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How Each Zodiac Sign Knows They’ve Found Their Forever Person 2022


You will feel like you are floating on air. Not everything will be perfect all the time but it will be easier than with anybody before.

Everything will fall into place naturally.

For the first time, you won’t feel like you have to change to suit the expectations of your partner. You will know that you are more than enough.

You will have the support system you always needed and your forever person will be that wind beneath your wings you always needed to become the best version of yourself.


Usually, your mind is full of what ifs. “What if it doesn’t work out?” or, “What if I am not enough?” or, “What if I am not with the one I am supposed to be with?” and a million more similar questions are running through your mind.

But once you are with your forever person, those questions will stop.

All the what ifs will be weaker than the gut feeling inside of you telling you you are with the right person. You will just know and that’s that.


Your dual personality can make you a handful at times. So you are used to adjusting yourself to suit a given situation.

You are used to showing your light, perky and fun side while keeping the sadness and dark locked away inside of you.

You are just too scared that someone will love you less because you have your off days and flaws.

Your forever person will show you that you couldn’t be more wrong. They will accept both sides of your personality and let you know that they are not perfect either.

With them, you will feel like you are more yourself than when you are alone.


For the first time, you will be faced with somebody who is as great as you are. Kind, compassionate and warm will be the traits of your forever person.

You won’t have to worry about being used or taken for granted because finally, all your efforts will be reciprocated.

They would do anything for you like you would for them and that will be more than you need.


Dominance is what you are all about.

But once you experience weakness for another person, that’s the moment in which you will know you are faced with your forever person.

Unlike your other relationships, the real one will scare you. For the first time, your emotions will be so huge that you will feel like you have something to lose.

The intensity of it all might make you want to pull away but your fears will always come second to your desire to be close to your forever person.

You will do whatever it takes to make the relationship last a lifetime.


Everything will start making sense when you have coupled up with your forever person.

All the drama, mess and heartbreak you endured will be worth it.

You will finally understand why it couldn’t work out with anybody else. Your past was preparing you for your future.

Your forever person will be so similar to you and at the same time, so unlike you.

You will finally have someone by your side who fully understands you and complements you in every way possible.


Your forever person will be everything you could never imagine.

At the same time, they will bring hurricanes into your life that will make your body tremble and calm and soothe you with a simple hug.

You want a harmonious relationship and that is exactly what you will get.

But turbulence here and there will be normal and welcome because they will push you out of your comfort zone.

Your forever person will never make you wonder if there is somebody else out there for you because they’ll be all you need.


While opening up and revealing their history and thoughts might come easy to some people, you really struggle with that. You prefer to keep things bottled up inside.

That’s why it will be easy for you to know without a doubt who your forever person is.

It will be the same one you fearlessly want to open up to and share your inner thoughts with.

Your forever person will definitely have the privilege to say they are the one who knows you best because there will be no other soul you will let as close to your heart as you will them.


You were always more for friends with benefits kinds of arrangements than for an exclusive relationship. You dreaded the idea of being tied down.

That’s why you will recognize your forever person the moment you realize commitment is the thing you need.

You will prefer to be cuddled up on the couch with them than going after the next adventure.

Your forever person will love and accept you fully, that’s why with them, you will feel free.

They won’t try to tame you or put you in chains, that’s why you will willingly stay by their side till death do you part.


Speaking without words will be the thing that will make you absolutely certain you are with your forever person.

They will get you on a deeper level. They will understand things about you without making you explain your every step.

Sure, you will communicate normally but there will be those small priceless moments in which they will just know what you mean and vice versa that will make all the difference.


Your fear of getting hurt always made you keep everyone you ever dated at arm’s length.

You protected your heart with any means necessary and distance was the most efficient one.

That’s why you will recognize your forever person by the amount of fear you will feel because you let them so close.

You will find out soon enough that you have to risk getting hurt to have a real relationship.

There will be something special about that person that will make you let them in, so simply trust your gut and put aside your fears.


Whatever will be, will be’ is your life motto until you meet your forever person.

They will show you that you can’t sleepwalk through life and simply let things happen, you have to make decisions and take actions if you want them close.

You will realize it’s time to wake up. You will abandon your comfort zone and your passive ways and take your life in your hands.

Your forever person will rock your life in a way that makes you strive to be the best version of yourself.

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