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Find out what kind of luck you have and above all how much you have, all thanks to your horoscope.

When we talk about luck we always end up bumping into people who believe in it blindly and others who prefer to bet everything on their abilities, never caring about fate or external and therefore uncontrollable factors. In spite of everything, feeling lucky is a sensation that everyone likes and that always pushes towards the dream of being kissed by the blindfolded goddess. What many do not know is that luck is also linked to the ascendant that the stars have on each of us. It is not for nothing that lucky people are also defined as born under a lucky star. Of course, the topic of luck is very complex as to grasp every nuance from an astrological point of view, one should first of all calculate the ascendant and birth chart and look at the influence that the various planets have on every aspect of our life. Still wanting to remain on the subject, albeit in a somewhat light-hearted way, today after having seen how strong the intuition of each zodiac sign is and what are the manias that characterize us, we will try to discover what kind of luck belongs to us most according to the stars .

What kind of luck do you have? Here’s what the stars say

Aries – Lucky in recreational activities
Your luck shows itself especially in the game, especially if it has to do with sports. Combined with your strong competition and the desire to stand out, it creates excellent conditions for winning situations. The same thing also applies to play and in some respects also to work where with a positive spirit and, indeed, a pinch of luck, your chances of growth are considerable. You just have to believe in it and push a little bit with the commitment so that things turn in your favor.

Taurus – Lucky in Affection
You have never lacked obstacles in your life, which is why you tend to feel less fortunate than others. In reality, however, you have a certain luck on your side that covers the affective sphere. Both in love and with friendships you therefore have a good dose of positivity that is always on your side. For the rest, if you want to take it with philosophy, difficulties make you stronger and certainly staying fit will help you feel more and more invincible and ready to face everything, with the awareness that you will always have your loved ones on your side to count on. What not a little no?

Gemini – Lucky with Friendships
You too, as someone born under the sign of Taurus, have some obstacles on your side to overcome. Fortunately, your character helps you to minimize on many things and tackle the most important with the right amount of grit. Furthermore, your dose of luck is particularly concentrated in the field of friendships and this makes you even stronger in your own way because you are aware that you always have someone to lean on. After all, the saying goes that whoever finds a friend finds a treasure and being lucky enough to find more than one certainly corresponds to great wealth.

Cancer – Luck in a bit of everything
Let’s face it, you just can’t complain. Luck has always assisted you and makes you a person capable of achieving most things without any effort. Of course, like everyone else, you too have your bad moments. The point, however, is that you always manage to get back up without too much effort and with the awareness of being able to return to take flight even better than before. Wanting to find a branch in which to consider yourself decidedly lucky, you go on personal relationships that see you surrounded by affections both from friends, from family and, of course, from your better half.

Leo – Lucky in general
Your luck is difficult to describe as it is more related to what you do than to particular branches of your life. If you want to give it a connotation you could say that you are lucky in everything related to success. Whether it’s success at work, in life or in love, it doesn’t matter. Your every enterprise is blessed with luck and this is exactly what you need, linked as you are to the desire to always arrive first in everything and to get everything you want.

Virgo – With a kind of luck linked to your abilities
From a common point of view you are not a person who excels at luck and this is because to get something you must undoubtedly earn it. From yours, however, you have a strong character and always ready to fight, therefore able to counteract any misfortunes alone and always get you up together. Too bad only for your pessimistic nature which tends to overshadow these qualities of yours which you should be more proud of and which basically are your luck.

Libra – With a kind of luck linked to your way of seeing things
In your case, rather than talking about luck it is appropriate to talk about ways of perceiving things. Your positive nature, in fact, means that what you choose to do always ends up having a positive outcome and this beyond the luck that in the end if not available you end up creating yourself. A really great and important quality because depending only and exclusively on you it makes you the real and only architect of your success.

Scorpio – Fortunate from an economic point of view
Your luck is evident above all from the economic point of view where, regardless of how things go, you always end up falling on your feet. If you also combine a little good will and the desire to shine in a specific field, then the results should not be long in coming, allowing you to reach a rather comfortable life and this beyond the starting point or the tools you have. to move.

Sagittarius – Luck… in everything
According to the stars, yours is the luckiest sign of the zodiac. This means that luck kisses you in every field, making you a person who is able to get what he wants without any special effort. Wanting to find a negative side in all this, perhaps a lot of luck prevents you from realizing how lucky you are compared to others, leading you to see as problems even things that would be common for others. Looking at others and understanding what bad luck is will certainly help you to appreciate more the many things you have.

Capricorn – Lucky in the workplace
Luck for you is expressed in the workplace where everything you do seems to be destined for success. You just have to choose a specific field and work towards it to achieve each goal and keep it intact over time. In your case, real luck is being able to combine your know-how to work without restraint with a basic fortune, creating an unbeatable mix.

Aquarius – Luck in the field of leisure
In everyday life you are not particularly lucky, so to reach your goals you have to work tirelessly. Fortunately, your character allows you to stem the problem by taking life straight and still getting what you want. And when you want to have some fun you can count on moments of luck that allow you to have your moments of joy.

Pisces – With Luck Hard to Recognize
It’s not that you’re not lucky, you just don’t know how to recognize it when it knocks on your door. Thus, you risk missing out on important opportunities to realize it when the train has passed. To make things turn in your favor you must therefore learn to pay more attention to the world around you, getting out of your personal bubble made of dreams and projects to be realized for a while. In this way you too will seize your lucky moments, drawing the right results.

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