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Are you loyal in love? Your zodiac sign can tell you the truth.

In love it is difficult to draw boundaries just as it is rare to fully understand the other person and, sometimes even oneself. If we talk about honesty in feelings and in the way of dealing with the other person, then things get even more difficult, opening up various scenarios. Perhaps you have never really noticed it but even fully understanding yourself can be difficult and this is because our actions are not always perceived uniquely by others. Thus, a gesture that is kind to our eyes can reach the recipient in a different way. The same thing goes for loyalty . In talking to others, most or all of them are likely to describe themselves as loyal in love. In relationships, however, there are betrayals and little lies that are told every day. Where, then, is the truth? The point is that we often make fun of ourselves or end up being too indulgent with ourselves, creating a different image from the one we transmit. If you want to understand if you are actually a loyal person , then, read on because after seeing how the love story will evolve after marriage and what kind of smile each sign has , today we will delve into the topic of loyalty, trying to understand how much it is. we really are. As always, being a way of being, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant.

Are you really a loyal person in love? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Loyal as long as it suits you
In love you are always convinced that you are very loyal and this is because you tend to watch your gestures until you are really in love. The truth, however, is that loyalty comes mainly from how you behave when things don’t go well or love fades. Here, in this respect you have several shortcomings. If at the moment of falling in love you have eyes only for him, once the relationship is underway, if you do not feel the center of attention and fully happy, you tend to hide things, sometimes going so far as to look for distractions elsewhere.

Taurus – 50% Loyal
Let’s face it, even if in love you always tend to stay on your own and leave you with various possibilities. Of course, things change if the relationship gets serious. Until then, however, your prerogative is to look at yours, avoiding giving yourself 100% and everything in order not to risk suffering. Unfortunately the silences in which you often close and the things you fail to say are often perceived by the other side as an attempt to create distances. A problem that creates the basis of your fears, triggering a situation from which it is then difficult to get out.

Gemini – Fair enough
For you, loyalty depends on your point of view. In love, in fact, you tend to always give your best but without worrying too much about what others may think. It is more of something you do for yourself, in order to be consistent with your way of being and feeling. Perhaps sometimes your loyalty leads you to be ruthlessly honest, which can hurt and alienate those around you. However, you are not used to compromising and this makes you a fairly loyal person.

Cancer – Only Loyal to Yourself
Your sense of loyalty is quite personal. In fact, what is important to you is that others treat you with respect and that no one ever steps on your toes. As long as you feel the center of attention your behavior is quite clear, however, things tend to change as soon as you feel you have been wronged. Whether it is true or false, any lack towards you leads you to put your face and shut yourself up, staying stubborn to your ideas without even trying to question yourself. In short, yours is not a loyalty that you can rely on unless you are sure you can always be on your side.

Leo – Loyal yes, but only in love
Although you are a person devoted to success and eager to always excel over everyone, your loyalty, which in other fields is rather latent, gives the best of itself in love. Your partner, in fact, in your eyes is like an extension of you, which is why you tend to give him everything you can, basing your relationship on sincerity. After all, the best collaborations are based on loyalty and yours is in effect a team that aims to win, right?

Virgo – Loyal Only When Needed
Your concept of loyalty is quite variable. Generally, in fact, you tend to be honest if this is to your advantage or, at the most, if it does not risk hurting you. In love, therefore, a lot depends on the relationship you have with your partner. If there is a relationship based on trust and complicity at the base, then your loyalty will have reason to be there, otherwise, however, you will always be inclined to say only what you consider useful.

Libra – Very loyal
You like regular things in life. This is why you like to be honest and always say what you think. In love, of course, you tend to do the same, while also being loyal. This is definitely good for your relationship as long as you don’t err on the side of sincerity. In wanting to always be direct, sometimes you risk appearing harsh. Of course, this does not mean that you have to lie but that you should try to find the most suitable words to express what you are trying to say.

Scorpio – More than loyal but only as long as you trust
For you sincerity and loyalty are very important values ​​for which you are even ready to stand up. This way of thinking, however, is valid only for the people you trust and, above all, for your partner. But when you think you have been cheated on or are facing someone who is not worthy of your trust, your attitude changes completely, leading you to be on the defensive and to think only of yourself. Since a relationship without trust is unthinkable for you, however, this risks inevitably leading to the end of the relationship.

Sagittarius – Loyal if it doesn’t bother you
Basically you are a pretty loyal person. Your need for freedom, however, means that if you need to tell a few little lies in order to live better, you are more than willing to do so. This obviously also applies in love where, despite being as sincere as possible, you tend to never discover yourself completely, especially if the story is no longer tested. An understandable attitude, unless the little lies become big.

Capricorn – Not very loyal
You are not the most loyal person in the world. Of course, you don’t usually hide big things unless you feel compelled to. If it happens to you, however, you don’t hesitate even for a moment and this, in the long run, can put your love story at risk. Unfortunately for you, in fact, lies have short legs, which is why it is preferable to avoid saying too big, especially to those who live next to you and are therefore in the possibility of discovering you.

Aquarius – Tendentially loyal
Let’s say that, basically, you are a loyal person and this is also true in love. If cornered or suffocated by your partner, however, you may start to tell some innocent lies. The problem is that habit often plays tricks and could lead you to exaggerate more and more the scope of the things you omit or “modify” for a good purpose and this risks making you an unloyal person. Better to act before this happens in order to keep your relationship and the positive idea you have of yourself intact.

Pisces – Loyal Like Few Other Signs
Your crystalline disposition leads you to be one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. Lies, in fact, are not for you and always end up irritating you. It goes without saying that the same is true also and above all in love where loyalty is practically the basis of your relationship, which you care more than anything else in the world.

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