easy with you, because you are sincere, you get to the point and have the initiative to propose to meet and make plans. Everything that is not that, you think is wasting time. The problem arises when the other person wants to manage their times, or is someone with a strong character like yours. There you want to impose yourself, you want to win, you don’t want to wait for anything, what you want, you want it now. In short: you fool. Tips: patience, flexibility, do not be pushy and do not make it so clear that your strong character does not fool around. Because the other person may run away between sheltered with so much personality and security, or for getting rid of someone so arrogant. You know how to be someone so special that it is a shame that you lose the one you like so much to bring out your darker side. And also recognize that it is that in terms of feelings it imposes you but because you do not want to be given. Yes?


Capricorn, you are made of toughness on the outside and warmth and sensuality on the inside. What do you think others see when they meet you? The outside. So if you want to renew your persuasion skills to start the year winning, you will have to let that person see that you like what you have inside so much. Even if you think that it is not possible to open up until you have more security, you are wrong. Try to open up, and to gain confidence when you see that the other person likes you inside, likes the way you are … they like your weaknesses, your dreams, your fears, the boy or girl that you carry inside … Start by relaxing with yourself yourself, to be less rigid with yourself and with others. You will give off a different energy, and that will reveal another, kinder and sweeter side of you. Oh, and try not to say so many times that you know what you want, and that what you don’t want you put aside. That special someone wants to see someone human not an unreachable god or goddess. If it is also that when you fall in love you are the most tender, let that tenderness also come out to conquer!


Aquarius, you, as you think that there are no keys to persuasion, that relationships arise, if they work they flow and if they do not work they end, you may not want to continue reading. Or if? Keep on, keep reading, because we all, more or less obviously, all have our little persuasion tricks. Perhaps you in particular are not aware that when you want someone to like you, you do something to get their attention, to keep it … but you do. Perhaps because you conceive of life and love (and everything) in such an unconventional way, perhaps that is your great attraction for many people. And what attracts so many. But surely you could do something else, you could exploit something that you don’t even know you have: Aquarius, you are very good at bringing out the best in people. So when you like someone, listen to them, give him advice of yours so stimulating and constructive, make him see all the good that he has as a person … and you will see how you notice how his eyes shine. And from there to becoming an expert it will be all one.


Pisces, you believe completely in true love so you are an expert in romantic matters, persuasions and everything that is finding that love. Romantic dreams float in your head, so when you want to conquer someone, you go ahead with your entire arsenal of romantic skills, so that no one resists you. To be even better in this area, and as a romantic that you are, imagine everything you like to receive when they want to conquer you and do it with the other person. That to start, then, take advantage of that natural empathy with which you conquer friends, family and every living creature and use it to the full power to connect that person: let him tell you about what he likes and what he wants in life , what you expect or what scares you. You are going to love it, because so much interest is something that everyone loves, whatever they say. Ah! And offer yourself to help him in everything he needs, something that, by the way, you are scared of everyone.

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