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Horoscope: find out how intuitive you are based on your zodiac sign.

Being intuitive is a gift that not everyone has and that can change your life, sometimes simplifying it and others creating confusion. Being able to feel certain things and decide whether or not to trust your feelings is a much more difficult thing than you think and that catches most people unprepared. Since, among other things, having intuitions is a gift that can be influenced by the stars, today after having seen which are the most boring zodiac signs and which are the signs of the zodiac that love to make others smile, we will find out which are the most intuitive ones. Since intuition is strongly linked to emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a more complete picture of the situation.

Astrology: how intuitive are you? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – Unintuitive
Your life is too fast for you to even grasp sensations. For you, everything must be done as quickly as possible and you don’t usually think much about your actions. This makes you an unintuitive person and also not very interested in this aspect of life to the point that you tend not to believe much in those who claim to have specific feelings about something. Of course, if you learned to listen to yourself more and stop and think about things perhaps you would at least be able to understand that sometimes a feeling can come true. Having said that, not being inclined to the thing it is difficult for this to happen to you, which is why the best thing to do is to continue living as you already do, perhaps with a pinch of extra attention to any particular emotions.

Taurus – Intuitive
Your reflective nature and sensitivity that is part of your way of making you a person capable of having particular insights. This happens especially in the relationship with others when you immediately notice any ongoing flirtations or sympathies between people you barely know. It can be said that this is where your intuitive being is at its best. If you are at the height of your abilities you are also able to experience sensations that often turn out to be true but it is not something that happens constantly and you are too rational to pay attention to it. After all, you are on the team of those who think they can do everything simply on their strength. For this reason, even sensing that something is not as it should be, you are always convinced that you can change it.

Gemini – Intuitive in an alternating way
From being born under the sign of Gemini you are a purely dual person, who alternates a highly intuitive way of being with a more rational and concrete one. For this reason, defining yourself can be quite difficult. It can be said that when you are open to emotions and confident in life and your way of being, you know how to grasp aspects that others would certainly escape. An aspect that makes you intuitive but that is often reduced by your periods not, or those in which you tend to feel uncomfortable both in dressing your clothes and in relating to what is around you. Since, fortunately, you are usually more often positive than negative, it can be said that you are an intuitive person even if in an alternating way.

Cancer – Quite intuitive
Your zodiac sign leads you to be influenced by the moon and this makes you an intuitive person. This gift, however, tends not to be always present because sometimes you are so absorbed in yourself and so anchored in your ideas that you cannot see anything else or, of course, feel it. When you manage to find your balance, however, you know how to grasp things that are so inconspicuous as to surprise those around you. A real gift that is a pity to waste because of a character opposite to what is needed to grasp, recognize and understand one’s intuitions. If it is an aspect that you would like to cultivate, then you need to learn to change a little and to turn your attention more to the outside world than to your surroundings.

Leo – Not Intuitive
Although in some ways it could be said about you that you have intuition at work, the reality is that you are more of a person who knows yourself so well that you always know when to risk a move and what to expect in return. When it comes to intuition in a broad sense, you are not exactly among the most popular zodiac signs. Your world, after all, is made up of so many different things that leave you very little time to devote to reflections or sensations to grasp and understand. For this reason, and even though your way of doing things can deceive many, you are not someone who can be defined intuitively.

Virgo – Not at all intuitive
Your rationality is a sworn enemy of intuition and this makes you one of the least intuitive people in the zodiac. News that certainly will not surprise you will be able to upset you since you do not believe in these things. Although opening yourself to intuitions could help you do better in the workplace, you are not mentally predisposed to similar dynamics and even tend to discourage those who overlook this reality that is completely incomprehensible to you. We can therefore say about you that you are not intuitive but that you do not care at all about it because in life you prefer to rely only on your strength and rely on calculations that always give certain results. In the end, intuitions would put you more in crisis than anything else, proving harmful to your way of being, thinking, and acting.

Libra – Moderately intuitive
As a good Libra, over the years you have reached a sort of equilibrium also about intuitions. Sure of your feelings, when you feel something you tend to listen to it, realizing immediately if it is something to take into consideration or not. This certainly makes you an intuitive person but not too intuitive. Not too much depends, needless to say, on your being often focused on particular things like the pursuit of beauty and taking care of yourself. Having said that, it can be said of you that as far as intuition is concerned you are roughly in the middle of the zodiac. A fact that fits you perfectly and is also more than enough for you.

Scorpio – Highly Intuitive
Without going around it, you are undoubtedly one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. To grasp certain sensations you need very little and, as those who know you know well, it is really difficult for you to fall into error. Whenever you think about something it is almost certain that it will come true in a short time and this feature has always made you very much requested by friends and acquaintances who need to understand something. If this is combined with your passion for mystery and for everything that has to do with the spiritual, everything takes on even more serious connotations, stimulating your already innate ability to perceive specific sensations that you are also good at translating into basic situations you live in.

Sagittarius – Unintuitive
Although you like to think so, it cannot be said that you are an intuitive person. Of course, you know certain things and you are smart enough to understand a lot of human relationships. Your perceptions, however, stop there. For the rest, you are too busy with yourself and your things to have precise intuitions and this makes you one of the least perceptive signs of the zodiac. A detail that in everyday life does not weigh on you at all since you are so open that you can communicate with others without having to stop and understand what they think. Of course, maybe this will make you a little less bright in the eyes of others but you have other characteristics on your side that can make you fascinating and able to surprise.

Capricorn – Half intuitive
Your life is made up of compromises and style crossovers between what you might be and what you are. All this translates into an analytical and forward-looking mind that goes well with an innate ability to grasp certain intuitions. Nevertheless, it is difficult for you to be able to translate what you get into something concrete and this is because your rationality often gets in the way, effectively blocking all sorts of perception. Yours is a constant struggle between rationality and instinct, desire to act and moderation and opposites that sometimes even you struggle to manage together. As for intuition, therefore, even if it is one of the signs that possess this gift, it cannot always be said that you can manage it.

Aquarius – Almost not at all intuitive
For you intuition is something strictly personal, to be lived in private and managed on your own. For this reason, it is very difficult to understand how much you manage to have particular perceptions unless it is specific situations. You are certainly not inclined to hear things about those around you and this mostly depends on your being completely opposed to clinging with those around you. Perhaps, now and then you can perceive something but these are only brief impressions that you drop almost immediately because you are not interested in the thing. Consequently, it cannot be said that you are an intuitive person.

Pisces – Extremely intuitive
Among the signs of the zodiac you are, together with Scorpio, one of the most intuitive. Your being empathic already opens several doors as far as social relationships are concerned and if this is combined with your propensity for everything related to emotions it is easy to understand that your ability to grasp things is really wide. Whether it is about things or people, it always turns out to be one step ahead of everyone, the one able to feel things and translate them into useful information to live the best. A particular feature that makes you a very interesting person and markedly inclined both to interact with others and to understand how to move in certain situations.

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