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Find out how much love for the various zodiac signs counts. The answer of the stars is signed by sign.

Love is a precious feeling, considered by many to be what makes the world go round. Without the important affections and emotions linked to this feeling, in fact, many aspects of life would lose their meaning, making everything quite serious. Loving is universally important, it feels good and undoubtedly makes us better people. Yet each of us tends to approach this feeling differently.

Often this depends on the way we grew up, the models we had in childhood and the experiences lived on our skin. Obviously, this is also joined by the influence of the stars, capable of influencing the importance that each of us gives to this feeling.

Today, therefore, we will try to focus on the feeling most discussed, sought, and coveted by people to find out how much love is actually important for the signs of the zodiac.

Love: how important it is for the signs of the zodiac

Aries – Those who like to fantasize about it but who don’t give it too much importance
Yes, even if they love to talk about it and can be moved in front of the classic tear-jerking films, those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are not famous for their romantic streak. Extremely focused on themselves, they try to achieve first of all a professional affirmation. As much as love is something they often dream of when they find themselves having to choose, they prefer to bet everything on career, profession, and of course themselves. Only when they feel truly satisfied can they devote their attention to feelings as well. But be careful, because even in that case their life, success, and all the things they usually care about, will always remain in the foreground. The reason why, the native’s design, is not among the signs most linked to love.

Taurus – Those who care a lot
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus, when it comes to feelings, are often difficult to define. While on the one hand, they are very dependent on love, on the other they pretend to live this feeling as they like. This means that they always try to dictate the rules and make the people involved with them follow them. Natives of the sign, for example, are notoriously jealous. And this aspect tends to be felt a little too much, ending up compromising many of their relationships. That said, they are among the signs that everyone considers love extremely important. And, for this reason, they will always go out of their way to find it and make it last. Romantic as they are, in fact, without they would feel lost.

Gemini – Those who consider it important until they get tired
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a particular heart for love. It is, in fact, a feeling that helps them feel good and that allows them to experience strong emotions that are difficult to reach in other ways. For this reason, they are very attached to this sentiment which, consequently, they consider very important. Their dual being, however, often tends to make them appear more detached than they really are. This happens especially when they get tired. If bored or not very involved, the natives of the sign prefer in fact to beat a retreat, thus giving the impression of not giving the right importance to love. The truth is that for them living a feeling without strength represents the end of all emotion. The reason they drift apart is just that they basically stopped loving. This feeling, however,

Cancer – Those who live it in an addictive way
In some ways, it can be said that those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are people addicted to love. Nevertheless, and although they are also very romantic, it cannot be said that in a hypothetical ranking of those who give importance to love they are in the first place. This is because they are used to thinking about themselves first of all. And that the greatest love they feel is for their person. Consequently, they will always love those who will be able to mirror them. A feeling that will certainly be strong but which will also have a selfish component that prevents him from being among those who give greater importance to this precious feeling.

Leo – Those for whom it is important but not too much
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo love to feel loved and for this reason they often seek love. Nonetheless, there is self-centered and in need of attention makes them people who, while holding on to this sentiment, do not give it who knows what importance. Of course, in life they will always look for it but, first of all, they will worry about themselves and how much they can get from others. This is why even as lovers they will always have priorities that they cannot (or will want to) ignore. This is why, while being able to love, they will always limit themselves a little, and all in a way that is more than wanted.

Virgo – Those who don’t give it extreme importance
Natives of the Virgo zodiac sign are extremely rational people. This makes them able to love but not to give due importance to love. For the natives of the sign, in fact, love is a feeling that is difficult to explain and on which they cannot rely. The fear of losing it and the awareness of not being able to control it leads them to always keep a certain distance. That said, when they really love, they know how to give themselves 100% and show how much they feel in their own way but still efficiently. On the contrary, they can struggle to feel the love of others and to manage the way it is shown to them.

Libra – Those who give it the right importance
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra have love in high regard. In fact, they consider it a precious feeling and worthy of being taken care of in every little detail. Their inner balance allows them to give love the right importance by making it a priority but without becoming dependent on it. In fact, the natives of the sign know how to manage this feeling. They look for it, cultivate it, and are willing to go out of their way to make it grow correctly. At the same time, if they feel they have no other choice, they also know when it becomes something negative or castrating. The reason why they take steps to take the right distance. Their way of life is therefore marked by love but without the need to go crazy. Exactly as one would expect from the natives of the sign.

Scorpio – Those who give it extreme importance
While it may be hard for many to believe, the natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are the ones who value love most. For them, this feeling is extremely important. When they love, in fact, they are ready to do anything to prove it and this makes them people intimately linked to this feeling. A feeling that they live in all its nuances and that they know how to offer to others totally. The natives of the sign are therefore those who in all respects give it greater importance. And all because they are aware that without love their whole world (as well as that of others) would lose its meaning.

Sagittarius – Those who give it a medium importance
Those born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius are people who care about love but who are not ready to give themselves completely in its favor. Free spirits, crave first of all the possibility of doing what they want and not to have bonds that turn out to be chained. When they manage to reach this certainty, then they feel free to love too. Their way of doing it, however, will always be rather limiting and tied only to their interests. For this reason, despite knowing how to love and constantly seeking this feeling, they never manage to give it the right importance, revealing themselves to be able to live it only halfway.

Capricorn – Those who give it a medium importance
Natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn care about love but not about career or the possibility of being successful in life. Having to choose, they always prefer to focus on themselves and on the possibility of obtaining the desired successes. This makes them people capable of loving but never giving themselves completely. A detail of which they are aware but which they do not like to admit. The idea of ​​not being so romantic, in fact, does not excite them. Nevertheless, their way of acting will never change and regardless of what they think, their first thought will always be directed to themselves.

Aquarius – Those who give it little importance
Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius know how to love but they never do it as much as they could. For them, in fact, in the first place, there is always a need for freedom and independence that pushes them to never tighten relationships with others too much. While recognizing the importance of this sentiment, the natives of the sign aim to live as they prefer. Something for which they are also willing to put aside love. For this reason, they are among the zodiac signs that give less importance to this zodiac sign. Which they are not even ashamed to admit and which, of course, they are never willing to deal with.

Pisces – Those who give it a lot of importance
It can be said that the natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces live for love. For this reason, they give great importance to sentiment. Romantic, sentimental, and always well disposed towards others, the natives of the sign love both to love and to feel loved. A detail that makes them in all respects among the signs most able to love. Love, in their eyes, is in fact what makes the world go round, as well as something to be experienced every day and to be transmitted and handed down. Whether it is romantic love or love for life or things, little changes. The natives of the sign will always be its supporters and disseminators. And for this reason, they are fully among the signs of the zodiac that give greater importance to love.

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