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Are you one of the most superstitious zodiac signs in the whole horoscope? Let’s find out right away thanks to today’s ranking: sure you’re not there?

When no one sees you, before doing anything risky, cross your fingers and do all possible and imaginable spells.
Not only!

If someone passes you salt at the table, first insist that you put it on the table and then take it. Or watch out for all the mirrors – they absolutely can’t break!
In short, we understand each other: you are superstitious and you can’t be more superstitious.
Will your zodiac sign be too?

The most superstitious zodiac signs of the horoscope: are you or your family members in the ranking?

Today we decided to ask stars and planets to give us a very particular horoscope ranking.
Like? Ah, but you should have understood by now: that of the most superstitious zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!

Come on, don’t be ashamed: we know very well that you have a supply of Neapolitan croissants in your drawer, ready to ward off any possible and possible curse you are made!

Hey, nothing wrong with that: a little bit of luck or protection in life is sure to appeal to everyone, don’t you think?
Today, therefore, we have decided to find out which are the most superstitious zodiac signs of all.

If there is also your sign, then and finally you can find friends who like you do not want to leave the house on Friday 17 or who are careful not to sit at the table in thirteen. Long last!
Here are the most superstitious zodiac signs of the zodiac.

Taurus: fifth place

Hey, don’t talk to Taurus about superstitions, okay? But how, you might say, is this not the ranking of the most superstitious signs of the zodiac? What are people born under the sign of Taurus doing here if we can’t tell them about it?

The truth is, Taurus is a sign that doesn’t want to admit to being superstitious and, therefore, will always look down on you when you talk about these topics.
Underneath, however, everything that is important to know is marked and in private life, he is practically blind with terror: superstitions, for him, are very important!

Libra: fourth place

Although the scale, surprisingly, is a very superstitious sign … if you need to!
Those born under this sign are very ashamed of being superstitious and therefore fight their sensitivity day and night.

When you don’t see them, however, we can assure you that they are among the most superstitious zodiac signs in the entire horoscope. All he needs is a small altar and incense burning to be completely prone to superstition!

Cancer: third place

Those born under the sign of Cancer are not so reserved when it comes to their relationship with superstitions.
They believe in it a lot and try to be extremely careful with the rules of the game: for them, believing in superstitions is essential!

What happens, very often, is that those born under the sign of Cancer forget that they have to do something in particular or they think too late that they have not done the right thing. Just as frequently, therefore, Cancer creates his own, very personal, superstitions to recover from the classic ones!
On the common superstitions, therefore, Cancers may be wrong but we can assure you that on those created by them they do not miss a beat!

Leo: second place

Who would have thought that those born under the sign of Leo would have found themselves in second place in the ranking of the most superstitious zodiac signs of the entire horoscope?
Who knows Leos, of course!

This is a sign that has a whole series of rituals and small superstitious gestures that must be performed before any important activity. Not only will they never tell you exactly what it is (the ritual would lose power) but they also get particularly angry if you point it out!

The Leone are like that: they pretend to despise something when, in fact, follow it blindly until the extreme!
Nothing wrong with being superstitious: if you are not Leo, however, we can assure you that you will not understand their way of relating to superstition!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most superstitious zodiac signs of the horoscope

Yes, Aquarius is the most superstitious sign of the whole horoscope. No, it is useless to try to discuss dear Aquarius: you know very well that you deserve first place in this ranking and that no one comes even remotely close to your way of thinking about superstitions!

The Aquarium is people who have rules very precise in terms of their lives. They never give away knives, they don’t invite just twelve friends over to their house, they don’t break mirrors and throw handfuls of salt behind them as soon as they have to.
It is also useless to try to ask him where they learned these things: they simply know them.

At the Aquarium superstitions like and follow them with religious terror. They also have some very personal ones, designed exclusively by them for them, which they put into practice with surgical precision. Don’t challenge them about superstitions – they get particularly aggressive when you tell them about it!

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