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How To Know If It Is True Love According To Your Sign

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Love is like that, it comes when you least imagine it, it shakes you, it awakens your fears and at the same time the desire to want to lose yourself in the soul of the other. But how do you know if it is true love? Each sign of the zodiac is a world, not all of them take the same importance to love. There are those who cling to their roots and who want much more than words, details or simply to be held by the hand:

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1.- Aries

Aries you are the person who does not beat around the bush, you do not like to depend on anyone and you hate when someone tries to change your way of being. You know that it is true love when there are no demands, you can simply show your genuine side without fear, like this, intense, lover of risk and with the energy that always enchants anyone. Your life partner is capable of applauding all that, there it is.

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2.- Taurus

You are a focused sign, you rarely get carried away in a relationship the first time. You need a lot more than someone who knows your favorite dessert or the flowers you love. You are a sign that can recognize true love when you have the assurance that you can connect with the other person on a deep level, when they value your emotions and your actions. That’s when you realize how much you care.

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3.- Gemini

Gemini is the free, changeable and passionate soul. When you are in a relationship you like to give yourself completely, but you don’t always receive the same thing. You are a light being, you do not like to complicate your existence and you recognize true love when you realize that you can trust that person. At the moment when you don’t think before acting, when you can cry and laugh at his side, because in the end he will be there.

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An emotional, intuitive, tender sign, the unconditional partner, who is always there to lift you up through thick and thin. The moment Cancer decides to give you his heart, it is like signing a fidelity contract, he really gives himself without fear. Cancer recognizes true love when it can be, without having to pretend anything. He is the person who makes you tell him things that you have never said before.

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5.- Leo

Leo is the one who has a reputation as a controller , because he really has a hard time everything he has. He is not someone who thinks to give in and much less when they do not show reciprocity. However, he recognizes that it is true love when his partner takes into account his effort, when he becomes a support, in that person who is there so that he does not lower his guard, Leo gives you the same in return.

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6.- Virgo

Virgo is the one who decides to stay with the person who is able to understand that their world can be upside down and their sanity the same. He is someone who is always fighting the anxiety that perfection causes him and when a partner is not empathetic, he leaves. Recognize true love with whom he becomes an impulse, someone who does not judge him and who encourages him to move on.

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7.- Libra

Libra is sweet, he is dedicated, he is the one who shows himself to love with an elegant touch, he cannot drift at first, he needs much more to feel safe. Libra can be changeable, but when someone dwells in their heart they have no eyes for anyone else. You realize that it is true love when being with that person gives you peace, lots of laughter, and warm hugs.

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8.- Scorpio

Scorpio and trust is a fairly extensive topic, because he is an expert when it comes to making excuses, when it comes to giving his heart. His insecurities are present when someone does not value his emotions, that is why he can change his mind overnight, if something does not vibrate beautifully, he says goodbye. You know it is true love when the other person assures you that you want something genuine and loyal.

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Sagittarius thinks three times before losing himself in a person’s heart, because he knows that at the least expected moment he will end up with the wrong person and he does not get along very well dealing with duels. It is a sign that loves freedom, follow its own convictions and struggles with the conventional. You know that it is true love when the other person respects your way of seeing life and inspires you to continue exploring.

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10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is firm, knows what he wants and does not think to change his mind just because someone asks him to. It’s actually better that you don’t waste time arguing with them because they have the best arguments to defend themselves. Capricorn realizes that it is about true love because they respect the structured way in which he carries everything, because they do not demand too much attention from him and they understand his many activities.

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11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the one who is not afraid of risk, but when it comes to relationships, he thinks twice before taking the wrong step. It is difficult for him to open up emotionally and mentally, because his way of seeing the days is unusual and some may be scared. It is a sign that you realize that it is true love when the other person is not prejudiced and simply tries to put yourself in their shoes.

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12.- Pisces

Pisces is the couple that puts their dreamy side ahead when it comes to surrendering to love, they like to know that they are with someone willing to put themselves in the place of others. He is the one who awakens your sensitive side and who shows you that you can love as if there were no tomorrow. Pisces knows that it is true love when they show it that it is more than a fantasy, when hugs, kisses, caresses are not lacking. When you radiate happiness next to that person.

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