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Find out if and how popular you are based on your zodiac sign. The answer of the stars is signed by sign.

Being popular today has a very special meaning and weight. We move in contexts different from those of the past and this allows us to stand out in different ways and situations. Some know how to get noticed at work, those who are popular with friends, and those who have a certain following on the web. Being at the center of attention is easier than in the past and at the same time represents a certain responsibility, that of getting noticed by exposing oneself to the judgments of others, today more frequent and decisive than in the past.

Still, there are always a lot of people looking for popularity. However, this is not always exactly within everyone’s reach and this, in addition to depending on various factors, is also affected by the influence of the stars. For this reason, today, we will discover which are the most popular signs of the zodiac among all and which are not at all. Ready to find out if and how popular you are?

Astrology – That’s how popular you are

Aries – Popular with acquaintances
When it comes to being known and recognized, there is no doubt that among the people who know you you are quite a popular person. As a native of the astrological sign of Aries, you are an energetic and full-of-life person and this always makes you visible to all. Admired for your vitality and observed by those who are intrigued by your ways, you are certainly well-known enough but not to the point of being able to call yourself a popular person. To do this, you always need to overdo something and get noticed for your quirks. Perhaps by working more on your skills you could have better results. But sure it’s worth it? You need to feel free would end up weighing you too much with popularity greater than what you already know how to handle. Staying halfway, on the other hand, allows you to experience both realities without stressing yourself and with the freedom to do everything that comes into your head. Each time with the free choice to get noticed or go unnoticed.

Taurus – Untypically popular
Of you, it certainly cannot be said that you are a popular person. Not according to common sense, at least. Being in the spotlight is not something that excites you and when coupled with the fact that you are reserved in nature, it is clear that popularity is not something you care about managing. Yet, if you talk about yourself with friends and acquaintances, your personality is certainly well regarded to the point of making you quite well known. This depends on your ways and the impact you have on people. Those who know you, in fact, always tend to remember you and keep a good memory of you. So, no, maybe you are not as popular as so many of your friends dream of being but you certainly have the particularity of shining for a long time in the lives of others and not being a meteor destined to pass and then be forgotten.

Gemini – Quite popular
Your wanting to always be among the people makes you a person surely known. Add to that the sympathy, the manners and your bubbly personality it is obvious that you are a popular person. Perhaps not the brightest of the stars but certainly one of those that are immediately noticed in the firmament. Although you like to surround yourself with people and get noticed, you also need your space and the freedom to be able to express yourself as you see fit. This makes you a person different from the others and therefore very observed and sought after. Your character, however, also has a more closed side that sometimes tends to emerge and that pushes people not to be too attached to you. All in all, it is a balance that goes well with your dual being. Because fame that is strong enough to prevent you from expressing even the side of your shady personality would end up crushing you and making you feel bad and a prisoner of your reality. In this way, on the other hand, you can certainly modulate your way of being and everything that revolves around you in the best possible way.

Cancer – Popular for short periods
Your relationship with being popular has always been controversial. In fact, in your life, you have tasted several moments of popularity without ever reaching the heights of this reality. This depends partly on your often eccentric character and little aimed at making your stay among the people and partly on circumstances that you never manage as you should be noticed for a long time and by everyone. However, this is an aspect that does not interest you that much. What matters most to you is not so much fame as feeling important to the people you love. A goal that you have always pursued and that you manage to keep in the small, struggling instead in larger contexts. To please everyone, after all, you should compromise. And this is not something you are not willing to do.

Leo – Super popular
Being popular is something you do perfectly well and work on constantly. After all, being the center of attention is something you need to live. And this leads you to always work hard to win over others and get their consensus. It is a more than visible way of doing things but that nevertheless does not change the results in any way. After all, your sunny being made a difference, giving others more of a reason to look for you or to remember you. A detail of which you are well aware and that you make the most of. Not for nothing you are among the most popular signs of the zodiac. One of those who stand out both when he arrives and when he goes away and who constantly aims to be present even with his absence. Which, let’s face it,

Virgo – Not very popular
Your wanting to be quiet all the time by making judgments about those who expose themselves does not help to be popular. However, this is something that you are more than aware of and that you are not interested in changing. Your way of being, after all, doesn’t get along with too much attention from the outside. To live well, you need to be able to focus, take the right time, and do only what you want. Acting for consensus is not something that interests you. Indeed, it can be said that you almost enjoy doing the opposite. Which you do well both when provoking and when making unsolicited judgments. Although those who know and appreciate you as you are have you well in their life, you are therefore not so popular that you can be considered in the rankings. But you are certainly not one to be forgotten about. On the contrary, when you get tired of being among people always in the spotlight you are among those that immediately come to mind. And all thanks to your sagacity, irony, and those ways of doing that all in all attract others more than they are willing to admit.

Libra – Popular in a polite way
What about you? You are certainly a popular person but you are popular in your way and therefore according to rules that go beyond those of common popularity. To give an example, you are not a fool, nor to put yourself at the center of attention all the time. Yet with your elegance, you always manage to get noticed and you do it in such a special way that others can’t help but remember you. So, even if you are not the first name that is mentioned, you are certainly among the people considered interesting and therefore brought up at the right time and always inappropriate contexts. Exactly what you expect from your way of being and from your desire to always maintain a certain composure. Yours is a polite, silent, and long-lasting way of being popular. And all because others think of you spontaneously, looking for you out of real desire to have you next to you and not because you are driven by your ways of doing things. Definitely an important goal to be taken into account.

Scorpio – Popular but with discretion
What about you. Surely you are a person who stands out and who, even if you want, cannot go unnoticed. When others see you they cannot help but observe you and it often happens that even after years they remember you. This depends on your mix of mystery, charm, and attention-grabbing. Things you do completely naturally and without any kind of push. It can therefore be said that your way of being popular is discreet. Just like you. And that, therefore, is not one of those who shout your name to the world. Name that is made when the crowds thin out and the important people remain. Those able to see beyond and be dazzled by the substance. A way to point out that it suits you and that you would never change. And how could you see how reserved you are?

Sagittarius – Ultra popular
Your open nature and your ability to strike up a conversation with anyone you meet make you a very popular person. Within the zodiac, you are among those that stand out the most. And the beauty is that you can do it without doing anything in particular. Just be yourself and express yourself however you like to make others notice you. Moreover, you are always sought after for your joy and for the ability to entertain anyone even with little. Real luck since being the center of attention is something that suits you and that you even need. Something that you would never admit to anyone but that deep down you know to be true. At least as is your desire to excel over others and to be the most appreciated and loved, even among many people. In conclusion, being popular is exactly what you have always wanted. This is why you are more than willing (and ready) to reap the benefits as well as the downsides.

Capricorn – Popular Seeds
You may not be among those who stand out but it certainly cannot be said that you are unpopular. You probably settle on a good average and this is because with your ways of doing you never go unnoticed. Although you are always busy with your many commitments, you manage to get noticed. This also happens when you are so busy that you have no eyes for anyone. Your way of life has a certain attraction, given by your desire to do things and the ability to reinvent yourself that you show you have on different occasions. Always ready to give advice and share experiences with others, you are often sought out by friends and relatives and all because your ways of speaking and acting are more than convincing. This means that even if you are not among the most popular people in the zodiac you are at least average. Exactly the intensity that suits you best and that allows you to live peacefully. Without ever feeling alone and without stressing yourself. Convenient, isn’t it?

Aquarius – Unpopular
Being popular is not something that suits you. It would mean being among the others much more than you would like. Thankfully, while you are interesting enough to get noticed by others, your often being on the sidelines leads you to not be among the most popular people in the zodiac. A perfect condition since the opposite of stress would be beyond all limits. Having said that, it cannot be said that you are not successful. This is particularly the case because you’re so over the top that you grab attention even when it’s not what you want. If you add to that that you can prove yourself as brilliant as few other people, it’s easy to see why people care so much. Fortunately, your ways speak for themselves. And this means that most of the people around you are almost always able to understand and respect your limits. Which makes interpersonal relationships certainly more pleasant and easier to manage.

Pisces – Popular your way
Your being a different person from others makes the world notice you and notice you. Which sometimes happens even when you don’t particularly feel like it. Being an original person and able to think with his head, you are often the center of attention. This makes you a very popular sign. At the same time, however, it can be said that you are different from others. You’re being empathetic means that others are always looking for you. While your imagination and the joy you put into what you do make you a much-admired person. Whether you know it or not, others always know who you are. And while this always surprises you, it is due to your being naturally popular. That is, without you doing anything to be. All in all, a pleasant condition because it lives its own life and makes you a known person. And this even if you don’t care at all about it. This means taking the positives of being popular without the hassle and stress that many others have to go through to reach their levels.

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