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Everyone loves when their man spoils them. It doesn’t matter if he’s sending flowers to their workplace, stopping by with chocolates “just because,” or if he’s showering them in compliments—no one turns down an opportunity to be spoiled!

Here’s the thing, though: he may not say it, but guys love being spoiled just as much as anyone else. In fact, if he’s not too embarrassed, he’ll outright tell his partner that he wants to be spoiled a little every now and then.

It doesn’t take much to make him happy—all it really takes is knowing what he’s into. What’s his personality like? What does he appreciate? What matters to him and what might he view as a legitimate method of being spoiled?

It can be tough to narrow down what he likes, especially if he doesn’t talk about it much, but thankfully anyone can just turn to his star sign for some helpful hints.

Even if he doesn’t like to open up about what he really wants, knowing his sign can help determine who he really is at heart and what method of “spoiling” will speak to him most. Take a look at how he likes getting spoiled, according to his star sign:

20 Pisces Men Love Unexpected Romantic Gestures

It’s one thing to receive a random kiss on Valentine’s Day, but it’s a different story when he’s getting a random kiss on an ordinary Thursday. What makes a Pisces’ heart beat extra hard is the little things—when his partner wakes him up to breakfast in bed, when he’s surprised with a clean kitchen after work, or when his partner is extra flirtatious.

The bottom line is a Pisces guy appreciates it when his partner is thinking of him enough to go out of their way to surprise him. It gives him a better sense of security in the relationship and makes him feel genuinely loved. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces

19 Cancer Wants Something Related To His Hobbies

Cancer guys are pretty spoiled—they love receiving gifts from their partners and they love when that “something” has to do with their pre-existing hobbies. If your man collects DVDs, buy him the special edition of a favorite. He’ll love the gift and every time he plays it, he’ll think of the wonderful person who bought it for him.

Cancers can sometimes overthink things in a relationship, but knowing his partner understands him enough to purchase him a meaningful gift to add to his collection helps ease those fears.

If you’re wondering how to go above and beyond for him, just talk to him about his hobby and you’ll make his day.

18 Scorpio Guys Like Passionate Date Night

Nothing spoils a Scorpio guy like a romantic, passion-filled date night. He doesn’t ask for much, just a little extra time and attention from the person who means the most to him. The great thing about a date night is it can consist of anything from making him his favorite home-cooked meal to impressing him with a new cuisine.

Of course, the “passion” part can be anything from giving him an intimate massage to trying new things. However his partner wants to define the words “passion” and “romance,” he’ll be grateful for the extra attention and will feel especially spoiled afterward.

17 SCORPIO BONUS: He Actually Wants To Watch Rom-Coms W/His Partner

Who doesn’t love the world of romantic comedies? Okay, so maybe there are a few here and there who absolutely refuse to indulge in the classic combo, but there are still tons of people who do!

Your man isn’t embarrassed to admit he loves watching classic Meg Ryan fall in love with ’90s Tom Hanks!

When his partner asks if he wants to watch an oldie but goodie like Serendipity, he’s all-in. He loves munching on flavored popcorn with the woman of his dreams while watching two people fall in love. Share at the moment and spoil him with extra movie dates.

16 Water Signs Appreciate Thoughtful Gifts & Gestures

As we all know, water signs tend to be pretty sensitive by nature and they love closeness with their partners, which can come about in various ways. Due to his sweet soul, he’s more interested in meaningful gifts or even gestures in lieu of a present.

He’s the kind of man who appreciates help around the house just as much as he enjoys receiving a nicely wrapped present, complete with a big bow on top!

Whatever his partner gifts him, he’s grateful and appreciates the thought put into it. He might tear up a bit, but that’s just to show how big his heart is.

15 Leos Want A Nice Massage From Time To Time

Leo men are great at relationships. They’re passionate, generous, and they’ve been known to share their warm-hearted natures.

While they’re happy to be spoiled in any way from their partner, they especially love a good massage.

His partner doesn’t have to pay a professional, though a professional massage will be happily accepted. He’s just as pleased when his partner oils up their hands and gets to work on those knots in his back. Leos don’t even require intense massages, he’ll be just as happy with a gentle hand massage or a little bit of rubbing up his arms and around his neck.

14 Aries Guys Like Receiving Gifts

Aries men love presents. They know exactly what they want and, if they’re willing to hold off long enough to let someone else buy it for them first, they’re extremely pleased to receive it as a gift. He’s not necessarily materialistic, as there are plenty of other ways he enjoys being spoiled, but his favorite is receiving a gift—they make him think of special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

In keeping with the celebratory spirit, he’s always happy to hear his partner has purchased him a gift. He’ll be just as happy with the book he’s been thinking of as he would with an expensive watch. Whatever he gets, he’ll be grateful and will feel spoiled.

13 Sagittarius Is Happy With His Favorite Home-Cooked Meal

Sagittarius men are known for being generous and extremely funny, but there is more to them than a laid-back attitude about everything. He’s actually looking forward to being spoiled by his partner and in a very specific way.

He’ll drop hints that he hasn’t had his favorite home-cooked meal in a while.

He might even go out and buy all the ingredients, but rather than ask his partner to cook it, he’ll continue dropping hints in increasingly obvious ways. If his partner picks up the clues right away, he’ll feel a little less spoiled, but if they wait until he’s on the verge of begging, he’ll feel like the king of the world.

12 SAGITTARIUS BONUS: He Loves When His Partner Acknowledges His Hard Work

He’s a hard-working guy, so coming home and working on things around the house might not always be a priority. Unfortunately, he understands that he can’t always put things off for the last minute, so he’ll get to the projects he swore he’d complete, and he’ll suffer from lack of sleep or he might give up his days off to finish. While these things are his responsibility, everything seems better when his partner acknowledges his hard work and tenacity.

He might even bring up how hard he’s working on his own, prompting the acknowledgments, but it’s fine since all he really wants is a pat on the back from time to time.

11 Fire Signs Are Happy With Anything – Literally

Fire signs are happy to be spoiled in any and every way. Their passionate attitudes make even the smallest gesture seem like they’re the luckiest men on the planet. They love receiving gifts and will put them to use whenever possible. If their partner starts flirting more often or becoming more “lovey dovey” overall, a fire sign will accept it with vigor. Fire signs will also graciously accept any form of attention from their partner, even negativity because they’re just happy to be around their love.

Anything and everything their partners can think to do to spoil a fire sign is always happily accepted, so rest easy and don’t overthink ways to show you care.

10 Taurus Will Happily Accept Movies To Add To His Collection

Taurus guys love collections. They admire the collections of others via television shows or YouTube channels, but he’s also got his own little collection going on. Collecting movies is pretty normal for a Taurus, and several other signs, but he’s a little more hardcore than others. He’s got special editions, anniversary editions, cases that look like the main character’s hero persona, and transforming cases.

He’s just as interested in the way his films are packaged as he is in the special features section, so if you’re trying to spoil a Taurus, try purchasing a movie he hasn’t got in his collection yet.

9 Capricorn Love Gifts That Keep On Giving

Capricorn guys tend to be into tradition, family, and personal responsibility. Due to his interests, he can be a hard guy to spoil. If his partner gives him random presents, he’ll feel guilty for not getting them something as well. If they compliment him on a job well done, he’ll wonder why, since everything should be done to the best of one’s ability.

The true way to spoil a Capricorn man in a way he can understand is to give him the sort of gifts that keep on giving, such as paying for a class in a new language or cooking.

Better yet, get his grandmother to share her coveted family recipe for his favorite dish. He’ll be both grateful and will feel spoiled beyond compare.

8 Virgo Guys Appreciate Help Cleaning Up

It’s no surprise that Virgos are neat freaks. They love to have a place for everything and everything in its place, so when his partner wants to spoil him a little, cleaning up is definitely the way to go. He’ll feel spoiled for letting his partner do a few of the chores he’s actually responsible for, and he’ll be grateful for the extra help—especially if he’s just had a rough day or week.

It isn’t hard to make him feel spoiled, an extra little way to spoil him is to use a new scented cleaner or to buy a nice new scent for his scented wax diffuser.

7 VIRGO BONUS: He Loves When His Partner Gets Him Books

Virgo men aren’t complicated and they like to keep things simple. When someone tries to spoil them, it’s as simple as picking up around the house or buying them something they’ll love—like a book.

Most Virgo men understand the appeal of a particularly good book and will be ecstatic to receive one as a gift from their romantic partner.

If the book happens to be a first edition or features a nice cover, he’ll feel even more spoiled than normal. That said, don’t be afraid to spoil him with gift cards for digital books as well. Regardless of the format, he’ll love it.

6 Earth Signs Like Practical Gifts

Living up to their “grounded” sign, Earth signs love being spoiled in practical ways. If there’s a problem, getting it fixed would be the perfect way to spoil an Earth sign.

They are also happy with some semi-strange gifts, such as cleaning services, organization tools, or extra cleaning supplies.

While most other signs might consider such things a little weird, an Earth sign is pleased with gifts they can put to use, especially if it is something they can use on a daily basis. New kitchen towels, a new phone case, or even washing his car would all be perfect ways to make him feel spoiled.

5 Gemini Loves Being Complimented

Nothing can perk up a gloomy Gemini like a compliment from the heart. He’s quick to feel nervous about things, whether it’s his relationship or his job performance.

When his partner starts delivering compliments, he starts to regain his confidence and starts to feel a little more secure.

A Gemini will use any excuse to be affectionate, so the kind words and acknowledgments will make him feel spoiled, which in turn will make him want to spoil his partner with various forms of affection. If you’re with a Gemini guy, you don’t have to try very hard to make him feel a little spoiled—so take advantage.

4 Libras Like Unexpected Trips

Libra men love making memories with the person they love, so it should come as no surprise to learn that all his partner has to do is surprise him with a trip. Libras have so many positive attributes, but one of their greatest weaknesses is his indecisiveness.

While he twiddles his thumbs trying to figure out where he’d like to go for a romantic trip, his partner can take the wheel and surprise him with tickets to a great destination. He’ll feel spoiled from the start of the trip to the very end, and it doesn’t even have to be a big deal—a day trip out of town is enough to make him feel loved.

3 Aquarius Guys Want To Try New Things

Your Aquarius is always up for something new, so spoiling him with a new video game, trip to a new theme park, or even visiting a new store will pique his interest. The more often you introduce him to new things, the more spoiled he’ll feel.

While most Aquarius guys struggle with emotional expression, once he starts to feel a little spoiled the clouds will clear and suddenly he’ll be more open around his partner than ever before.

He knows it’s something he needs to work on, but there’s nothing wrong with helping him out a bit by surprising him with new encounters or gifts every now and then.

2 AQUARIUS BONUS: He Low-Key Loves Snuggling

Some Aquarius guys struggle with all forms of PDA, but your man is low-key wanting to snuggle. He might try to initiate the cuddles, but inside he’s freaking out because he’s overthinking things. It isn’t unusual for him to be sweating the entire time and his heart will be racing. So if his partner initiates the contact, he’ll be able to relax and enjoy the sensation of snuggling the person he loves.

He doesn’t need expensive gifts or anything his partner can purchase at a store; all he needs is the physical closeness of touch and he’ll feel spoiled, special, and loved.

1 Air Signs Like Anything New

Air signs are full of love and are great in relationships… but they’re also superficial. They really like shiny new things to look at, show off, and be proud of. They won’t be opposed to receiving brand new anythings and will feel spoiled by their partner with each new gift.

The interesting thing is they will feel just as spoiled if their partner starts acting differently or starts treating them to various outings—even though there’s not much to show for that. They’ll be able to brag about how great their partner is and will be proud to share all the details.

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