There are actually characteristics by which we can identify a suitable partner, but (and that’s the nice thing about love) in the end it is always the “chemistry” that has to be right for it to work. In this article you will find out which basic requirements make falling in love and staying together easier in the end …


As much as possible, as little as necessary. What does that mean? Basically, two people who are fundamentally different at first glance can fall in love with each other and become very happy with each other, because it depends on the two people’s common principles of life and values. If these are as similar as possible, there is a common breeding ground and, in principle, a better understanding of one another. Large differences in important things, such as the need for closeness, the general life plan, the upbringing and socialization of a person usually lead to one being left behind and neglected because he bends to the wishes and ideas of the other and his own Defers views and needs. With that, he cannot realize himself – and personal development is fundamental,


So opposites don’t attract? But differences can actually be very exciting and invigorating for a relationship. Different hobbies, for example, can weld a couple together if they are practiced and experienced together and one can get excited about the passions of the partner. Differences are even important when it comes to extreme character traits. It is always good if partners balance each other out. If both are dominant, it will always be difficult not to let discussions degenerate into power struggles. However, if one partner is dominant and extrovert and the other is rather calm and introverted, both can balance out and enter into a symbiosis in which both take on a little of the other’s way and become more balanced or somewhat more confident and open. Relationships develop particularly well through opposites and differences. A sociable partner can enable a shy person to have more social contacts, while, in contrast, it can be the haven of peace for the other. Relationships can only develop and grow through external influences. The partners often develop together along the way and become an unbeatable team. With all these assumptions, however, one has to bear in mind that in the end the similarities are more important than the differences. A balanced mix of both, paired with the right chemistry and the willingness of both to indulge and give the relationship a corresponding importance and space, is the best prerequisite for a happy and long-lasting relationship.


And that’s usually the problem. Often you are so doggedly looking for a partner or want it to work with this particular person, that you become blind to the people who would actually “fit”. Here, again, are the basic things to watch out for: is someone selfish, sensitive, extremely critical or particularly stingy? How does that fit with your own attitudes and views? You like to cheat yourself if you like someone and talk yourself into believing that you can overlook these things. Sooner or later, however, no one can get out of their skin and will, for example, be annoyed by narrow-mindedness and an ever smoldering potential for aggression if they actually don’t like such people.

With time and disappointments, you become more and more unhappy, lonely and even consider yourself incompatible at some point because “again” nothing has happened. Most of the time you meet the right partner without recognizing him as such and everything only develops in the right direction by chance. And then you finally understand why everything else didn’t work. Because it couldn’t work and never really fit. And that is exactly what reflects the nature of love – it is unpredictable and unpredictable.

The chemistry

In the end, we often end up with someone who doesn’t really fit into our “loot scheme”. When we get to know people, we usually first evaluate them according to their appearance, especially when it comes to finding a partner. The attractiveness therefore also determines our flirting behavior. It is only when you get to know someone better that you develop a feeling for the “inner” attractiveness of the other person. At first, potentially suitable partners find it rather difficult if the external appearance does not meet the expectations of the seeker.

The best conditions

… you have if you love yourself. Because only then can another person love us. Anyone who constantly confronts their partner with their own complacency and binds their own bad qualities to their noses does not make a good self-image and can unsettle them. A person who, on the other hand, is at peace with himself, knows his own quirks, but also knows his own advantages, is literally lovable and desirable because he shines from the inside out.

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