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How Every Zodiac Sign Makes A Wish

Let’s tell the truth. It’s never easy to make a wish. Sometimes it happens naturally, other times it seems that everything collapses on us in no time and that we are unable to talk seriously about it.

But each sign can express its mood from this point of view, in its way, in a unique way, so to speak. One by one, we will analyze all signs of the zodiac and show you what we are talking about.

How every zodiac sign makes a wish


There’s no denying it. It is a sign that expresses his passions and his great strength in an impetuous and fiery way, sometimes he exaggerates a little but at least his message reaches straight to the heart of the person concerned.


The bull? He usually doesn’t talk much and especially if he wants to make a wish he’s always on him. It will be up to whoever is next to him, to decipher his mind and make sure everything runs, one way or another.


His desires are easily understood, at least at first sight and first listening, since he repeats them continuously with friends and with his partner. But this thing has something positive: in fact, it will be very simple to give him a birthday present!


You never know what he wants. Gemini is one of those signs that remain among the most confused and with its head in the clouds of the entire zodiac. Sometimes he can find a mix of things that can do him good, other times, he thinks about it and believes that no, deep down he’s already fine like this.


The lion is easy to interpret, too, like cancer expresses its wishes to the four winds. He should only understand that, however, sometimes it is better to stay calm and not bring out “winning” cards, which could thus turn out to be losers. What we try to tell him is that expressing one’s wishes so publicly is not always the best. Because it allows others to get to know you and penetrate you deeply.


Libra has very “balanced” desires, as her beautiful sign indicates. And often he doesn’t express them aloud, but he allows them alone, from time to time. He hates asking other people for things or leaking them in any way. As an ancient proverb says: “Who does it by himself, does it for three”. And that’s how he thinks and acts.


The most perfectionist sign of the zodiac, Virgo, can only have desires that are more than perfect from every point of view. We are talking about a person who always knows what he wants. In love, with your partner, you organize months in advance for gifts. We can say that with him, or with her, as the case may be, she loves to play with her cards exposed. On the other hand, she knows well that knowledge of the other also passes through knowledge of her desires for her.


Going forward we have Sagittarius, a sign that always runs high and that is among the most intellectual and artistic, so to speak, of the whole zodiac. We are talking about a furious personality, and who always expresses desires in a fiery way. But unlike the lion we have seen before, this sign is able to be much more gentle and never attracts attention like the previous one. If you know him, you know him very well.


The scorpion makes a sort of riddle to the partner to make him understand what his desires are at the moment. At least in love, he plays this way, in other contexts it matters little. You don’t mess with feelings, he prefers to do these little tests to test the other.


Capricorn is a sign that seems to have no desires. Sometimes it is a real impenetrable wall, from every point of view. The truth is that it takes a while to decipher and understand it.


And the aquarium? We are talking about a sign that is one of the most romantic of the entire zodiac, as we have already said several times. We must learn to know and understand it. His desires are all immaterial.


Last is Pisces, a sign that has desires, also almost always immaterial, and which have to do with the good common life. His greatest wish? Have a peaceful life.

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