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Find out your jealousy rate based on your zodiac sign.

Jealousy is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about feelings of all time. If in small doses it can indicate the attachment you have towards others, demonstrating the presence of feelings, its presence can become cumbersome, making certain relationships heavy or even dangerous. As with any emotion, our way of being jealous can also depend on the stars and influence our way of reacting to certain situations. Today, we will try to deepen this aspect of our character by discovering how each zodiac sign behaves when it is jealous.

How each sign works in the presence of jealousy.

Aries – The jealous one only if wounded in pride
As a good Arietina, you are not exactly a jealous person. Yours, in fact, is mostly a fear of being hurt in self-love or being made fun of. In love, therefore, you will be inclined to leave some freedom and never ask too many questions to your sweetheart. If you were to come to suspect a betrayal, however, your attitude would suddenly change, leading to you becoming angry and vengeful.

Taurus – The super jealous
For you jealousy goes hand in hand with love. One thing cannot exclude the other and many times you understand that you no longer feel anything if you feel this feeling, so annoying when strictly linked to love, fades. To feel good as a couple you need constant certainty, to know the other person’s movements and to feel constantly loved and at the center of her world. Otherwise jealousy will prevail over everything leading you to be particularly obsessive towards your sweetheart and thus risking to drive her away.

Gemini – The Liberal
Your way of seeing the world is highly personal and totally tied to your feelings. Jealousy is not one of these and this makes you a person able to leave a lot of freedom. Of course if your trust is betrayed you don’t jump for joy but you don’t tend to make a drama out of it either. Rather you make a reason by accepting that you have had the wrong person next to you and starting to look forward, ready to rebuild everything from scratch, including the love story, obviously with another person.

Cancer – The possessive
More than jealousy we should talk about possessiveness. From the moment you feel connected to a person, you expect them to remain in your bubble without ever leaving them. If this happens to you we can already speak of betrayal and this regardless of how things went. To be next to you it takes a lot of patience and an infinite desire to fully experience your world without ever leaving it even by mistake. Once injured, in fact, it is difficult for you to forget and even if you come to forgiveness, the relationship would still be irremediably compromised.

Leo – The self-centered
Your jealousy ignites well before a hypothetical betrayal. For you, an emotional or physical distancing is already a good reason to get to attention and go on the attack. To be next to you you need to put your person first and if this does not happen take it all as personal, becoming intractable.

Virgo – The jealousy of insecurity
Although highly rational, in love you tend to lose control and end up wavering at any vaguely confused situation. For you a betrayal is a personal matter and therefore difficult to forgive. You need to have someone who knows how to make you feel important and always at the center of her world and when this does not happen you tend to close in on yourself, observing every action of the other waiting for a proof that indicates the betrayal. A way of life that can be heavy both for you and for those around you.

Libra – The Over Protective
Your more than jealousy is a form of protection. When you find the right person you want them to stay by your side forever and for this reason you tend to create a small enclosure that can only include you and your love. An idyllic situation, at least until the other decides to submit to the rules of love imposed by you. Otherwise, your feelings may change and show a side of you that is less patient and positive than the one usually visible to everyone.

Scorpio – The suspicious
Being able to truly trust someone is something that is really difficult for you. For you amara means entering a tunnel made of continuous surprises and among these, unfortunately, there is also infidelity. Your jealousy is therefore never positive and when it sets in it is difficult to dismiss. To do this, your other half will have to give you proof after proof and agree to be constantly under scrutiny.

Sagittarius – The Optimist
Basically you are not jealous at all and you tend to leave a lot of freedom to the people you love. This is because you instinctively trust everyone and until proven otherwise you prefer not to worry yourself with unnecessary tension. In the face of a betrayal, however, the wound can be so great that it pushes you to distance yourself and end the relationship without any possibility of appeal.

Capricorn – The Resolute
With a highly jealous disposition, you tend to reject this aspect of yourself by showing yourself more open and liberal than you really are. This risks confusing those around you by giving them the impression of not being important only to find themselves entangled in a tangle of jealousy at the first suspicious move. Learning to accept your feelings and being more honest with others could help you live more positively in a relationship as well.

Aquarius – The non-jealous par excellence
Perhaps of all the signs you are the least jealous of all. For you love means trust and if you think that the other person is not worthy, you prefer to end the story immediately rather than live tormented by doubts. From life, after all, you expect serenity and exclusively positive emotions and jealousy, as far as you are concerned, is not one of them.

Pisces – The melodramatic
For you, love should always be like that of movies or great love novels. For this reason, you often have high expectations of those around you and if these are broken you end up freaking out, culminating in outbursts of jealousy or severing the relationship without giving explanations. A way that is indispensable for you to protect yourself from the great pain that any form of betrayal could give you.

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