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Find out what is the way to take revenge on each zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

A famous saying holds that revenge is a dish to be eaten cold. However, not everyone agrees or can follow this rule and this happens because each person is different from the others. According to the way of being, to the experiences, and, why not, to the influence that the stars have on us, the way to take revenge when you consider yourself the victim of injustice is always different. Not only by the entity but also by modality.

Some prefer to act on instinct immediately, those who want to take the time to think more clearly, and those who, true to the saying above, start planning something great. To know and predict the ways of those around us, assuming we know them enough, we can therefore also rely on the zodiac. This is why today we will find out what is how the signs of the zodiac take their revenge. An aspect that is always good to know, especially if you are thinking of doing someone wrong.

This is how the various zodiac signs take their revenge

Aries – Those who take their revenge immediately
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries do not usually waste time. If they get angry with someone, they try to pass it off in the simplest way they know, which is by attacking him to return what they have received. For them revenge is therefore something immediate and that the sooner it is consumed the more satisfaction it can give. It follows that most of the time they are so enraged that they cannot think clearly, risking being even heavier than the person they intend to take revenge on. An attitude that, in the long run, can lead them to very heated clashes and to the end of relationships that are all in all important. Clashes that with a little more reflection could have been avoided.

Taurus – Those who take their time
Taurus natives are naturally calm people and this helps them to assess any situation with extreme relaxation. This also happens when they get angry about something or feel they have been wronged. Instead of instantly taking revenge or attacking whoever is in front of them, they prefer to give time to reflect on what to do. Most of the time they prefer to wait for situations to allow them to take revenge. And when they do they can be very dangerous. Because if there is one thing that distinguishes the natives of the sign it is a good memory. Which certainly plays in their favor and less than that of those who oppose them. Revenge will always come at an expected moment, making it more difficult to digest and more pleasant for them than, even if it doesn’t seem like it,

Gemini – Those who take their revenge do it in a theatrical way
Those born under the sign of Gemini are not necessarily people brought for revenge. In general, they tend to live for the day. This means that they never plan anything and that even when they come to a fight or are wrong, they have no one-size-fits-all course of action. Thus, if at times they may decide to overlook something that has hurt them, in other cases they can peg up to demand revenge. When that happens, it is sure to be very scenic and elaborate. The natives of the sign when they want to know how to give their best and there is talk of giving rise to their negative side, they are no less than many other signs. If you do them wrong then you should hope to never catch them at the wrong time. In this case, the revenge could be much more violent than expected.

Cancer – Those Who Plan Everything Carefully
Cancer natives are extremely emotional. When they feel hurt, then they end up taking it badly, instantly putting themselves on the defensive. This way of doing them pushes them to plan even very elaborate vendettas and all because if they believe they have been wronged, they feel the need to return it to the sender. They can take a long time to do this, trying to hit the target in the right place. An attitude that you would never expect from them, especially because they usually show themselves sweet and calm. Too bad that once they are really angry, their way of being changes completely, leading them to give their worst even with the people they care about the most.

Leo – Those who take some time to hit hard
Those born under the Leo zodiac sign don’t like to be hurt or betrayed. When this happens they end up getting cold as ever, starting to meditate on revenge. Their purpose is in fact to repay every possible wrong received. Which they do by putting effort and acting in even subtle ways. If they are at war, the natives of the sign do not usually look anyone in the face. For them, what matters is to finish it as winners and if this involves having to close ties with someone, they don’t even care. What he cares about is knowing where to hit. Once this is established, they act no longer worrying about how things might go. What matters to them is to feel satisfied by the awareness of having obtained what they wanted.

Virgo – Those who take their revenge in a hurry
Virgo natives do not like someone to treat them with little respect and when they do they have an almost immediate reaction. Whether it’s losing their temper or screaming, they don’t care at all about who they are around, showing their worst without any hesitation. Once this is done, they become dangerous because if on the one hand, one might think that once the outburst is over they have finally satisfied their grudge, in reality, the worst is yet to come. The natives of the sign, in fact, usually carry out very specific plans aimed at getting them revenge. It’s not something they always do but only when they feel hurt to the core. This way of acting, however, makes them more unpredictable and consequently dangerous.

Libra – Those who take revenge in a subtle way
Those born under the zodiac sign of Librathey have a very personal way of living things and this means that even about revenge they tend to react in ways that are often unpredictable. Most of them do not like to be tied to negative feelings and for this reason, they prefer to solve any type of problem immediately. If they feel hurt, then, they react immediately and do it with the elegance that distinguishes them. Whether it’s a word or an action, they always know how to strike without going too far. Only in rare cases, the natives of the sign can come to the revenge to plan. Which happens when they find themselves experiencing something like an injustice. If so, they can come up with really sophisticated plans. And their way of taking revenge will always be extremely subtle,

Scorpio – Those who take their revenge by choosing the way that hurts the most
The natives of Scorpio are masters of revenge. Precise and determined like few others, when they feel they have been wronged they go to war. Whoever has hurt him becomes their enemy and as such, they begin to treat him. For them, revenge is something that must be consumed cold. And this even if they never have a time limit. What matters is finding a way that hurts whoever hits them first. So, whether it takes a day or several years, the result doesn’t change. They will carry out their plan and when everything is ready they will be there to enjoy the show. Because if there is one thing that distinguishes the natives of the sign it is that they never forget. And until they feel vindicated, what they have tried remains alive to remind them that they still have a victim to hit.

Sagittarius – Those who act immediately
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not particularly good at revenge. For them, things must be done immediately because over time they end up losing interest and memory of what happened. When they feel hurt about something, they prefer to act immediately. And they usually do it with a tantrum or by engaging in a whole series of teasing aimed at hitting the other person. Acting in this way is more than enough for him to feel satisfied. Above all, because the natives of the sign have a constant need for the lightness that does not go well with vengeful intentions to be carried out over time. If something is wrong they have to solve it immediately and often they end up diminishing things to hurry up. But that’s okay with them and it’s the only way they can feel balanced.

Capricorn – Those who act calmly
Capricorn natives love to take revenge with their timing. This means that when they feel they have been wronged, they do not react immediately but prefer to withdraw into themselves to implement an action plan. This way they can take the time to think about the right course of action. There is no rush for them, then. Only a great desire to find revenge that does not consume their energy too much and at the same time can be considered right to the point of making them feel good. After all, the purpose of revenge is to make up for the setback right away. And to do this, the natives of the sign prefer to act with all the calm in the world. Certain that the results will pay off for the lost time and the long wait.

Aquarius – Those who leave the time to those
born under the astrological sign of Aquarius they are not exactly vengeful people. Just the thought of having to focus on getting someone to pay for it takes away so much energy from them that it makes them want to go away. When they can, they prefer to say what they think immediately, perhaps even arguing or making some teasing. For the rest, they are waiting for time to do everything. What interests them most is being able to live peacefully and enjoy every free moment. Which they don’t intend to do by focusing on others. Of all the signs of the zodiac, they are probably the ones who care least about the wrongs they have suffered. Also because to be honest it is really difficult for them to feel hurt by someone. And all because they don’t give all this importance to others.

Pisces – Those who aim to make others feel bad
Pisces natives are known to be extremely empathetic and therefore able to understand the feelings of those around them. This sensitivity leads them to connect with virtually anyone. A way of being that always pushes them to help others but that does not make them immune from wanting to take revenge in case of injustice. When they feel hurt by someone, therefore, the natives of the sign concentrate to the maximum to grasp the weak point. Their purpose is in fact to take revenge. For them, the pain of a wrong suffered ends in fact with revenge. And this takes place when they are sure that the other person has received what they have given. While always aiming for the well-being of others, they, therefore, change their attitude. And they do it if they feel hurt. One reason why it is always best to pay attention to how you treat them. The natives of the sign know where and how to strike. This is why being a victim of their revenge will never be a pleasant thing.

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