Find out how the various signs of the zodiac react when faced with impositions.

Each person has a different way of reacting based on what is happening around him. A way that varies according to the type of situation they face and, obviously, according to the way of being and the emotions they feel at the moment. One of the aspects that are usually more difficult to predict is what concerns taxes. Whether it is rules to follow for the common good or orders given by superiors, each person manages the matter in a strictly personal way and, therefore, is always different. Character is one of the reasons that leads to experiencing things differently.

However, this is also joined by the influence of the stars which, for many signs, can make a difference. For this reason, today, we will discover how the signs of the zodiac live the impositions. And we will do it ranging from those who follow them without problems, those who do not even think about it, and those who prefer to keep themselves in a sort of middle line. Ready to discover this very particular aspect of the various zodiac signs?

Zodiac signs: this is how they react to impositions

Aries – Those who rebel
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are people who love to feel free. This makes them one of the signs of the zodiac that tends to experience impositions in the worst way. From an early age, they are reluctant to follow what they are told. And this way of doing tends to get more and more extreme over the years. Thus, it happens that the natives of the sign find themselves rebelling against even the right rules for the sole pleasure of doing so. It is an attitude that they implement out of a kind of insecurity that pushes them to want to assert their authority. When it comes to being on the high side, in fact, Aries never miss the opportunity to dictate the law and to assert themselves over others. Their relationship with rules and impositions should therefore be reviewed. While this strength of character can come in handy in some respects, on the other hand, it represents a problem. At work and in particular life situations, choosing to rebel without knowing why you are doing it can be a risky move. Of those capable of creating more problems than benefits.

Taurus – Those who act on situations
Taurus natives are usually inclined to think about reasoning about everything they do. When they are faced with a rule, therefore, their first ration is to grasp its meaning and independently assess whether it is right. If they agree, they have no problem following her. On the contrary, if they believe that it is something that can lead to more problems than anything else, they prefer to discuss it until they come to oppose it directly. It is a way of doing things that they put into action without posing any problems and that often ends up influencing even those around them. The same thing goes for taxation. Whether these come from the employer or a series of rules that one cannot fail to follow, the natives of the sign are always led to acting on their conscience. You will never see them trying to rebel for the sake of it. If they are not comfortable, however, they will not remain silent. At first, they will try to change things and in extreme cases they will not hesitate to act personally, not respecting the rules and trying to change them.

Gemini – Those who act based on the moment
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not have a specific way of acting in the face of rules or impositions. When they find themselves having to follow them, therefore, they tend to act more based on the mood and the type of rule they are faced with. In general, if they do not believe that these create particular problems for them, they stick to respect them, thus hoping not to waste unnecessary time. If they are upset and believe that the rule of the moment somehow puts a spanner in the works, then the reaction will be different. Their way of doing things will be dissatisfied and will push them to try to avoid all forms of taxation as much as possible. And, even in the face of those that must be followed, they will act in a bad mood, doing the bare minimum. It must be said, however, that this is an attitude that I very rarely implemented. Most of the time they are relaxed and ready to do what is required of them. As long as they don’t come to feel pressured.

Cancer – Those who tend to follow them
Cancer natives, although they like to have people believe otherwise, are not very sure of themselves. When they are faced with rules to be respected, they end up fearful of the results given by a possible transgression. This leads them to respect them almost always without asking the slightest question about it. The same thing can be said of any orders that come from above. The natives of the sign are always very diligent and quick in following them. Partly because they like to show how good they are at performing tasks and partly because they feel they waste less time doing when asked than opposing. In the end, what matters to them is to live a peaceful and relaxed life. And if to do so they have to submit to some taxation, they rarely worry about it.

Leo – Those who always tend to cheat things
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo can only conceive of a life in which they are the only undisputed leaders. Following the rules is something that never crosses his mind, unless he has some advantage in doing so. While not showing it, therefore, they will always try to find a way out to get away with it and live things in their way. When it comes to work, things get even more complicated. Here, the natives of the sign almost always find themselves looking for tricks to make them believe they are following the rules while in reality, they are looking for a way to make new ones and make them official ones. Without hesitation of any kind, they aspire to be noticed for their skill and everything to receive the right promotions. Those able to lead them to be leaders as soon as possible and therefore those able to dictate the new rules to follow.

Virgo – Those who value all options
Virgo natives don’t like rules. They are willing to follow them if they realize they have no choice or if they consider them indispensable to move forward in what they are doing. Otherwise, they prefer to contravene and follow their instincts. They do this even when they are unsure of the result and all because they do not like the idea of ​​having to submit to what others have said. To be honest, in some cases, just to feel free, they can make small transgressions even on the rules that follow. A way of doing things that somehow makes them feel like winners but that more often than not brings them various advantages. However, changing is not something they have in mind. Their way of seeing things is often too limited. So, unable to look ahead, they end up getting it wrong, preferring this option to that,

Libra – Those who try to avoid all forms of taxation
Those born under the sign of Libra are usually autonomous people and able to regulate themselves in everything they do. This leads them to follow the basic rules and which they deem valid. When it comes to impositions that come from above, especially in the workplace, the natives of the sign cannot help but have their say. At best, therefore, they will end up respecting the rule by customizing it to make it their own. For those who do not consider suitable, however, they will not hesitate to rebel and take personal action to change what they do not like. A way of doing things that can create some problems for him in the workplace but that more often than not earns him the respect of colleagues and, often, even superiors.

Scorpio – Those who struggle to follow what they do not share
The natives of Scorpio are people who are always very attentive to the world around them. If we talk about rules, for example, they usually analyze every aspect very carefully. And they decide to act only after they get the picture of the situation. This way of doing it leads them to be often little used to impositions. In reality, however, this only happens when they are not convinced of what is required of them. Sure of themselves, they don’t need to affirm some kind of independence. And if they think a rule is right, they are the first to follow it. On the contrary, if they don’t like what they see, they don’t mind saying it. If so, they can even propose or choose for themselves alternatives they consider better. An aspect that almost always puts them in leadership positions at work. As good as they are at grasping how things look and what is right to do, they are known for having long eyesight. An aspect that makes others trust them to the point of wanting to follow them spontaneously.

Sagittarius – Those who do not want to know
Those born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius have a very bad relationship with the rules. When they find themselves having to follow them, they always get in a bad mood. And this happens both in the face of those that they consider right after all and in front of those they do not tolerate. This depends on their need to feel free and in control of their own life. An aspect that can often complicate things for them, leading them to make bad choices. When it comes to working, then, the lack of tolerance to impositions often puts them in contradiction with their superiors. And sometimes it prompts them to argue even with colleagues. Working on how to take the rules would therefore certainly help. It would lead them to better understand how to live things and to feel more involved in what they live. Something that sometimes would also help them from the point of view of mood.

Capricorn – Those who do not accept any kind of rule
Capricorn natives loathe all forms of taxation. Whether it is the rules to follow to live better or tasks to be carried out at work, their reaction will always be very negative. Free spirits, they have themselves as their only head. And they are ready to follow only the rules that they impose themselves. As for the others, they just nod and then act according to their point of view. An attitude that almost always ends up creating more problems for them than they can recognize and manage. Theirs is a way of doing that leads them to various misunderstandings. Yet the very idea of ​​changing makes them feel bad. It will be only by working on themselves and on this specific problem that they can hope to take some steps forward in this sense, thus finding a meeting point.

Aquarius – Those who detest and rebel against all forms of taxation
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are the classic people ready to do anything that is forbidden to them. Following the rules is something that creates a strong sense of discomfort in them and leads them to a bad mood that they never hesitate to express. When it comes to dealing with others, they always need to assert their position. And if they can’t, they take it to death, becoming intractable. A way of doing things that pushes them to never follow the rules and to rebel openly even in the workplace. More able to manage themselves than to do what is required of them, natives of the sign should learn to work better on managing their emotions. In doing so, they would be able to create less conflict and live their days better,

Pisces – Those who abide by the rules they consider sensible
Pisces natives are righteous people who love to act accordingly. When they are faced with rules, unless they harm someone, they tend to follow them. And all because they appreciate a life managed by everyone in order. Able to think for themselves, however, they are also able to evaluate from time to time what they are doing. And they also do the same with what is required of them. So, if they are faced with something that bothers them, they do not hesitate to stop and evaluate its pros and cons. Born leaders are always able to assert their ideas and make others choose independently to follow them. An aspect that helps them a lot in life. So much so that their way of being always correct, makes them more and more appreciated by others. This, combined with their always knowing how to improve things, makes them special in their way. Moreover, of them, it can never be said that they act on the sly. When something does not go to their genius they say it by always acting in the light of the sun.


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