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How Every Sign Would Be In A Madness

A little bit of madness a year doesn’t hurt. Although there are those who exaggerate with that of not fitting in with the rest. They are not afraid of uncertainty, ups and downs fears. They have learned to live with this accumulation of emotions, despite the fact that there are times when they do not understand themselves. The same thing one day they wake up with all the energy, but in the middle of the afternoon, all they want is to flee from everything and everyone. There are signs of the zodiac who do not want to waste time, who love, laugh, sing, scream like crazy, they do not care about the many looks around them. Can you imagine what each sign would be like in a madhouse?


The most suspicious patient in the entire asylum. And it is that his intelligence is as great as his madness. He is the one who wins the affection of psychiatrists without them realizing it because he has a very peculiar way of becoming the best of all. There are many who end up believing him because they see him better than ever, he is a master when it comes to pretending that everything is fine, that madness was just a bad streak in his life. Aries is so cunning that even if he is the craziest of all, he is discharged very soon. 


¿ Tauro crazy? Please, that’s not news, what started as a compulsive disorder led him to lose his entire sanity. If this sign ends up in the madhouse for any reason, it will simply be synonymous with the worst. And it is that if living free, with a job, a partner, and even with children, ends up crazy, between four walls is synonymous with losing it forever. Taurus does not tolerate confinement, feeling worthless, but what he hates the most is service. That stark bed that’s not even symmetrical, the bland food, and the white everywhere heighten your nerves.


There is always a madman who is missed, who is capable of stealing the laughter of a thousand other madmen. Someone who, although he has a straitjacket and a lost look, has something that no one takes away from him, transparency in his soul. That brave soul that continues to give itself to love, that enjoys even within four walls. That soul for which it is enough to see a slight ray of light entering through the crack in the door. That is Gemini, the madman from the asylum who goes down in history, the legend that everyone talks about in the hallways.


Sometimes madness begins with terrible loneliness in the soul, with that desire to want everything to be fine, but every day everything gets worse. Cancer is the madman who ends up crying in the hallways. Many times in silence, he does not want his tears to be the protagonists, they simply show up because he remembers each of his wounds. He is the silent madman, with the sad eyes, the one that no one has stopped to listen to for at least a minute. Perhaps because when they do, they will realize that anyone else who had experienced something similar, would have ended the same.


Have you ever heard of being a stone in your shoe? Well, he who dares to commit a Leo to a madhouse will know the meaning perfectly. Leo does not care about anything at all, he has nothing to lose, so he will strive to attract attention in a devastating way. He is the madman who they have to control with all the staff, the one who climbs a piece of furniture out of nowhere, tries to escape, or is already creating a scandal in the garden. He is the rebel there, his technique is to annoy so much that they are the ones who open the doors wide for him.


They say that time does not heal wounds, that it is you who does it when you accept and forget them. That’s just what would happen to Virgo if he ends up in a madhouse. His logical part tells him that there is no point in insisting on his sanity, so he becomes one more. It is the madman who takes over the place, the one who finds peace between four white walls. The one who doesn’t need much to be happy. The madman may fool himself and find other hobbies, but will never be defeated. Learn from the misfortune of others. He is so stealthy that he spends his time observing the misfortune of the other.


If there is something that Libra is very clear about, it is that his dreams do not have an expiration date, no matter what life has in store for him, he will not let go of them. So if you end up in a madhouse, chances are you will take it as a deep breath, a time when you can really think about what it is you want to do. He is the madman who avoids getting into trouble, the one who follows everything to the letter, but inside he is planning the best escape. It will not be today, nor tomorrow, it will be just when they least expect it and when they notice it will be too late.


The sign that can tolerate a lot of life’s bumps. Those who have had their hearts broken, betrayed, humiliated, have taken away the desire to move on. But it always gets up again. The bad thing is that if you end up in a madhouse, things change. To lock up Scorpio is to tear off his wings and with them, all his essence goes. He is the madman who has become an expert in putting on masks, in pretending that everything is going well, that he is moving forward, but at the first opportunity he gets, he will take the opportunity to say goodbye to this world, because being there is like not living.


There is no more charming madman than Sagittarius. It really is a sign that breathes adventure, it does not matter if he ends up in a madhouse, for him it is synonymous with a new chapter in his life. So everything gets interesting, new characters, dreams, love. Sagittarius is the madman who creates his own world, the one who walks around with a notebook that he does not let go of and in which he tells all the secrets that nobody talks about. Those stories where doctors end up bathed in the madness of their patients and simply break the rules. That becomes a lot of fun for Sagittarius. The madman pretends to know nothing, but knows every last detail.


Capricorn and madness are like water and oil, the moment they come together it is known in advance that things are going to end very badly. It is a sign that needs the discipline to survive, but also the freedom to implement its own rules. He likes routine, but not as much as in a madhouse. If it ends up in that place, it is like saying goodbye to what one day was. I mean, if he wasn’t crazy, that’s where they end up with the last of his sanity. It simply becomes one more puppet, the one that does not allow itself to feel, only to walk around, with a lost look and contemplating the silence, as if it were waiting for the end.


How dangerous is the Aquarian mind when tied up? And it is that although he is used to being away from the people he loves, it is not the same. If he falls into a madhouse, he will put cunning ahead, his manipulative part is present and of course, he will use his ingenuity to get what he wants. It is very possible that he ends up falling in love with someone in charge to help him escape. He is not in a hurry, so he will make that person go the extra mile for him.


The sign that is able to perceive moods just by being close to the person. If someone ends up putting Pisces in a madhouse, they have to prepare for the worst. Because it is too emotionally charged, you will end up carrying problems that do not correspond to you. There will come a point where I can no longer do it and look for the most tragic way to end so much martyrdom. Pisces can stay strong and smiling, but he’s just getting ready to leave, he won’t last long there. The desire to live with so much pain is gone.

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