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How The Super Strawberry Moon Will Make You Feel These Days

This Thursday 24, the Moon comes very close to the Earth and arrives to illuminate all our intensities, it asks us to feel everything that we had asleep. He does it in the sign of Capricorn, which reminds us how important it is to know how the world works, reality, and puts us on the ground. But Capri and the Moon do not get along very well, so the feeling will be complex, we may feel that we have many emotions but that we cannot express them. In addition, it coincides with the celebrations of San Juan, which begin on the night of the 23rd, whose bonfires keep the magic of pagan ceremonies. We will feel the light of the Moon like the dream of a summer night, powerful and mysterious. Want to know how the Super Strawberry Full Moon will make you feel these days?

The Moon is already prepared to make us live intensely the following days, normally after filling up, the Moon begins to lose strength, but this time it is different: it will connect with some powerful planets such as Pluto, Saturn and Mars in the following days, causing a sin end of overflowing emotions. Even if it is called Strawberry Full Moon, no strawberries will be seen, nor will it be pink … It is called that because it coincides with the strawberry harvest. It is the last full of spring or the first of summer. Keep reading and you will find out how it will influence you according to your sign.


Aries may feel a little lonely these days, it is Capricorn who comes to remind you that even you, who sometimes seem to always be a child, have matured. You will be more serious with everything you propose, and you will not lack energy to move through life. You just have to take care of that feeling of being about to explode with all the emotions you have. Stop to meditate a little, to be with yourself, take a bath and put on some quiet music to be able to look at your feelings little by little without feeling overwhelmed. Knowing yourself will help you in the next phase of your life, which will be new and without the weight of your past.


Taurus, the path is intense and painful, but calm, everything is for the greater good. For being the owner of your life. A new beginning, that is what you have been crying out for for a season and that is what the Moon is coming to bring you. Even if you have to deal with reality, with what cannot be changed in life, you can find a new path. We know that it is difficult for you to get your emotions out and with this Super Moon it may happen that they all want to come out at once, but they do not know how, so if you feel headaches or body aches, it is normal, try to relax and look straight into your heart . Even if it is alone, ask yourself if there is no other way to act on the problem you have, even if it involves jumping without a parachute. Be brave Taurus, things can only get better.


So much energy in the environment is going to drive you Gemini crazy . You have the need to get serious about some relationships, and this can cause you to overlook expressing all your love. It’s all very well to put a head to this new thing that is emerging, but remember that the other person also likes to be reminded of how much you care. Perhaps it is a bit difficult and when trying to enter your feelings some old ones that you have not cleaned yet explode. You have to sweep and order your heart, close definitive doors to situations and people that no longer fit in your life. It is the best time to close those issues that started 6 months ago and need to be settled once and for all.


The Moon will help you feel much more fully Cancer. Even if you don’t feel like it, Capri complements you, and it’s going to give you a huge boost. Maybe some things happen these days, problems with others or at work, that make you rethink your path in life. But Capri will give you clarity, it will help your feelings to be put in order, although this will not stop you from feeling. The sensation will be just as intense, but you will have a light that helps you understand and put your feet on the ground to make the best decisions without having to ignore what you feel. It is the ideal time to take into account the other, your friends or your partner, because they will also be better able to understand everything that happens inside you Cancer, which is never little.


A ton of energy comes to help you understand who you are and what you are worth, which is a lot of Leo. The Moon brings you the results of everything you have struggled with in recent months, and you will begin to feel the warmth of the lion within you that had been dormant in the shadows for a while. That awakening will cause you the occasional sleepless night, climbing the walls and endless emotions. But for this Capri comes to your aid, with her energy it will be easier to put your priorities in order, see what each person is giving you and which one really deserves to stay in your life. And most importantly, it is going to put the things that you should slam the door clearly in front of your eyes. Not one more chance, Leo, even if it hurts for a season.


Let go of your Virgo mane, there is no better Moon than this in Capricorn so that you can express your feelings in a comfortable way, you can do it intensely but with control, knowing what you are doing. It is necessary that you look at everything that you carry inside and that you often overlook. Enough of suffering alone, this Moon is going to give you the opportunity to explain to that person for everything you have been through and are going through. And Virgo, if the Moon gives you clarity about the decision you must make, no matter how much it costs you and you cling to the past, you will have to listen to it. The Moon knows, you know … stop making excuses and give yourself the opportunity to have what you deserve.


What do you really want to do Libra? Well, now is the time, if you are not sure, spend some time in meditation to find out and go for everything. The moon will help you put a little head in everything you are planning, and in your most hidden desires. You have the opportunity to connect with what you have been feeling and decide if you want to turn the page once and for all, it will not be easy, it will hurt, but it is the perfect time for you to be brave and take the step. Your intuition has been speaking to you very clearly for a few days, and if you listen to it, your decisions will affect all aspects of your life, socially, professionally and in your family life. Listen to yourself, even if it is a bit scary to see so many intense emotions at the same time.


A Moon that sort your most intense emotions a little was just what you needed to start a new stage in your life, much more fulfilling. You will see how, after letting go of some concepts and people who no longer contribute anything to you, a new vision will open up for you and the possibility of connecting with new projects, new worlds that will make you feel full of life. Remember that there will come a few days when something in you will resist change, to let go without blindly holding on. In those moments, connect with all the clarity that the Moon brought you, which showed you what it could become if you are brave and bet on yourself. Scorpio, do not miss this opportunity to give yourself the love you deserve, to take care of yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you.


Sagi, life will not flow until you take care of those things that you have hidden in a trunk of your heart. Don’t worry because the Super Moon comes with a giant spotlight that will show you all the crap you have accumulated in the last six months. It is time to order those feelings, and transform them for a new, much freer stage, more in line with who you really are: a person full of good vibes, luck and love. Maybe they feel too intense and scare you, or by looking at them you don’t want to get rid of them. But if you don’t, they will hurt more and more and you will feel like chains to the past that prevent you from moving forward and meeting new goals. It will also be the time to make it clear to that person that all they do is take advantage of your goodness. Nothing is the same anymore Sagi,


Capri, is the perfect time to put an end to those songs in which you feel that you have already reached the limit. Blame it on the Moon and take the necessary strength to get away from the people and places that no longer have meaning in your life. It may hurt and it may drive you a little crazy, that at times you refuse to let go, but the Moon will help you draw all your strength if you decide to listen to what you really want and need. In your sign, emotions may seem a bit cold and distant, but you know that this is not the case, that you are full of passion, and now is the time to believe in the warmth of your heart and show it. Show yourself that you not only have your feet on the ground, but you also know perfectly how to use your feelings to move forward in life.


Aquarium, what does not go, does not go, period. Let go of that sadness and assimilate that life goes on, that it flows and asks you to be yourself again. This Moon comes to take out all the poison that you carry inside, so that you look at the feelings that you buried under layers of ice and let them go. Wonderful things await you that cannot enter if you do not give them space. You will begin to feel that some things are beginning to fall into place, you will feel more stability at work, or that your dreams are beginning to get on track. But on the other hand you must look your past in the face, and close doors, even if it is a bit painful and dramatic. Try to be as calm as possible understanding that it is only a process to close cycles and open others much more in tune with your true self. With what you need to be that person you were, full of creative and unique ideas.


Too much energy in the environment for you, Pisces. The Super Moon comes in the sign of Capri and this will help you better understand what is happening to you, to see your feelings separately. But I will not fool you, you will feel them all for a few intense days, one after the other. Feelings more on the surface that you have been seeing weeks ago, and others that you did not even know you still had, related to your past. You have to clean up and leave things behind, do some ritual that helps you, such as throwing objects that remind you of those moments, thanking the teaching they gave you but letting go of what no longer does you good.

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