How He Sees Commitment (Based On His Astro Sign) & How To Handle It


It’s one thing to want to date someone because you enjoy their company, but it’s quite another thing altogether to make a commitment to them. The thing to bear in mind is that commitment isn’t some grand gesture that someone makes when they want to take the relationship to a higher level. It’s actually found in the smaller, consistent behaviors that people show you from early on in the relationship.

For example, you can tell that a guy’s ready and willing to commit to you when he gives you clear messages about wanting to be with you, instead of mixed messages that leave you wondering where he’s at or what he wants. Another solid sign of commitment is when a guy isn’t afraid to define the relationship. This shows that he wants to make things official with you without messing around or dragging his heels, the latter of which is a sure sign he’s not that interested in a serious relationship.

You can also get some valuable hints about his level or lack of commitment by checking out his asto sign. Here’s how all of the astro signs view commitment, and how you can deal with it.

24Aries: He’s Either Committed Or Not — And You’ll Know Immediately

Aries is one of the most honest guys you’ll meet. He’s not going to waste your time by sending you mixed messages or making you feel strung along. He’ll be upfront with you about his feelings, or lack thereof.

Aries is clearcut when it comes to relationships and commitment, so at least you can feel relieved that he’s such an open book.

However, it’s not all rosy as there is a bit of a catch if you’ve discovered feelings for the Aries guy in your life.

23How To Deal: Brace Yourself — This Guy’s Honest!

He’s not going to mince his words when telling you that there’s no relationship future. That might sound good because he’s so honest, but it can actually backfire. Who wants to open their heart to someone only to get totally crushed? It can really hurt like hell!

However, if he likes, you he’ll be honest about how he feels, so you don’t have to doubt him or analyze his texts.

He is sometimes guilty of rushing into relationships without thinking them through, though, as The Astrologer points out, so it’s worth guarding your heart for a while.

22Taurus: He Sees Commitment As A Must Because He Doesn’t Play Games

The Taurus guy hates relationship games. He sees them as childish and a waste of time. He’s much too serious for that. When he gets into a relationship, it might take him a while to commit because he wants to be 100 percent sure that you’re a good match for him.

However, when he does, he’ll be completely yours and yours alone!

You can trust him to be by your side because the loyal and dependable Taurus guy doesn’t see the point of a relationship without commitment. It just doesn’t make any sense to him. He wants to build a life and home with someone, after all.

21How To Deal: Don’t Play Games Or You’ll Lose Him

If you’re the type who likes to play games in a new relationship, be careful as this can push your trusty Taurus away really fast because it’s such a turnoff to him. Instead, be open about your feelings and honest when it comes to what you want from a relationship.

Now’s not the time to play hard to get or make him sweat to earn your affection.

It just won’t work. If you can’t be open and honest, then don’t bother wasting the time of the impatient Taurus. He’s not here for that!

20Gemini: He Doesn’t Like Commitment

The Gemini is known as “the twins” because he can be quite unpredictable and sometimes jump between different choices because he doesn’t want to miss out on trying out all of them. So, if you’re keen on getting into a serious relationship with a Gemini, understand that he can be a bit of a “commitmentphobe” because he hates being stuck in one place for too long. That’s not to say he’ll never commit, though. It just takes him some time to figure things out and make the right decision.

19How To Deal: Figure Out If You Can Do Casual Dating, Or Else Don’t Date Him

While you’re waiting for the Gemini guy to commit, make sure you don’t waste too much of your time! It’s good to look out for yourself and soul search a bit to ensure that you’ll leave if he gives you mixed messages or keeps you you hanging. No one’s got time for that!

It’s also important to figure out if you’re okay with casually dating or not.

He might love the no-strings-attached vibe, but it’s not for everyone, and you shouldn’t agree to it just to keep him happy.

18Cancer: He Wants To Commit, But Needs To Know You’re Right For Him

The Cancer boyfriend is sensitive and romantic. He loves being in a committed relationship, there’s no doubt about that. However, he’s not the type to rush into anything. He likes to take his time and pace himself when dating.

He wants to analyze everything to be sure that you’re going to make each other happy. He thinks a lot and will question himself to find the right path for his life.

That’s a good thing, though, because it can save you from relationship troubles down the line, such as if you discover that you’re not right for each other.

17How To Deal: Take Your Time Getting To Know Each Other

You can learn a lot from the Cancer man’s approach to dating and love. Instead of rushing through the dating phase and trying to hit all the relationship milestones in a hurry, slow down. Use the time to get to know each other and really enjoy the early stages of dating.

It’s not healthy to rush into a relationship, after all, and with Cancer, you don’t have to.

If he wants to be with you, he won’t go anywhere and soon he’ll make his feelings known. Relax and have some fun!

16Leo: He’s So Loyal, He Commits Easily And Stays In The Relationship No Matter What

Leo is often said to be self-centered and an attention-seeker, but that’s not always true. In fact, when he gets into a relationship with someone he really likes, he’ll have no problem committing to her. However, the catch is that he wants to feel that his partner adores him. As reported by The Astrologer, giving the Leo in your life love notes or small acts of affection will show him how much you care, and that will make him fall even deeper in love. When he feels loved, commitment won’t be a problem for him.

15How To Deal: Make Sure The Relationship Doesn’t Become Toxic

Since Leo doesn’t like to quit when it comes to relationships and life, he might end up staying too long in a relationship — even after it’s stopped feeling good. Uh oh! It’s not fair on you or him to be in such a situation, so make sure you keep your eyes open for any signs that the relationship has become a negative force in your life. For example, if you’re feeling annoyed or drained a lot of the time in your relationship, or your partner seems to shut you out emotionally. Clearly, he’s forcing himself to settle, and it’s just not worth it.

14Virgo: It’s All About Trust

For the Virgo man to commit to you, he has to feel he can trust you 100%. If the trust’s not there, he’s not going to take a step forward in your relationship. It makes total sense!

If you and your partner don’t trust each other, it can cause various problems and make you miserable.

It’s like you’re settling for a less satisfying relationship than you deserve, and the Virgo man will never do that. He’s got high relationship ideals and wants to meet all of them!

13How To Deal: Have Open Communication

The best way to work toward having greater trust in your relationship with a Virgo man is to make sure you and your partner communicate on a regular basis. Share your thoughts and feelings with each other.

Be there to support each other and confront your issues before they become  problems or obstacles standing in the way of a relationship commitment.

This will not only make your Virgo man see that commitment is the right next step, but it will do the same for you. Everybody wins.

12Libra: Commitment Is Comfort To Him

If you know what Libra’s like, it might be strange to say that he’s a sign that wants relationship security as much as possible. If you don’t know much about Libra, here’s a crash course: Libra is known for getting easily charmed by lots of different people when dating. As pointed out by Thought Co, he’s reluctant to be claimed and he wants to stay open to the best that life has to offer him. But there’s good news: When he feels secure and feels like he’s found his other half, he’ll only want a LTR and he’ll be happy with his choice.

11 How To Deal: Avoid Conflict As This Can Throw The Libra “Peacekeeper” Off

One of the things that can rattle the Libra’s sense of security in a relationship is conflict. He hates drama and wants harmony. Libra is the sign that craves peace in his life and surroundings. If your relationship is marked by regular disagreements and full-blown fights, then the Libra will start to move away. As pointed out by Zo. Thing,

“When you give too much of yourself up, resentment can breed and resentment is ugly and Libra strongly dislikes ugliness.”

Since he’s making an investment in the relationship, he doesn’t want it to turn bad, otherwise why should he commit?

10Scorpio: He’s Got Commitment Issues Because He Fears Rejection

Although Scorpio is intense and loves being in love, he can be difficult to pin down to commitment. Don’t think the reason is because he’s not interested in being with you. The truth is that he’s intensely afraid of rejection.

This is one of his biggest insecurities in life, but because he’s such a proud person, he might not tell you about it openly.

However, it’s a real fear and it can create an obstacle in his mind to finding real love or choosing to make his current relationship more committed.

9How To Deal: Show Him You’re Really Into Him

One of the best ways to deal with the Scorpio man’s fear of rejection is to show him just how much you love him, but be honest about it! Now’s not the time to play games with his vulnerable heart.

Once he feels safe with you, he’ll realize that he doesn’t have to hold back emotionally and he doesn’t have to fear getting hurt because you’re trustworthy and loyal.

And remember, whatever you give him, he’ll give you back tenfold because he’s such a generous, loyal, and loving partner.

8Sagittarius: He Takes His Time Because He Loves His Freedom So Much

Sagittarius is symbolized by a man-horse creature. The man part of the image is holding a bow and arrow that’s pointing upwards, which suggest that the Sagittarius person is spiritual, according to Ganesha Speaks.

But it also points to how Sagittarius is always searching and keen on adventure. When it comes to commitment, he doesn’t jump in right away.

He loves his own space and time to do his favorite things. He’s the curious traveler who doesn’t want to be tied down to anything that will clip his wings.

7How To Deal: Show Him You Also Value Your Space In The Relationship

A good way to show Sagittarius that you’re not pressuring him for commitment is to be clear that you’re also looking for a relationship in which you have space.

When he sees that you thrive on having independence and are interested in pursuing your own life as well as a relationship, he’ll think you’re a match made in heaven.

However, if you’re not on the same page as he is, it could actually be best to cut your losses now because dating the Sagittarius man is probably going to be difficult for you.

6Capricorn: He Loves Commitment

The Capricorn is stable, secure, and knows what he wants. He doesn’t shy away from commitment. In fact, he’s one of the signs that you can depend on to be the most loyal in your relationship.

He doesn’t have time to date casually or plays games — when he finds someone he likes, he wants to settle down with them.

As The Astrologer points out, Capricorn is a good catch because of his intense drive towards having relationship security and commitment. He’s not the type who’s going to waste your time!

5How To Deal: Don’t Rush Through The Relationship Milestones Too Fast

Even though Capricorn knows what he wants and doesn’t waste time, that doesn’t mean he’ll want to rush into a relationship too quickly. He wants to take his time to be sure that he’s making the right decision. As Bolde reports,

“Capricorns won’t rush into relationships. However, once they’re committed, they’re committed for life. He wouldn’t be with you unless he was positive that he wanted to spend forever with you.”

So don’t worry and try to enjoy the dating process. Who knows where it could lead?

4Aquarius: He Sees Relationships As Really Serious (And A Bit Scary)

It’s hard to imagine the fun, confident Aquarius man being afraid of anything. But he can be quite freaked out by relationships and commitment. He sees them both as serious and doesn’t want to mess with them, which is a good thing. However, it can be frustrating for you to have to deal with this part of him. As Your Tango points out, the Aquarius man “wants you to seduce his mind before he feels comfortable with you as his lover.” It’s all about having strong mental and emotional connections before he decides to commit to a serious relationship.

3How To Deal: Wait And See — If He’s Loyal, He’ll Take You On The Path To Commitment

It’s probably best not to drill Aquarius about his feelings or where he sees the relationship going too much as this will make him rebel against the idea of commitment.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t express what you need, but don’t rush in too quickly. If you give him a bit of time, you’ll quickly get your answer.

If he’s loyal to you, there’s nothing stopping him from wanting to commit to you. So take a breather and see what happens. Bear in mind that he wouldn’t be spending so much time texting and seeing you, and staring into your eyes, if he wasn’t interested in something real.

2Pisces: He’s In Love With Love, And Fears Commitment

Pisces is a spiritual and deep person. When he gets into a relationship, it’s because he’s focused on nurturing a love connection as well as a spiritual one, as reported by Love to Know. 

Pisces is looking for his soulmate, not just someone with whom he can have some fun during the holidays, so he takes commitment seriously.

That said, he loves the feeling of being in love and can be a little afraid of commitment because it’s such a big deal. Yup, he’s quite the complicated boyfriend at times.

1How To Deal: Have “The Talk” Before Wasting Your Time

To prevent misunderstandings or not knowing what your Pisces boyfriend wants, it’s good to define the relationship as soon as you feel the need. By talking openly about commitment, you can see where you’re both at.

Initiating this conversation is probably a good thing as Pisces can be pretty shy. Be gentle and keep the conversation casual, though — the very thought of having to open up and discuss his feelings is enough to freak him out.

If he doesn’t seem ready, then have your say and give him time to sort through his feelings so he can tell you at a later stage when he is ready.


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