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How Moon Sign Compatibility Affects Your Love Life

If you’ve ever heard about the concept of moon signs, then you know that moon sign compatibility plays an important role in your love life. Sorry, sun sign compatibility, we’re not trying to underestimate your importance, but accentuate the importance of both. 💁‍♀️

Your moon sign is connected with your emotions, intuitions, and inner world.

Those couples that understand each other’s emotions and other deeper layers of their psyche have a great chance of establishing a happy and healthy relationship.

After all, being compatible with someone is all about being synched on so many levels, especially the emotional one.

With all that being said, below, you’ll find all you need to know about the importance of moon sign compatibility in romantic relationships, plus the moon sign compatibility sign by sign.

How Do You Find Your Moon Sign?

After the sun sign, the moon sign is considered the second most important feature in your horoscope. Your moon sign is determined by the position of the moon in the sky at the moment of your birth.

You can find your moon sign by calculating your birthdate, place, and time of birth, and then finding your position around the moon. Worry not, there are plenty of sun and moon sign calculators online.

Keep in mind that your moon sign is likely to be different from your sun sign, e.g., your sun sign might be an Aries, but your moon sign might be a Gemini.

How Moon Sign Compatibility Determines Your Relationships

Your sun sign, rising sign, and Moon sign (along with other astrological aspects) are all important parts of your natal chart. We shall not forget the ruling planets like Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and others.

Astrologers say that the sun sign shows what you WANT, whereas the moon reveals what you NEED.

Your moon influences your feelings, your responses, and your desires. Therefore, it represents your emotional needs, your inner mood, and your subconsciousness.

This means that your moon sign plays an important role when it comes to compatibility with other zodiac signs (and finding your soulmate).

This can be a conjunction (e.g., one person’s moon sign also happens to be the other person’s sun sign) or it can be a trine (one partner’s sun sign and the other partner’s moon sign are in the same element).

In other words, the people you get along with best have the same moon sign or the one that is compatible with yours.

These compatible souls are people with whom you connect on a deeper emotional level, and who simply understand you.

Elements compatibility is also important.

When talking about natural compatibility between two birth charts (known as ‘synastry’), we cannot skip the compatibility of elements.

Each moon sign falls under a different element, and there are 4 elements (fire, earth, air, and water):

  • Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
  • Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
  • Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Fire moons will get along well with other fire moons and air moons, but they won’t really get along with earth and water moons.

Air moons are compatible with other air moons and fire moons, but they aren’t compatible with water and earth moons.

Earth moons will get along well with other earth moons and water moons, but they aren’t a great match with fire and air.

Water moons go well with other water moons and earth moons, but they might have a clash with air and fire moons.

However, the lack of moon sign and element compatibility (usually) isn’t a dealbreaker. We’ll talk more about that below. Now, let’s see the compatibility of the moon sign in each zodiac.

Also, clicking on zodiac matches below will give you further insight into the overall compatibility of two zodiac signs.

Moon Sign Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs


If your moon falls in the Aries zodiac sign, it means you’re passionate, independent, impulsive, and action-oriented. You dive right into impulsive, intense, and emotional entanglements and they are a part of your everyday life.

You get bored easily, and only a special person can win your heart (something your daily horoscope keeps repeating). This is one of the reasons why your moon sign gets along best with other fire moons and air moons.

Aries Moon Sign Compatibility

ARIES MOON + ARIES MOON: These two fire signs are both stubborn, passionate, and emotionally self-sufficient. They get along because they understand each other perfectly.

ARIES MOON + TAURUS MOON: These two zodiac signs are both stubborn and unwilling to come to compromises. Taurus roots for emotional stability, whereas Aries is much more eager to change, which is why they won’t make the perfect match.

ARIES MOON + GEMINI MOON: Aries and Gemini make a great match because neither of them is comfortable with emotional dependency. Also, they share spontaneous and adventurous spirits.

ARIES MOON + CANCER MOONCancer has a strong need for security and closeness, which can make them anxious about Aries’s independence. That’s why they don’t really get along.

ARIES MOON + LEO MOON: This is not a great match because both of them mask their feelings of weakness, inadequacy, and neediness.

ARIES MOON + VIRGO MOONAries is prone to emotional outbursts, whereas Virgo is sensitive. If they learn to balance their differences, they can become the perfect match.

ARIES MOON + LIBRA MOON: These two zodiac signs perfectly complement each other. Aries is impulsive and prone to outbursts, whereas Libra is more rational and often avoids conflicts.

ARIES MOON + SCORPIO MOONScorpio is emotionally complex, whereas Aries is simple and direct. Because of this main difference, they aren’t a great match.

ARIES MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: Aries and Sagittarius compatibility on an emotional level is harmonious. Both of these two signs crave personal freedom and a certain degree of independence.

ARIES MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: These two signs have different emotional responses, habitual feelings, and ways of coping with challenges. Aries is impatient, whereas Capricorn tends to withdraw in difficult situations. Needless to add that they don’t go well together.

ARIES MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Aries and Aquarius get along because Aquarius’ reasonable side perfectly compliments Aries’ impatience and impulsiveness.

ARIES MOON + PISCES MOONThese two signs aren’t a good match because Aries is active, whereas Pisces acts in a passive way.


The moon in the Taurus zodiac sign means you praise routine, security, luxury, and knowledge. You are sensual (especially in relationships), and you are a great support for your loved ones.

Your sensible nature can sometimes make you the victim of jealousness, but that’s where your grounded soul comes to the rescue.

This earth sign craves a partnership based on routine, tradition, and stability. Taurus go well with other earth moons and water moons, whereas fire and air moons aren’t really a good match for them.

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

TAURUS MOON + ARIES MOON: This is not a good match because of Aries’ volatile and expressive nature, whereas Taurus tends to be calm and steady.

TAURUS MOON + TAURUS MOON: These two signs have similar emotional needs and instinctive responses to situations, which makes them a great match.

TAURUS MOON + GEMINI MOONLoyalty and commitment come more naturally to Taurus, while Gemini has problems with committing. That’s why they don’t go well.

TAURUS MOON + CANCER MOON: Cancer is more emotional and sensitive, whereas Taurus is more steady and practical. These two signs perfectly complement one another.

TAURUS MOON + LEO MOON: Taurus gets easily upset by Leo’s tendency to be very loud and melodramatic at times. Taurus roots for peace and serenity at home, and that’s why they don’t go well.

TAURUS MOON + VIRGO MOONThis is a great match because Taurus’s steadiness, emotional strength, and stability are very comforting to Virgo.

TAURUS MOON + LIBRA MOONTheir compatibility is love because Libra enjoys and needs a lot more verbal communication than Taurus can give.

TAURUS MOON + SCORPIO MOON: Taurus’ emotional nature is simpler than Scorpio’s, which makes them a good match.

TAURUS MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: These two signs have very different, and often conflicting emotional needs and yearnings. Sagittarius is expansive and creates adventure, whereas Taurus prefers routine.

TAURUS MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: Their compatibility is high because material security and practicality are essential to both signs.

TAURUS MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Low compatibility. Both signs are stubborn, and your emotional requirements don’t match.

TAURUS MOON + PISCES MOON: High compatibility. Even though these two signs have different emotional natures, they perfectly complement one another.


If your moon sign is the zodiac sign, Gemini, you enjoy expressing your emotions in multiple ways and forms of communication. You do it in a free-spirited, inspiring way.

You’re a great conversationalist, and you process and feel your emotions by talking through them.

Geminis can often be indecisive in love and eager to find their twin flame at the same time. They get along with other air moons and fire moons.

Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility

GEMINI MOON + ARIES MOONBoth of you enjoy action, and neither of you is comfortable with emotional dependency and needs, which makes you a great match.

GEMINI MOON + TAURUS MOONGemini needs a lot of mental stimulation and is reluctant to fully commit, whereas Taurus is slow to move and doesn’t have problems with commitment. These differences make them a not-so-great match.

GEMINI MOON + GEMINI MOONYou’re attracted to each other’s intelligence, and you both need a lot of mental stimulation, which is why you’re compatible.

GEMINI MOON + CANCER MOON: Cancer is overly sensitive, and Gemini is uncomfortable with Cancer’s emotionality. That’s why they don’t get along.

GEMINI MOON + LEO MOONLeo’s fun-loving and child-like side perfectly matches Gemini’s humorous and relaxed side. They complement one another well.

GEMINI MOON + VIRGO MOON: Gemini is mentally restless, whereas Virgo is more practical. That’s why they don’t get along.

GEMINI MOON + LIBRA MOON: You are both very social creatures, and you both have a great need for companionship and conversation. You’re the perfect match.

GEMINI MOON + SCORPIO MOONLow compatibility. Scorpio is overly emotional, which doesn’t go well with Gemini’s rational side.

GEMINI MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOONThese two signs enjoy high compatibility. They are both playful, humorous, and intellectual.

GEMINI MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: Capricorn is serious and disciplined, whereas Gemini can be irresponsible and careless at times. That’s why they don’t get along well.

GEMINI MOON + AQUARIUS MOONYou understand each other’s attitudes and emotional needs, which makes you highly compatible.

GEMINI MOON + PISCES MOON: Gemini is emotionally light, whereas Pisces is very compassionate. They both have changeable moods, which makes them a not-so-good match.


Cancers take family seriously because of the need to feel safe. If your moon sign is in Cancer, you might have abandonment issues, and you might seek reassurance from your partner.

Cancers are really sensitive by nature. This water sign is also intuitive, caring, and sentimental. You find comfort in caregiving.

You get along perfectly with other water moons and earth moons, while compatibility with fire moons and air moons is not so high.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

CANCER MOON + ARIES MOON: These two signs don’t go well together. Cancer has a strong need for security, which makes him anxious about Aries’ independence.

CANCER MOON + TAURUS MOONHigh compatibility. You both want to feel secure and safe in your personal relationships, and you understand each other’s needs.

CANCER MOON + GEMINI MOON: Low compatibility. Cancer responds very emotionally and personally to everything, whereas Gemini responds intellectually or logically.

CANCER MOON + CANCER MOONThese two signs go well together because they understand each other’s feelings, needs, insecurities, and inner life very well.

CANCER MOON + LEO MOON: This is not a good match because Cancer is a much softer, more private, and sensitive person than Leo is.

CANCER MOON + VIRGO MOONThese two signs are highly compatible. Both of them are caring, supportive, and overly protective of their loved ones.

CANCER MOON + LIBRA MOON: This is a not-so-great match because Cancer is often more emotional and “irrational” than Libra, who is usually cool-headed.

CANCER MOON + SCORPIO MOONHigh compatibility. Both of these signs are sensitive and intuitive of other people’s needs and feelings.

CANCER MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: Low compatibility. Your emotional needs and temperaments don’t match, which creates frustration.

CANCER MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: These two signs are compatible because Cancer is emotional and sentimental, and Capricorn is committed and loyal in relationships.

CANCER MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: These two signs aren’t compatible because Cancer is attached to the safety and security of familiar places and people, whereas Aquarius craves excitement and adventure.

CANCER MOON + PISCES MOON: High compatibility. Both of you are highly sensitive and receptive.


If your moon sign is Leo, it means you love excitement and you’re devoted to celebrating life. You’re a true romantic, meaning that when you fall for someone, you go all in and never question your decision.

Leo moons crave attention, affection, and adoration from their partner. In return, they offer loyalty, trust, passion, and a deeply emotional relationship. This fire sign will have great chemistry with other fire signs and air signs.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility

LEO MOON + ARIES MOON: Both signs are strong, proud, and fiercely independent, and that’s why they go well together.

LEO MOON + TAURUS MOON: These two signs aren’t really compatible because of their stubbornness and the inability to reach compromise.

LEO MOON + GEMINI MOONYou get along and complement one another quite well because you have the same emotional needs and cravings.

LEO MOON + CANCER MOONThese two signs don’t really get along because Leo is somewhat self-centered, whereas Cancer is a much softer, sensitive person.

LEO MOON + LEO MOON: You are both sensitive to being ignored, and you exaggerate your feelings and require recognition. That’s what makes you the perfect match.

LEO MOON + VIRGO MOON: Low compatibility. Leo is warm, expressive, and lively, whereas Virgo is modest, subdued, and reserved.

LEO MOON + LIBRA MOON: You’re highly compatible because both of you are friendly and affectionate, with strong romantic tendencies.

LEO MOON + SCORPIO MOON: Leo is open, fun-loving, and expressive, whereas Scorpio is reserved and emotionally complex. That’s why they don’t go well together.

LEO MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: High compatibility. Both of these two signs are cheerful souls whose relationship is based on emotional harmony.

LEO MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: Capricorn’s conservative nature doesn’t go well with Leo’s bold and expressive nature.

LEO MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Leo and Aquarius are some of the most passionate and explosive zodiac signs. That’s why their compatibility is high.

LEO MOON + PISCES MOON: These two signs aren’t really compatible because Pisces is dreamy and moody, whereas Leo’s emotional tone is vibrant and warm.


Virgo moons are analytical, intelligent, advanced conversationalists, and legit problem-solvers. They live for the joys of mental stimulation, but they can also be prone to feelings of anxiety and excessive worrying.

Virgos can be self-critical and critical of their partners. These souls are guarded, and they need some time to let someone into their life. Once they’re in a relationship, they’ll do anything for their special person.

This earth sign is highly compatible with other earth signs and water signs. They don’t really go well with fire and air signs.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

VIRGO MOON + ARIES MOONVirgo is careful, whereas Aries is impulsive. Their personal habits and emotional responses don’t go well together.

VIRGO MOON + TAURUS MOONThese two signs are both cautious when it comes to making decisions, and Taurus’ steadiness balances Virgo’s worrying. That’s why they are the perfect match.

VIRGO MOON + GEMINI MOON: Gemini is a social butterfly, whereas Virgo is more practical. Their compatibility is low.

VIRGO MOON + CANCER MOON: High compatibility. Both signs are caring, supportive, and anxious at times, and they express these in different ways.

VIRGO MOON + LEO MOON: Leo is expressive and lively, whereas Virgo is reserved and realistic. These two characters don’t go well together.

VIRGO MOON + VIRGO MOONThese two moon signs share similar temperaments and weaknesses, which make them highly compatible.

VIRGO MOON + LIBRA MOONYou are both reasonable and logical. Also, you are both perfectionists, which makes you a not-so-good match.

VIRGO MOON + SCORPIO MOON: Scorpio is quiet and deep, whereas Virgo is logical and rational. These two signs perfectly complement one another.

VIRGO MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: Sagittarius is idealistic and more of a gambler, whereas Virgo is conservative and loves order. That’s why they don’t go well together.

VIRGO MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: You’re both practical and hard working, and you have similar temperaments, which make you a great match.

VIRGO MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Low compatibility. An Aquarius’ need to experiment doesn’t go well with a Virgo’s practicality.

VIRGO MOON + PISCES MOONVirgo is a perfectionist and critical, whereas Pisces is non-judgmental and acceptive. That’s why they are a good match.


If your moon is in Libra, it means that no one loves romance like you. You live for harmony, beauty, and companionship.

You’re romantic to the core, and wired to seek balance and harmony in all aspects of life. Social interactions with your friends and loved ones are what fulfill you. You’re also a fan of beautiful and luxurious things.

As an air moon, you can build a great partnership with other air moons and fire moons. Water and earth moons aren’t really compatible with your nature.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

LIBRA MOON + ARIES MOONLibra knows how to harmonize with people, while Aries is more self-reliant. The two of you are complete opposites, and you’re drawn to each other’s qualities, which makes you the perfect match.

LIBRA MOON + TAURUS MOON: Both of you are uncomfortable expressing anger, and Taurus might take your relationship for granted, while Libra wants romantic gestures. That’s why your compatibility isn’t high.

LIBRA MOON + GEMINI MOONBoth signs are more rational and reasonable than emotional, which means they complement one another perfectly.

LIBRA MOON + CANCER MOON: These two signs don’t really get along because Cancer is often more emotional than Libra, which is usually more reasonable than Cancer.

LIBRA MOON + LEO MOONBoth of you are highly affectionate and hopeless romantics, which makes you the perfect couple.

LIBRA MOON + VIRGO MOONBoth signs are perfectionists in their own unique ways, which is why they aren’t really compatible.

LIBRA MOON + LIBRA MOONHigh compatibility. You understand each other perfectly, and you have a strong desire to please others and avoid conflict.

LIBRA MOON + SCORPIO MOON: Low compatibility. Scorpio thrives on emotional drama and intensity, while Libra is the type of person who prefers harmony and peace.

LIBRA MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOONYou are both open, tolerant, and social, which makes you the perfect match.

LIBRA MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: Libra is affectionate, whereas Capricorn is emotionally reserved. That’s why they don’t go well together.

LIBRA MOON + AQUARIUS MOONAquarius is rebellious by nature, whereas Libra is concerned with social acceptance and other things. That’s why these two signs complement each other perfectly.

LIBRA MOON + PISCES MOON: Pisces is comfortable with disorder, while Libra has a highly developed sense of balance and order. That’s why they don’t go well together.


Having a moon in Scorpio means that you crave intensity in relationships, and you’re loyal to the core. You expect the same thing from your partner.

You also need more time to open up and show your vulnerabilities. You find security in attachments that are filled with passion, trust, and loyalty.

You’re devoted to your personal transformation, and as a water moon, you get along with other water moons and earth moons.

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility

SCORPIO MOON + ARIES MOON: Both of these signs have strong emotional responses. Scorpio hides his feelings, whereas Aries can be too direct. These two extremes don’t go well together.

SCORPIO MOON + TAURUS MOONTaurus is more practical and down-to-earth, whereas Scorpio is intense. That’s why these two signs complement one another.

SCORPIO MOON + GEMINI MOONThese two signs don’t go well together for one simple reason: Scorpio has strong emotional reactions, whereas Gemini can feel threatened by emotions.

SCORPIO MOON + CANCER MOONHigh compatibility. Both of these signs are extremely sensitive and intuitive to other people’s needs and feelings. Both of them seek emotional union with their partner in a relationship.

SCORPIO MOON + LEO MOONThese two signs don’t go well together because Leo is open, while Scorpio is reserved. Scorpio is drawn to darkness and mystery, while Leo is drawn to the light and bright side of life.

SCORPIO MOON + VIRGO MOONPassion, drama, and intensity are Scorpio’s fuel, while Virgo is more rational and logical. However, these two signs go well together because their differences complement one another.

SCORPIO MOON + LIBRA MOONLow compatibility. Libra is friendly and sociable, while Scorpio is quite the opposite. Also, Scorpio’s jealousy tendencies can be a huge problem for Libra and their relationship in general.

SCORPIO MOON + SCORPIO MOONThese two signs are compatible and their relationship is passionate and intense. You understand each other’s need to keep things private, and that’s why you go well together.

SCORPIO MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOONSagittarius is optimistic and philosophical, which doesn’t go well with Scorpio’s reserved and suspicious nature. Hence, they’re not a good match.

SCORPIO MOON + CAPRICORN MOONBoth signs are quiet, and they don’t always have the need to express their feelings for different reasons. They are also capable of being loyal to the core, which is why they get along very well.

SCORPIO MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Aquarius is independent, while Scorpio has a strong need for closeness and intimacy. That’s why their compatibility is not so high.

SCORPIO MOON + PISCES MOONBoth signs are very intuitive and sensitive. They know what the other partner is thinking and feeling without even asking. Speaking of the perfect match!


If your moon is in Sagittarius, it means you often have problems with commitment. You’re adventurous and you require variety in your life. Your biggest fear is being stuck in a rut (especially when it comes to relationships).

Passionate, open-minded, and free-spirited are the key Sagittarius traits, which means that you need a partner who will be capable of respecting your freedom and helping you grow.

As a fire moon, you go well with other fire moons and air moons. Water moons and earth moons aren’t compatible with you.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility

SAGITTARIUS MOON + ARIES MOON: Both of you aren’t comfortable with emotional neediness and dependency. Even though Sagittarius has a more philosophical approach to emotions, you still understand each other perfectly. Therefore, you’re a great match.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + TAURUS MOON: Sagittarius craves adventure, while Taurus craves routine. That’s the main reason why these two signs don’t go well together.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + GEMINI MOONBoth signs value personal freedom and mobility, which is why their compatibility is high.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + CANCER MOON: These two aren’t a good match. Cancer is moody and one of the most sensitive signs, whereas Sagittarius is impatient with Cancer’s moods and insecurities. Their emotional needs and temperaments are different.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + LEO MOONHigh compatibility. Both signs are friendly and cheerful souls with great emotional compatibility.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + VIRGO MOON: Sagittarius is an optimist, while Virgo is a realist. Sagittarius likes challenges, while Virgo likes to play it safe. That’s why they don’t go well together.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + LIBRA MOONBoth signs are open, tolerant, and idealistic, and they enjoy socializing. Their compatibility is high.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + SCORPIO MOONThe main reason why they don’t go well together is that Scorpio has trust issues, while Sagittarius is open and doesn’t have problems confiding freely.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOONHigh compatibility. Both signs are optimistic and forward-looking. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they deal with emotional situations in a philosophical way.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: Capricorn is a sober realist who takes life too seriously, whereas Sagittarius is an optimist who likes to take risks. That’s why their compatibility is low.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + AQUARIUS MOONBoth signs are independent, and they have a strong urge to experiment in life. They perfectly complement one another.

SAGITTARIUS MOON + PISCES MOON: Low compatibility. Pisces is sympathetic, dreamy, and easily hurt by criticism, whereas Sagittarius doesn’t take things personally, and can be insensitive at times.


Capricorn moons are great creators, and they are looking for someone who shares their ambitious tendencies. They want to establish a powerful partnership and they won’t settle for anything less than that.

This earth sign is totally down-to-earth (especially when it comes to sharing their feelings).

They get along well with other earth moons and water moons, whereas fire and air moons aren’t really compatible with them.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

CAPRICORN MOON + ARIES MOON: These two signs aren’t compatible. Their emotional tone and emotional responses completely differ. Aries is a believer; Capricorn is a doubter. Aries is impatient; Capricorn often withdraws.

CAPRICORN MOON + TAURUS MOONHigh compatibility. Both signs value material security and order. They are both dependable and responsible, which helps them establish a harmonious relationship.

CAPRICORN MOON + GEMINI MOON: Low compatibility. Capricorn is serious and self-disciplined, while Gemini can be careless and irresponsible at times.

CAPRICORN MOON + CANCER MOONCapricorn is emotional and sentimental, whereas Cancer is somewhat more realistic. Still, they complement one another.

CAPRICORN MOON + LEO MOON: Leo tends to exaggerate emotions, whereas Capricorn tends to downplay them. That’s why they aren’t a good match.

CAPRICORN MOON + VIRGO MOONHigh compatibility. Both signs are responsible, and they prefer safe and logical solutions. They both value loyalty in relationships.

CAPRICORN MOON + LIBRA MOON: Low compatibility. Capricorn is more self-sufficient emotionally, while Libra is emotionally dependent in relationships.

CAPRICORN MOON + SCORPIO MOONBoth signs are capable of great depth, loyalty, and commitment in a relationship, and neither of them is superficial emotionally. That’s what makes them the perfect match.

CAPRICORN MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: These two signs aren’t really compatible. Capricorn values commitment, while Sagittarius shies away from anything that could restrict their freedom.

CAPRICORN MOON + CAPRICORN MOONBoth signs are ambitious and realistic. They understand one another very well in every single way, and that’s why they go well together.

CAPRICORN MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Low compatibility. Capricorn values tradition, while Aquarius embraces the new and different.

CAPRICORN MOON + PISCES MOON: Pisces is a sensitive dreamer, while Capricorn is a realistic soul. That is why they complement each other perfectly.


If your moon is in Aquarius, it means you’re an innovative, individualistic, and eccentric person. You prefer relying on facts and logic rather than on emotions.

You have a rebellious nature, and you take your individuality seriously. Because of that, you might have difficulties committing to someone.

If you succeed in finding that one person who is right for you, you will still require space in a relationship. Water moons and earth moons can’t really understand this, and that’s why you go well with other air moons and fire moons.

Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

AQUARIUS MOON + ARIES MOON: Both signs are logical and reasonable, and they value individuality. They are the perfect match.

AQUARIUS MOON + TAURUS MOONBoth Taurus and Aquarius are stubborn. Taurus craves stability, whereas Aquarius craves excitement. That’s why they don’t go well together.

AQUARIUS MOON + GEMINI MOON: High compatibility. Both signs are emotionally light, objective, and often detached. They both value intellectual stimulation and partnership.

AQUARIUS MOON + CANCER MOONCancer prefers security and safety, whereas Aquarius prefers excitement and newness. Because of this, they aren’t a good match.

AQUARIUS MOON + LEO MOON: Both signs have respect for each other’s goals and achievements, which is why they get along perfectly.

AQUARIUS MOON + VIRGO MOON: Aquarius doesn’t have a problem with taking risks, whereas Virgo is more careful about it. That’s why they don’t go well together.

AQUARIUS MOON + LIBRA MOON: High compatibility. Both signs have common interests; they enjoy sharing ideas and having intellectual conversations. Also, Libra is more romantic.

AQUARIUS MOON + SCORPIO MOONLow compatibility. Scorpio can be reserved and keep things private, while Aquarius is the total opposite.

AQUARIUS MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: These two signs are a great match because both of them are independent and are prone to experimenting.

AQUARIUS MOON + CAPRICORN MOON: Low compatibility. Capricorn is more traditional, whereas Aquarius is independent and tends to alternative ways of doing things.

AQUARIUS MOON + AQUARIUS MOONThese two signs are a great match. They are both rebellious, and they understand each other’s need for experimenting.

AQUARIUS MOON + PISCES MOON: Pisces is very sensitive by nature, while Aquarius can be emotionally detached at times. That’s why they don’t go well together.


Pisces moons are emotional, empathic, spiritual, and creative souls. They are also dreamers and healers. They go along with partners who can reciprocate their emotional depth.

Pisces often see the world through rose-colored glasses. They are highly devoted to relationships and prioritize their partner’s needs.

These sensitive souls get along with other water moons and earth moons. They aren’t really compatible with fire and air signs because they don’t understand their emotional nature.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility

PISCES MOON + ARIES MOON: Aries’ fiery personality and unwillingness to compromise with Pisces’s sensitive side makes them a not-so-good match.

PISCES MOON + TAURUS MOONThese two signs make a good match. Pisces is sensitive and emotional, while Taurus is sympathetic and reliable.

PISCES MOON + GEMINI MOON: Gemini is emotionally light and detached, whereas Pisces is overly emotional and compassionate. That’s why they don’t go well together.

PISCES MOON + CANCER MOON: High compatibility. These two signs can have a strong emotional connection because they are highly receptive and sensitive.

PISCES MOON + LEO MOON: Leo’s controlling and strong nature can be a little bit too much for a sensitive and dreamy Pisces. That’s why these two signs aren’t really compatible.

PISCES MOON + VIRGO MOONVirgo is practical and critical, while Pisces is tolerant and accepting. Their differences are complementary.

PISCES MOON + LIBRA MOONLow compatibility. Pisces are okay with being in a disorderly environment, whereas Libra seeks order (well, the Tarot card for Libra is justice).

PISCES MOON + SCORPIO MOON: These two signs are highly compatible because they are both intuitive and sensitive by nature.

PISCES MOON + SAGITTARIUS MOON: As a sensitive soul, Pisces can be hurt by criticism and unkindness, while Sagittarius can be insensitive at times, and they generally don’t take things too personally.

PISCES MOON + CAPRICORN MOONCapricorns are logical, while Pisces are emotional, but their compatibility is high because they respect each other’s differences.

PISCES MOON + AQUARIUS MOON: Aquarius is emotionally detached, while Pisces is gentle, sensitive, and emotional. That’s why these two signs don’t go well together.

PISCES MOON + PISCES MOONBoth signs are dreamy, romantic, receptive, and compassionate, which is why they perfectly understand each other in every aspect.

Can Incompatible Moon Signs Work?

Incompatible moon signs are not a dealbreaker in a relationship. If both partners are willing to work on balancing their differences, they can establish a healthy and happy relationship.

Here are a few examples.

Capricorn and Taurus are the perfect match because they’re both materialistic, money-minded, and practical. This is a great thing, but having too many things in common can turn the relationship into a boring rut.

Pisces and Scorpio are also highly compatible because they are both intuitive and sensitive souls. But, what will happen when their relationship begins to lack reason and practicality?

I hope you see where I’m going with all this. Incompatible signs can also become compatible by compromising and being willing to make things work.

Any difference that is the potential cause for incompatibility between two signs can be overcome.

Incompatible moon signs can teach each other lots of new things and perspectives. They can also help promote each other’s personal growth.

In Conclusion

Moon sign compatibility is an important aspect when it comes to compatibility between zodiac signs. Our moon sign is connected with our emotions, intuitions, and subconsciousness, and it influences our responses and desires.

Connecting with someone on a deeper emotional level requires a certain degree of compatibility between two signs. Two people can’t understand each other’s needs if they belong to two different extremes.

However, these differences can be balanced if the partners are willing to work on their relationship. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is love and our willingness to fight for it.

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