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Does stress oppress your existence? Discover some tricks to break it down: the most suitable for you will be the one that best matches your zodiacal sign.

Too much work, too many commitments, friends, family, the beautician, the gym: the days of us women of the 21st century have become a sort of eternal carousel from which it seems impossible to get off. The result? Stress has become a life partner that, like it or not, keeps us company nonstop day after day.

Experts tell us that we must learn to eliminate this perennial third wheel but the question is: how to do it? Finding a truly effective method isn’t easy, perhaps because there isn’t just one. Everyone has peculiar and peculiar tensions and problems and should, therefore, also be the ways to get out of them.

Breaking down the stress is therefore a common need but so are the strategies to succeed. To each his anti-stress method and to decide if we have found an infallible way: the horoscope!

Breaking down stress based on astrology

On the other hand, the signs of the zodiac reveal to us who we are, our most particular and distinctive characteristics, and seem to be the most appropriate parameters to rely on to find the most congenial anti-stress solution for us.

The photo above illustrates the best habit or strategy that every single zodiac sign should rely on to overcome the stress of everyday life: for the egotistical Capricorn a massage to pamper himself with, for the combative Leo a bit of healthy sport. , for the stubborn Taurus a good feast and so on. Each sign will thus have its winning move with which to say goodbye to stress.

What if it doesn’t work? Well, we know well how the horoscope is not absolute truth but a source from which to let ourselves be inspired, a stimulus to be taken with due caution to undertake the paths most congenial to us in the various areas of our work or private life.

So let’s try to experiment with the solutions proposed above and, if they don’t work, let’s adjust the shot as our intelligence and our instincts will suggest: it is impossible to fail!

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